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Party again


It has been two weeks since I got to school and believe me when I say , nothing changed

Classes was still boring and Verification stressful!

True to his words, Tobi linked me up to the school media team and using his influence , I got accepted as a Junior member of the team….

Amazing! Isn’t it?



Thursday was a lecture free day for me so I spent the entire morning doing my laundry

When I was done , I spread the clothes on the clothes lines ; then returned to the room , holding the big basin I used in washing ….

I dropped it at the entrance to the kitchen and on washing my hands, I opened the pot to check what Faith cooked and as usual , it was concoction rice ..

Chai! I don suffer

since I had no other option, I dished a little helping of the rice into a round plate , grabbed a spoon ; then returned to the room , collapsing on the bed…

I was so tired!

I stirred the food as I took a spoonful into my mouth , closing my eyes as I savoured the taste

Hmmmmm…….. so delicious ……. well! I wasn’t surprised as Faith was a good cook . And despite the fact she was rushing to school , she still proved herself…..

My phone suddenly rang ;reaching for it , I checked the caller to see the name “Bestie” flashing on the screen

I smiled lightly as I received the call

“hi!Shakirat!” I greeted first

“Juliet! where are you? I am in front of your hall”. She said in a rush and that was when I remembered we had a plan to be in Mini Campus today

Oh no! I haven’t even taken my bath!

“erm I am in my room, just walk down the passage , the last room by your right”. I directed

“Alright!” she said and ended the call …..

Putting away food away, I stood up , pulled off my clothes and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up….

I wasn’t ready for Shakirat’s wahala!

when I was done , I wrapped my towel around me and returned to the room to meet Shakirat angry gaze …

“Don’t tell me you are Just bathing”. she queried , frowning

I sighed softly, “i am sorry”. I apologised as I walked past her to the wardrobe

“she hissed loudly. “As if I knew something like this would happen,what were you doing sef?”

“Washing!” I answered, opening the wardrobe as I searched through for clothes ……

“Okay oooo! Just be fast”. She said , sitting on the bed

“Yes ma!” I drawled , pulling out a straight black gown

Towelling off , I hurriedly Changed into the gown ; then combed out my hair as I styled it …..:.

“has he called you?”She suddenly asked and I stared at her through the mirror to see her staring back at me


“Ademilade of course!” She answered and I sighed deeply

“No, he hasn’t “.

she was quiet for a moment and then she clapped her hands , turning her head from side to side ……

“Nawa ooooo! If he knows he won’t call , then why did he ask for your number”

“I don’t know! maybe he is busy with school works”. I said , making an excuse for him and she scoffed

“School work bawo! no ooo! I saw him this morning with Susanna. I think he spent the night at her place

“Oh! was the only thing I could say as I felt hurt!

so he completely forgot about me!

Putting on a white sandal, I grabbed my hand bag along with my files and then faced Shakirat

“Let us go”

We walked out of the room and locking the door , I placed the key under the foot mat ; then we walked through the long passage and got outside the hostel just in time to see a bike passing by

“Bike!” I called loudly, flagging it down and the bike man pulled out of the road , stopping in front of us …

“Mini Campus!” I called and the man nodded , looking at Shakirat and then back at me

“Na two of una dey go?” he asked and I nodded

“enter make we dey go , your money na #500”

“Ehen! #500 ke! From where to where , Oga Abeg dey go”. Shakirat butted in and I shot her a puzzled look

why will she tell him to go?

“Oya! na how much you wan pay?” the man asked , smiling

“#150”. She answered and to my surprise, the man agreed

Omoo! is this how they use to cheat people?…. hmmmh!this is so bad!

“Enter first”. She told me and when I did , she got in behind me ; instantly, the bike man drove off , speeding……


Getting to Mini campus , the bike man parked in front and on alighting, Shakirat paid him; then we walked through the gate to the administration office for our final clearance …..

on showing our file , the secretary announced our presence and in what seems like forever, we heard a husky voice say

“Come in”

Pushing the door open , we walked in to see a fat man seated behind the desk ….

