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The crowd cheered them on as they embraced each other.

“I love you”, she said to him.

“I love you too”, he said, cupping her cheek and kissing her on the lip.

“After this, we’ll get out of here and have our small celebration”, he said to her and she smiled.

“You can all come in now”, he said, opening the door and everyone got in.

“Congratulations!!” Rachel said, lifting her from behind.

“Rachel! You’re going to hurt our baby!” Sasha exclaimed.

“It is excited for you too”, Rachel said, smiling.

“Congratulations!” Lilian said, hugging her.

“Congratulations Sweetheart”, Ralph said, hugging her too and he pecked her on her cheek.

“My girl is officially off the market! Congratulations my love!” Alicia said, hugging her so tight.

“Let’s see the ring”, Rachel said and she flashed it in their faces.

“Aww, it’s so cute”, Alicia said as they all looked at it.

“We’ll have our own mini celebration after this”, Alicia said, winking.

“Another day please. I have a date with my husband to be”, Sasha said, smiling.

“Oouuhhh, husband to be. I love that”, Lilian said, smiling.

“Yes”, she said, wiggling her brows.

“Let’s go in”, Sasha said to them and they all walked in. As Sasha was walking in, Samantha, pulled her aside and hugged her.

“Congratulations Sasshyyyyy”, she said and Sasha hugged her back. “Thank you my love”, she said to her.

“Congratulations sissy. You’re officially out of the house”, Sally said, hugging her and they both laughed.

“My baby girl is engaged”, Ann said, hugging and lifting her off the ground.

“Mum! You’ll hurt yourself”, Sasha exclaimed and she put her down and still hugged her. Fred joined in and hugged both of them and Ann rolled her eyes when she felt his arms around her.

“Okay, that’s enough”, she said, pushing his hands away.

“Congratulations baby girl. I’m so excited and happy for you”, he said to her and although she was still mad at him, she hugged him.

“Thank you dad”, she said to him.

“Let’s go in”, she said to them and they all walked in.

The waiters and waitresses directed everyone to their tables and the menu was given to them to make their choice.

Sasha’s friends and Hanson’s friends were all at one table and Sasha’s family were at a separate table. Hanson’s family also had their own table whiles Hanson and Sasha had a different table.

The menu was displayed on the LED screens with Sasha’s picture displayed on the background.

“Oh my God, take a look at the menu, that’s Sasha on it”, Alicia said to everyone at the table, looking at the menu in her hands and everyone looked at it and they were all excited.

Sasha was blushing so hard when she saw her picture on the menu. It was a monochrome unlooking of her on her bed, laughing.

“When did you take this?” She asked him and he laughed.

“The first day I walked into your room”, he said and she smiled.

“It’s perfect”, she said, smiling.

“You’re perfect”, he said to her and she grinned.

The dj began to play some cool songs and the people were entertained.

After a short while, Hanson got on the mini stage he created and took the mic from the dj.

“Hello everyone. Can I get your attention shortly”, he said and he had everyone’s eyes on him.

“You’re all welcome and thank you once again for being here with me. I see that most of you have made your orders already. I assure you that you’ll enjoy every food served to you today and the drinks but there’s a special menu called Sasha’s combo and it’s dedicated to my sweetheart. It consists of every new recipe I’ve made her taste till date”, he said and everyone made some noise.

Sasha grinned so hard that her cheeks were hurting so much.

“Go Sasha!!!” Sally exclaimed and everyone laughed.

“Yeah. Go Sashy!!!” Alicia exclaimed and the crowd cheered.

“So I’ll have the waiters and waitresses distribute that menu right now. Take your time to select. Everything on it is amazing, Sasha can attest to it. Have a nice meal and please I’ll need everyone’s feedback on this. So when you’re done, kindly log in to our website which has been displayed on the screen and drop your feedback. Thank you”, he said and they applauded.

“Yeah one last thing. I’ll invite my friend, your MC, Kevin to perform one of his songs from his current album. I hope you enjoy it”, he said and he got off the stage as everyone applauded.

Hanson got back to his seat and Sasha had tears on her face.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, concerned.

“Yeah. It’s tears of extreme joy. I can’t believe you did all this”, she said to him.

“Aww”, he said, wiping her tears off.

“Sasha you’re part of me now and everything I do is for you and for us”, he said to her and she smiled.

“I love you so much”, she said to him and he smiled.

“I love you more baby”, he said to her.

“Congratulations my loves”, Margaret said to them and she hugged them.

“Thank you Margaret”, Sasha said to her. “Let’s go and and meet your parents, we don’t expect them to walk up here”, Sasha said to him and they got on their feet and walked to his parent’s table.

“Hey my babies”, Hanson’s mother said, getting on her feet and she hugged them.

“Congratulations and may God bless your union”, she said to them.

“Congratulations my children”, Hanson’s dad said to them and he also hugged them.

“Where’s Junior?” Hanson asked.

“Samantha pulled him to their table”, Margaret said and they all looked in the direction of their table. He and Samantha looked so engrossed in their conversation.

“She’s always wanted a younger brother and now she’s gotten one”, Sasha said, laughing.

“We’re going back to our seats”, Hanson said and they left.

Everyone was busy eating and enjoying themselves.

“I can’t believe this finally happened. God is good”, Hanson said to her.

“All the time. He is”.

“I pray it keeps being full the way it is now”.

“It would. With the huge marketing you’ve done, I’m sure you’ll have a full house everyday and your food is amazing. It will speak for itself”.

“Thank you baby”, he said to her and she smiled.

“Congratulations to you two”, a lady said to them and they turned around to see that it was Chloe.

“Hey”, Hanson said to her.

“I see I wasn’t invited” She said to him.

