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“Oh my God!!” Sasha

exclaimed when she heard it.

She looked around and saw all her close friends, family employees and old friends.

“Oh my God, I’m going to cry”, she said, using her hands to fan her face to prevent the tears from dropping.

“You knew about this?!” She asked Lilian who was laughing. “I’ll kill you”, she said, laughing.

“Happy birthday”, they all exclaimed and the dj dropped the beat to a birthday song.

Four ladies in a cake outfit, walked up to to her and took her to a special seat in front.

“This one is for you birthday girl”, Kevin said as he got on stage and the crowd cheered.

As the song started with a short birthday hook, she was enjoying it but she kept looking around, wondering where Hanson was.

As she was busy looking around, the crowd went wild when the verse dropped and she heard Hanson’s voice and turned to the stage. He was right there singing the first verse.

“It’s your birthday my love and I’m grateful to God for creating you. I knew that He was definitely up to something when He put me in a deep slumber the day you were born. I was asleep and I could feel my rib being taken, and that moment I didn’t know what was going on but the day I saw you at the restaurant, I woke up from my slumber and there you were. The most beautiful woman on earth”, he sang and the crowd made some noise.

Sasha sat in her chair and was in awe. This time, she couldn’t control the tears as they fell from her eyes.

Kevin took over from the chorus and Hanson walked up to Sasha and danced in front of her.

As he was dancing, he started the second verse.

“The name Sasha was really made for you because it means the defender of mankind. You might be a savage in other people’s eyes but you were made that way for me to be my defender. You’re the most amazing creature that has ever walked this earth. You make me feel like the only man in the world. Baby it’s your birthday and nothing else matters”, he sang to her as he danced.

The chorus dropped again and this time he took her to the front and danced with her. The final verse dropped and he sang it to her.

“If I could give you the whole world today, I would. But what I can give to you today is all of me, I can also add a cake, plus your friends and family to share this amazing day with you. I love you so much my baby and nothing can ever change that. I love you, I love you, I love you, I heart you, I heart you, I heart you, I need you, I need you, I need you. Happy birthday my love”, he sang, ending his verse as he hugged her.

The crowd cheered them on as they sang along and danced.

When the song ended, he kissed her on her lips.

“Happy birthday my love”, he said to her and she hugged him so tight and didn’t want to let go.

“Oops, it doesn’t look like we can continue this party”, Kevin said and everyone laughed. “Who knew that love could bring out hidden talents”.

“Okay, let’s give them a minute”, he said and Sasha wasn’t letting go.

“It seems we’re going to be here the whole night”, Kevin said, laughing and Sasha finally let go of Hanson.

“Okay thank you, now Hanson can you take the birthday girl back to her seat”, he said to him and Hanson lifted her up bridal style and took her to her seat.

“Thank you baby”, she said to him, smiling.

Kevin called up Lilian to say a word of prayer for her and she prayed and declared a lot of blessings into her life.

“Okay, so before we continue, can the ladies take the birthday girl to the ladies. She definitely needs a change of outfit”, Kevin said and everyone laughed.

“Be careful Kevin”, Sasha exclaimed, laughing.

Sasha’s friends walked up to her and they took her to the ladies.

When they got there, she screamed out loud.

“You all are so amazing”, she exclaimed and hugged them.

“It was all Hanson, we were scared to put up a surprise again”, Lilian said, laughing.

“We all know how it went the last time”, Alicia said and they all laughed.

“You’ve got the best man, Sasha”, Rachel said to her, smiling.

“I know, right?!” Sasha said to her.

“You better start changing now. Or Kevin will drag you out of here”, Alicia said, handing her outfit to her.

“Wow. This is gorgeous, who picked it?” She said as she admired the animal skin dress.

“We all did. We saw it and we knew that it was the one”, Rachel said to her.

“Aww, you all are the best”, she said, hugging them again and then she changed into it.