“Good afternoon sir!” Shakirat and I greeted in unison as the man raised his head to look at us

“Afternoon! how can I help you?” he asked , fixing his gaze on me

“We are here to submit our file “. Shakirat answered and the man nodded , gesturing us to place it on his desk and when we did , he went through it with a light smile on his face ….:

“Congratulations!”he greeted as he wrote our names into a big book and we exchange look, smiling

“You both are now bonafide student of Olabisi Onabanjo University”. he quickly added

“Thanks sir”. We said in unison

“It is alright,you may leave”. he simply said and we retreated our step as we scurried out of the office ….

“At last!” I muttered , sighing in relief

“Yes friend! this calls for celebration”. Shakira squealed in delight and that was the exact moment my phone rang

I brought it out of my bag to check the caller ,

It was an unknown number

Who is this ?I wondered as I received it

“Hello! Who am i speaking to please ?”I asked politely

“Ademilade”. the caller answered and my heart skipped a bit

“Ademilade!” I called but my voice came out in whispers…

I was nervous and I excited at the same time , he called , he finally called …….

“Do you remember me?”he continued

Is he really asking me that?

“Yes”. I answered, trying to hide my excitement but couldn’t , my voice came out shaking

“Good! I am so sorry for not calling, I was tied up with school work”. he apologised as I bit on my lower lips

School work indeed!

So where are you?” he asked and I glance at Shakirat before replying him

“Mini campus”

“Mini campus! Why? Do you receive lectures there?”

“No! I came over to submit my files”

“Oh! I see!… well! I am in Map hotel right now and was wondering if we could hangout ”

“hangout ! Map hotel! I don’t know understand what that means”. I stated truthfully and he laughed loudly

“Oh my gawd!you are so funny …… fine!fine! fine! Let’s do it like way , where exactly are you?”

“In front of the campus gate”

“Perfect! now pick a bike and direct the bike man to Mini campus, I will be outside waiting”. he said and without waiting for my response , he ended the call……..


“babe! spill it out , what did he say?”Shakirat asked excitedly and I slowly shifted my gaze to her

“He wants us to hangout in a hotel”. I muttered and to my surprise, she squealed in delight

I stared at her , puzzled

Hangout in a hotel , is that a good thing?

“Swears! you are so lucky … I mean do you know how many girls are dying just to hang out with him”

I heaved a sigh,” so are you suggesting I should go?”

“Of course babe, let us go see Mr hottie”.

And with that , she flagged down a bike

“Map hotel!” She called , nudging me to climb the bike and when I did , she got in behind me ….and the bike man took off ……



The bike skidded to a stop in front of a big building painted white and blue and Just like he promised, Ademilade was waiting in front of the huge gate ….

seeing us , he walked slowly up to us , looking at me , Shakirat and then back at me …..

“Your friend?” he asked and I nodded slowly, staring at his cute face

Jeez! how can someone be this cute!!!!!

he smiled lightly and then faced the bike man

“how much is the fare?”

“boss man!Just reason me anything”. the bike man stated and he laughed

“Anything! what if I give you a 100 note?” he teased

“No oo! ahhhhh!… you big pass that one”

bringing out his wallet , he handed the man a thousand naira (#1000) and then faced me

“Let’s us go in”

The nervous feeling in me increased and I clung onto Shakirat , following behind him as walked through the gate , climb up a short step to a bar pumping with loud music….

the bar was different from the last bar in the sense that no one was dancing, everyone here was drinking….

We joined a dark skinned boy as we sat down at a table close to the entrance….

“so what would you like to take?”Ademilade asked , fixing his gaze on Shakirat

“Anything”. She answered, smiling shyly and he smirked

“You take alcohol?”

“No oooo”. We both screamed and he laughed, signalling at the bar girl who immediately came rushing to us …..

“get them malt”.he instructed the girl who nodded before running off …..

“Ahaaaa …..Demi”!the dark skinned guy started , clearing his throats , who are this fine babes? he asked , his eyes darting slowly from me, Shakirat and then back at me again

his face was familiar , I have seen him somewhere but couldn’t put my finger on it ….

“My girlfriend and her friend”. Ademilade answered and my heart stopped beating for a few seconds

girlfriend! did he just call me his girlfriend?

“Do you remember the girl I told you I met at the club?” he continued and the dark boy nodded

“Good! she is the one , her name is Obianuju”. he introduced, making the dark boy shift his attention to me

“Hello Obianuju, I am Kewe”. he introduced and instantly, I recognised him . he was same boy I saw with Demi at the Motion ground …..

“Nice meeting you”. he continued and I smiled shyly

“Same here!”

he smiled lightly ” well! you see , Demi has told me …… he paused when the bar girl returned holding a small basket . She placed two canned malt on the table and then walked away to another table

he continued .” as i was saying, Demi has told me a lot of things about you …

“A lot of things!” I muttered, glancing at Demi his expression was blank , it was hard to tell what he was thinking……

“Yes! to make it short , I think he likes you”

My eyes popped out of its socket as I opened my mouth wide in disbelief

Ademilade likes me, is he for real?

I tried to say something but no sound came out

I was speechless!

“Don’t rush it ! Give yourself time to think”. Kewe stated and I turned sideways to look at Demilade , Staring hard at him.

I was expecting him to say something but he didn’t , he just sat down there sipping his drink …

Is this the guy that likes me ?

Glancing at my wristwatch, it was 5:45pm


“Shakirat!” It is already past noon , we need to be on our way”. I said in whispers

“Yes! I was about telling you the same thing”. she whispered back to me and I cleared my throat

” we need to be on our way”. I told Ademilade and he exchanged a quick glance with Kewe

“Why? You haven’t even touched your drink , do you need anything other thing? he asked in a rush

“No thanks!” I politely declined

“Then what is wrong? It isn’t even late , why do you want to leave now?” he probed on and I swear , I heard the desperation in his voice

“Erm that is because my sister would be worried”. I answered and he frowned, ruffling his curly hair …..

“This is a big fuckup”. he mumbled but I heard him clearly

What does he mean ?i wondered

“fine!!fine! I understand you girls need to be home so let’s do this fast.I will be organising a small birthday party for my girlfriend and I will love you two to be present”. Kewe invited and I swallowed hard , not knowing what to say

“Will you?” he asked , fixing his gaze on me and before I could respond , Shakirat did

“We will come”

“What!” I stared at her in surprise as she shrugged

“No qualms about it babe , it is just a birthday party and yes , she was right …..

” we will be there”.I agreed and he nodded , facing Demi

“Are you okay with that?”

“Yes!” he drawled

“but the venue , you haven’t told us the venue?” Shakirat reminded

“Oh! the party will be holding at a bar in Ijesha road , Spice world bar”

“I don’t think I have heard that before or have you?” I asked , facing Shakirat

“No!”she answered making Demi sigh

“Don’t worry! I will come pick you up”, he offered and I gasped audibly in surprise

Pick me up! Does he even know where I stay?

and as if reading my thoughts, he asked

“Pretty queens villa right? ….I overheard you when you told Tobi”

“Oh! Okay! I exclaimed softly , grabbing the malt as I stood up

“Thanks for the malt”. I appreciated and he chuckled

“For Just a malt! C’mon girl , It is nothing.

And with that , he brought out his wallet and squeezed a few notes into my hands

“Use that for your t-fare”

I stared down at the money , counting it silently

#5000! for t-fare! Is he kidding me ?

“but this is too much”. I queried as he smiled lightly

“In situations like this , you should just say thank you”

“Oh! Pardon my manners , thank you so much”I greeted

“Good! I will come pick you up by 7pm”. he reminded and I nodded slowly , gesturing at Shakirat to stand up and when she did , we headed for the hotel gate …:::….

“But how will you at attend the party, will your sister let you out of the house?” I asked Shakirat as soon as we got outside the gate

She hissed lightly “Someone that has travelled….

Oh! now I get why she is all confident !

“Let me get going , I will join you at your place before 7pm”. she bade , looking left and right as she crossed over to the other side of the road

I watched her board a tricycle and then , I looked away heaving a sigh

Am I going on the right path??????






Immediately the girls left , I bang my fist on the table in anger , facing the “loud mouthed” Kewe

“What the hell did you do?”I half yelled , shooting daggers at him and for a moment, he seemed taken aback by the question but quickly composed himself………

“Chill guy! what did I do?”