Alicia did a slight make up for her. Then she wore her shoes and they all walked out.

As they stepped out, the room was dark and a spot light was placed on her.

“Now let’s all focus on the birthday girl as she walks to take her seat”, Kevin said and Sasha laughed.

“Kevin is so…” she started to say but then she realized that the girls were not by her anymore.

She walked to her seat shyly and sat by Hanson.

“You look gorgeous”, he said to her and she blushed.

“Okay. Now we begin”, he said and the LED screen was turned on.

A video started playing and it showed all her friends and family wishing her a happy birthday and saying something sweet to her.

Sasha couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as she held on tight to Hanson’s arm.

After the wishes, there was a slide show of her pictures and videos.

“Hanson you’re the best”, she said to him as he wiped her tears.

“You’re the best and you deserve all this”, he said to her.

“Wow, that was awesome!” Kevin said, when the video ended.

“I know some people came here with empty stomachs and have been waiting for the food to drop. Guess what, it’s food time and the dance floor is also open. Now let’s get this party started”, he said and everyone cheered.

Food was served on every table as the dj dropped the music.

After a while, Lilian and Ralph walked up to the dance floor to dance and others joined in.

“Do you want to dance?” Hanson asked hers and she nodded.

He took her to the dance floor and they danced. Everyone formed a circle around them as they danced, and then they all got back to their own personal dance.

They all danced for a while till Kevin took the mic and alerted them to take their seats for the gifts to be presented.

Hanson was called upon to present his gift first.

“Right now, I know you’ve got everything you want right now but you definitely don’t have this”, he said as he revealed an art work of her as a child and an adult. In the art work, her grown self had cupped the cheeks of the younger one.

“Oh my God”, she exclaimed and she walked up to where he was and admired the art work which was being held by two ladies.

“Thank you so much”, she said to him and she hugged him.

“And I also got you a cake”, he said and the cake was also revealed and it had her face on it.

“Hanson, I’m going to explode. This is so amazing”, she said to him and he smiled.

“Thank you”, she said, hugging him again and he walked to his seat.

Sasha’s dad was called upon and he gave her a car key.

“You got yourself a new car again”, he said to her and everyone laughed as they all knew that it was her regular gift from him. She hugged him and he walked back to his seat.

Sasha’s mum also presented hers and it was a makeup line which was dedicated to her.

“Thank you so much mum, I really appreciate this”, she said to her as she hugged her.

Her siblings also presented their gifts to her. Her friends and the rest also did and when everything was over, the gifts were taken away by the porters.

The floor was opened up again for everyone to dance.


Sasha was in the same vicinity as the clinic and she decided to visit Mavis.

When she arrived there, she bumped into Ross and she was surprised to see him there.

“You still come here? Or are you following me again?”, she asked.

“I’m not. I’m here to help myself”, he said to her.

“Good for you”, she said to him and she was about to walk away but was interrupted when he spoke up.

“Happy belated birthday though. Your birthday party was all over the blogs and social media”, he said to her.

“Thank you but that was like a month ago”, she said to him.

“Yeah, I tried to wish you a happy birthday on Instagram but I guess you’ve also blocked me there”.


“Sure I understand. Have a nice day”, he said, walking away and she stopped him.

“I’m sorry that your mum is in prison. I don’t wish prison on anyone”, she said to him.

“It’s alright”, he said to her and he walked away.

She knocked on Mavis’s door and walked in.

“Hey, are you busy?” She asked her.

“Sasha!!” Mavis exclaimed. “No, I’m not busy. You can sit”.

“Thank you”.

“Wow, it’s been a while and I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to your birthday party. I was occupied but I hope you loved my gift”, she said to her.

“Yeah. I loved it. Thank you”, she said to her.

“Oh you’re welcome. You’re really glowing, Hanson is really doing a good job”, she said and Sasha laughed.

“Yeah, he really is”, she said, smiling.