I scoffed ,”You don’t know right! Fine let me tell you . You were meant to feign interest in her friend so that I can get into the pretty girl’s head but what did you do? rubbish, spilling trash about love and all that ….

“But I did all that for you?”he insisted making me roll my eyes

“And see where it resulted to ..a big f--k up! I wanted to f**k her and you know it”

“Sure! and that is why I invited her to my girlfriend”s birthday party so you can have your way”. he rapped and I became a bit calm

“But Demi, that girl is still young and innocent , are you ….. he tried to say but I cut him off

“Innocent! Did you say innocent! hell no , she is far from innocent.You should see the way she was dressed that day , like a complete s--t , I am sure she is only pretending……

“okay ooooooo! if that is the case , I give you my blessing”he said teasingly and I smiled lightly, bringing out a box of cigarettes along with a lighter from my pocket…….

I pulled out one and lit it up ; Inhaling the smoke as I blew it out ………..

Seeing her pretty face increased my lustful desires , I wanted her body and I am gonna have it ……..






I got home just before sunset and I walked into the room to see Faith pacing up and down, restlessly

Seeing me , she heaved a sigh, mumbling some words

“Good evening!” I greeted and she scoffed

“What is good about the evening? Hen.. tell me , where have you been?” She yelled and that was the exact moment Funmi came rushing into the room

Oh right! what a good timing!

“Ha! At last ! She don finally come back !” She jeered

“Yes ooo! after she don give me high pressure finish”. Faith answered , clapping her hands as she shook her head in disgust

“Nawa! So where she talk sey she go?” Funmi continued and Faith scoffed , facing me

“Uju! Where are you coming from?” She asked again

“Map hotel!” I answered truthfully and what follow next was her screams

“Eeeewwwwwoo! Map hotel! Uju has killed meeeee ooooooo!”

“I went over to see Ademilade”. I quickly added and instantly, she became calm

“Ademilade! the brown skinned hottie?” She asked to be sure and I nodded

“Wow! Wow! so he finally called”

“Yes! he is very nice ooooo, he even gave me # 5000 for t-fare”. I continued making she and Funmi exchange surprise look

“And not only that , he also invited me to a birthday party and guess what?he is coming over to pick me himself”

“Stop pulling our legs Jo”. Funmi butted in

“I am not! his friend Kewe is organising a birthday party for his girlfriend at …………..

“Spice world bar”. Funmi completed and I nodded slowly

how did she know? I wondered

“Omooo! Faithy! Na true oooo , Kewe’s girlfriend is my coursemate and I overheard her telling her friends”

I smiled , “so can you see I am not lying ”

“Yes ooo! we are gonna rock the party tonight”. She squealed excitedly and I huffed

“Please! which party are you talking about? is it this party? If yes , Zero you mind out of it”

“Han han! but why now?” she queried and then faced Faith who was watching us quietly

” say something now , me I can’t miss the fun ooooo”

“Don’t worry we will all go”. Faith assured with full confidence and I stubbornly , shook my head

“No one is going with me ”

“Well! It is either we go with you or I report you to your brother”. she threatened

“Really! has it gotten to this?” I asked with disbelief written all over my face

“Yes!!!! So choose one of the two!

I stared blankly at her for a moment and then I nodded in agreement ……




6:50 pm


Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I nodded in satisfaction

I was doing that for the umpteenth time this evening but who cares , I just wanted to be sure I looked beautiful in the red simple gown I was wearing.

It was a knee length gown with slanted edges!

beautiful!i remarked as I adjusted the wig on my hair once again …..

“how many times will you do that? do you want to roughen the wig?” Faith snapped at me

I stared at her through the mirror, meeting her gaze

She was seated on the bed , helping Funmi with her makeup

I hissed silently, party freaks!

But what of Shakirat? why isn’t she here yet!

Speak of the devil! Shakirat walked into the room, looking completely different and when I say different, I mean beautiful

She was dressed In an all white outfit , her short gown , hijab , her sandals were all white ……

“Wow! you are beautiful!” I remarked truthfully and saw her blush

“Same with you”. she said as she faced the two” madam” on the bed

“Good evening ma’am’s” She greeted politely

“Evening! Faith responded , you must be shakirat?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Obian…. erm .. I mean Juliet already told me about your coming , you are welcome”

“Thanks ma,am”. Shakirat greeted politely like a saint , they wouldn’t know she is a case study ……

My phone suddenly rang and picking up the phone, I checked the caller to see the name Ademilade flashing on the screen ……

“It is Ademilade”. I hushed as I received it

“Hello!” I greeted first

“I am in front of your hostel waiting, please be fast”. he said and ended the call

“he is already here!” I announced

“Mogbe oooo! Faithy! be fast!”. Funmi exclaimed , trying the stand up but Faith held her back

“I am almost done!”

quickly, I put on my white sandals , grabbed my bag and then rushed out of the room with Shakirat following behind me …..

“You guys should be fast with the painting ooooo” . I called out to the “makeup artist and her customer” and Shakirat laughed

“They both look like monkey! She remarked and I joined her , laughing

No be me talk am , Na she talk am!!!



I spotted Ademilade standing in front of his car, a white Venza as I briskly walked up to him …..

I smiled lightly, he was looking so hot and handsome in his denim jean and his body c-m polo, his long curly hair fell to his face , making him look like a model ..well! he is a model!

“Juliet watch out!” Shakirat screamed snapping me out of my “weird thoughts” and I stopped abruptly, looking at the gutter in front of me .

I almost fell into a gutter!

Chai! See what fine boy has caused!

“Thanks!” I muttered, flushing in embarrassment as I looked at Demi . he wasn’t even looking at me , his gaze was fixed on Shakirat , darting his eyes all over her….

I swallowed hard , what is this suppose to mean?

Jumping the gutter , I stood in front of him , clearing my throat and that was when he noticed me …..

“Hey! he greeted first

“hi!” I responded dryly as he smiled lightly

“You ready! can we go now?” he asked and that was when “The madams” rushed out of the building…..

“Uju eeeeeeeeee! Uju eeeeeeee!”they screamed in unison as they ran toward us and I bit my lower lips trying not to laugh

They looked like clowns!

“Are they going with us?” Demi asked and I shifted my attention back to him just in time to see the anger in his eyes

“Yes!” I answered and he scoffed

“Interesting! Get into the car”. he instructed and I nodded ,trying to open the rear door when he stopped me with his voice

“I meant to say beside me”

turning around, I opened the car door and leaned my back on the seat as I gestured my “friends” to get in and when they did , I bang the door shut and Demilade who was seated behind the wheel drove off …

He was angry and I knew it!!!!



Finally! after a long drive, he parked in front of a building flashing with full ball lights , the two loud speakers in front gave out loud music, drowning the voices of the couples hanging out in front ……

We alighted from the car and to my surprise, Demi interlocked his fingers with mine as we walked into the club

I gulped hard , Is this the same boy who was acting all moody?

The club was Jam packed with young people , drinking and partying away, the poisonous smell of smoke filled up the air…..

Using my left hand , I clutch to my chest as I coughed and retched , the smoke was affecting my breathing……

“You alright?” Demi asked , staring down at me

“Let….. leave … this .. place”. I managed to say and he nodded ,pulling me along as we walked up to a table where two boys were already seated …..

“Thanks goodness!” I muttered in relief as I sat down …… but wait a minute! Shakirat! Faith! Funmi! where are they?

I looked around the jampacked club to see them seated at a table right behind me

“Enjoy!” Shakirat mouthed at me and I blushed looking away

Crazy girl!

“You drink alcohol!” Demi asked as he sat down beside me

Oh right! how many times will he ask me that!

“No!” I answered but my voice came out in whispers as I was still wheezing….

he smiled lightly as he gestured to a server to come closer and when she did , he instructed her to get a bottle of Red Baron….

“but isn’t that an alcohol?” I asked

“No!” he answered, fixing his gaze straight ahead : then he stood up

” I am coming! he muttered as he walked towards a table at the entrance …..

I watched him whisper to a girl on blue who nodded , looking in my direction and lol and behold it was ……. Susanna!

The sound of my pulse racing was the only thing I could hear as I felt so Jealous…….