“So when are the wedding bells going to ring? No pressure though”.

“Oh they will soon. We’ve been going for couple counseling in church and hopefully, we’ll set the date soon”.

“Oh wow, I can’t wait”.

“Me too. I wish we could just get married today”, she said and Mavis laughed.

“Oh if you want it soon, then you should discuss it with Hanson and you two should fix a date”.

“Yeahhhh, I think I have to. I don’t even know why I’ve been silent on it”, she said.

“I’m sure you just want to go at his pace, but it’s between you two so you two should decide”.

“Yeah. I will tell him about it”.

“Great. I’m really happy for you”.

“Thank you”, Sasha said and they talked for while and then she left.


The girls were at Rachel’s house for her baby’s gender reveal party.

They all sat patiently as she and Archie held a ballon up.

It was popped and pink feathers fell out of it.

“It’s a girl!!” Sasha exclaimed as they all danced and jubilated.

“I said it”, Alicia said, dancing and flicking her hair.

Archie hugged Rachel and kissed her out of excitement right in front of Dominic.

“Oops”, Alicia said, giving a face.

“That won’t go well”, Hanson said to Sasha.

Dominic walked out and Rachel ran after him.

“Ohh, they’re just going to spoil the fun”, Lilian said, whining.

“This was bound to happen, It’s high time she finally picked one”, Ralph said to her.

“Let’s get this party started”, Alicia said, trying to distract everyone from the awkward moment.

The food was served as the music was played.

The party was going well till Rachel walked in, sad and she went to her room. Sasha and the girls went after her.

When they got to her room, they saw her crying on her bed.

“Oh Rachel. Not on this day. You should be happy”, Sasha said to her as she sat by her.

“We ended things”, Rachel said and they were surprised.

“Ohh is it because of the kiss?” Lilian asked.

“No. He saw right through me and knew that I still wanted Archie”, Rachel said, crying.

“What did you say to him?”

“I couldn’t lie to his face. I’ve tried to make things work with him but I just can’t shake Archie off. I love him and I don’t think I would want to be with someone else”.

“So why are you crying?” Alicia asked and they all glared at her.

“My bad”, Alicia said, holding her lips.

“Dominic was a good man and now I’ve hurt him. But I didn’t mean to, my heart was just messing with me”.

“We understand”, Sasha said to her although she was mad at her for hurting Dominic like that.

“Hmm, if it’s Archie, then we’re in with you”, Lilian said to her.

As they were conversing, Archie walked in.

“Hey”, he said to Rachel.

“Let’s give them some space”, Sasha said and they left.


Sasha walked up to Hanson who was alone at the balcony.

“Hey”, she said to him.

“Why are you here?” She asked him.

“Oh the party has been disrupted and I just needed some air”.

“Oh okay. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I was just thinking. Is Rachel fine?” He asked.

“Yeah. She and Dominic have ended things though”.

“Oh crap. He’ll be devastated”.

“Do you need to be with him?”

“For now, he’ll need his space but I will pass by his place tonight”, he said to her.

“Okay. What were you thinking about?” She asked.

“Us”, he said.

“What about us?” She asked.

“Don’t you think we should fix a date. Seeing the gender reveal made me realize that we’re moving slowly, don’t get me wrong but I…”

“I thought you wanted us to take things slowly”, she said to him.

“Me? You’re the one who’s been acting like you want more time”, he said to her.

“Me? It’s you who’s been acting that way”, she said to him and they started arguing and burst out laughing.

“How soon do you want us to get married?” He asked.

“Tonight if possible”, she said and he laughed. “I really wish but I guess we have a lot to plan and we’re not done with our pre marital counseling”, she said to him.

“Me too but the counseling ends next week, so we can have it the following month or is it too soon?” He asked.

“It’s perfect”, she said, hugging him.

“So 14th?” He asked.

“Yes!!!!” She said, kissing him and he kissed her too.

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