I watched them kiss and my skin tingled in pain

If he loves his girlfriend so much , then why is he with me? why did he bring me over here? why……

“Ma’am!the server called , distracting me from my thoughts and I slowly shifted my attention to her

“This is the drink”. she said , placing the bottle of baron and two glass cup in front of me and then she walked away to the table behind me ……..

Confused, I corked the bottle opened and poured its content into one of the glass cups

The aroma was fruity so I gulped it down at a go and instantly, my head started spinning…..

I smiled sheepishly, I love this feeling!

Filling up the cup again , I was about gulping the drink down when someone caught my hands

I raised my head to see Ademilade

“Let go of me!” I screamed attracting some curious stares and he chuckled, sitting down beside me

“I can see you are tipsy”. he observed, snatching the cup from my hands as he gulped down the drink….

I frowned

“Why did you do that?” I slurred , hitting him on his chest as he pulled me close to him

“I want you Obianuju”. he said , placing his lip on my as he kissed me ……..

Time stopped when his lips met mine , only the flutters in my tummy were intensified as I felt a burning sensation……

I was scared! nervous! excited! all at the same time ….

The pounding in my ears increased and my legs grew weaker…..

Closing my eyes, I listened to the sound of our heart beating

Mine was beating faster but his was ……normal

But why?Is he not feeling the same I do?

he let his hands roam around my body ,lifting the hem of my gown slightly : then shifted my pants as he played with the little hairs on my under …..

“No!” I rasped as I pulled out of the kiss , meeting his gaze ….

his brown eyes was filled with lust and he smiled lightly, moving his hands from the little hairs to the “main under”

“Please stop!” I pleaded weakly, holding him tightly as he used his fingers on me…..

I wanted him to stop , I wanted him to continue…… I wasn’t even thinking straight …….

Just then, he stopped, pulling his finger out of me

“You are a virgin?” He asked , searching through my gaze as I swallowed hard nervously….

“Sh*t!” he cursed silently as he stood up …..

“I will put a call to Kewe, he will drop you and your friends home”. he simply said as he walked up to Susanna, whispered into her ears and they walked out of the club , laughing as he smacked her ass …….

What just happened? did he just walk out on me ?

Slowly, I looked around the club to see a few eyes on me, two girls were even pointing at me as they laughed …….

I suddenly felt guilty and …..ashamed ..

No ! I can’t take this, I can’t take this!

Standing up , I grabbed my bag and ran out of the club………

It was already pitched dark and due to my bad eyesight, I couldn’t see clearly but nevertheless, I kept on running…….

“Uju! UJu! Juliet! Uju!” I heard familiar voices call me and I stopped in my track , turning around to see Funmi and Shakirat running towards me …..

I took two step backward, collapsing on the ground as I wept …..

“Oh dear! Uju please stop all this”. Funmi pleaded , steadying her breathe as she squatted beside me

“he used me! Demi used me!”I muttered as Shakirat Sighed

“We know! We say everything, I tried to come stop him but Faith held me down tightly….

“Shut up!must you say every thing!” Funmi barked and she hissed , sitting down on the ground beside me …..

She was on white but she didn’t care !

“Faith! where is she?” I muttered softly

“Erm Erm She is coming “. Funmi stuttered

“That is a big fat lie , she said she is not ……Shakirat tried to say but Funmi shut her up by closing her mouth……

Just then , we heard a strange sound coming from an opposite direction….

“Did you hear that?” Funmi asked as we all listened closely

The sound was getting closer and louder , it was like a whirring, roaring sound ….

“Temi bami (I am in trouble)!” Shakirat suddenly screamed and I looked at her in alarm

“What is it?” I asked

“It is Oro!” she answered and Funmi joined her in screaming….

“My life has finish! It has finish!

“Oro! What is that? please tell me “. I pleaded, i was already getting scared

“It is a kind of festival done mostly at night and mustn’t been seen by women…… else they will be used as sacrifice to the gods”

“Sacrifice ! Yeeeee! my life has finished “. I screamed ……..


Note! I typed in a rush so there might be lot of mistakes……:double episode…. Enjoy ❤️

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