“Do you see any one with an x on them here?” Sasha asked her.

“Baby, I’ll handle this”, Hanson said to her.

“No, no. I don’t think she’s been hearing you. Maybe my voice will sound better in her ears unless she actually has a hearing problem”.

“Sasha, I don’t want this moment to be ruined for you. I’ll handle this”.

“Chloe, I mean no disrespect and I don’t mean to be rude but I’ll really appreciate if you just leave and prevent us from causing a scene. Today is a good day for us and we wouldn’t want it to be ruined”.

“So I’m ruining your day? You’re really a mean person. After everything I did for you, you’re just going to treat me this way because of your rich girlfriend?”

“Rich and beautiful”, Sasha said to her.

“I’m sorry Chloe but if my wife doesn’t like you or want you around, I’ll adhere to that and if you truly cared about me, you’d respect that too”, he said to her.

“If you keep being a problem to us, I would have no choice than to tell our senior pastor. I don’t think you’d want that especially when you’re also in a new relationship”, he added.

“Now you’re making threats?”

“It’s not a threat. I appreciate everything you did for me but I don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe me anything. We’ve both moved on, let’s keep it that way”, he said to her and she glared at him.

“Alright. No problem. Congratulations once again”, she said, smiling and she left.

“Oh Lord even on a good day like this, these people with an x on their face keep popping up”, Hanson asked.

“What do you mean by the x thing” he asked.

“Exes duh”, she said and he laughed.

“I don’t think we’ll have any ex problem. Ross is off your back and Eve is all the way in a different state and I don’t think Chloe will bother us again after I brought up our senior pastor”.

“Mmmm” she said, thinking.

“Unless you have an ex or someone else”, he said.

“Oh they wouldn’t dare!” She said to him and he smiled.

Their food was finally served. They ate and enjoyed it.

“Hey Sasha!” Mavis said to her.

“Mavis!!! You made it”, she said, getting up hug her.

“Yeahhh, I’m sorry I’m late”.

“It’s fine. You still made it”.

“Yeah. This place is lovely, congratulations Hanson”, she said, giving him a handshake.

“Thank you Mavis and thanks for coming and huge thank you for all that you’ve done for my baby”, he said to her and she grinned.

“You’re welcome and thank you for treating her right and making her so happy”, Mavis said to him and he smiled.

“Did you come alone?” Sasha asked.

“No, I came with my husband. He’s using the washroom”.

“Okay speaking about husbands, see, tadaa”, Sasha said, waving her fingers at her.

“Oh my God. That’s so beautiful. Congratulations!” She exclaimed.

“Thank you”, they both said to her.

“I’m so happy for you two!” Mavis said, smiling.

“I’ll leave you two now. I’m sure my husband is already at the our table. Before we leave, I’ll make sure you meet him”, she said to Sasha.

“Okay okay. Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy your food”, Sasha said to her.

“Thank you”, she said and she left.


The place was finally empty as everyone had gone. It was just Sasha, Hanson and his employees who were at the restaurant.

Hanson was instructing the cleaners as they cleared the place.

“C’mon Hanson, I can handle it. You can go now”, Tevin said to him.

“You sure?”

“I’m the manager, I got this”.

“Alright, bye. See you tomorrow”, Hanson said to him.

“Bye Tevin”, Sasha said, hugging him.

“Bye Sasha”, he said and they left.

“Where are we going to?” She asked as they walked to his car.

“The beach”, he said to her.

“This night?”

“Yeah, we’re just going to sit at the shore and enjoy the breeze”.

“Okay”, she said, smiling and they left.


At the beach, they both sat at the sea shore and talked for a really long time.

Hanson laid down and Sasha also laid down and placed her head on his chest.

“I’m going to be your Mrs soon”, she said to him.

“Yeah, Mrs Carr”, he said, smiling as he looked at the sky.

“How many kids would you want to have?” She asked him.

“Mmm, 7 or maybe 10”, he said and sat up.

“7? 10? From whose body?” She asked and he laughed.

“Relax. I’m just kidding”.

“Better or I’d have suggested that you find a way to give birth to them yourself”, she said and he laughed uncontrollably.

“Oh my God! You should have seen your face”, he said, laughing and she laid down again.

“On a real, how many would you want?” She asked.

“Oh I’m okay with 4. What about you?”

“I think 4 is fine. I always wanted 2 but I’m okay with 4 if you want 4”.

“Okay. Thank you”, he said, smiling and he ran his hands through her hair.

“Where would you want us to live?” She asked.

“I’ve always wanted to have a house at the mountain area”.

“Me too!” She exclaimed.


“Yes. I’ve even spotted a lot of places there that I wanted to buy when I decide to move out”.

“You want us to buy” he asked.


“Okay but building is cheaper and we can also choose how we would want it, it’ll be according to our preference”, he said to her.

“Mmm, you have a point but it’ll take a while I guess”.

“Yeah. We can rent a place in the meantime and wait till we build our house”.

“Okay, so when do we start looking at places?” She asked in excitement.

“I don’t know yet but I want my business to run for a while and when I start making a lot of money, then we search for a place”.

“Oh Hans we don’t have to wait that long when I have the money and don’t give me that whole bull crap of not wanting my money. If it was the other way round, you would have insisted that you buy it for us”.


“You know when we get married, what’s yours will be mine and what’s mine will be yours and so the money will be ours”.


“Hmmm hmmm, say something”, she salt o him.

“Alright fine. We’ll start looking for place then but I’ll try to cover half of it or quarter at-least”.

“Ugh! Men and their ego. Sure”, she said to him and they were quiet for a while.

“To Sashys”, he said lifting his hands for a high five and she tried to reach his hands but he kept tossing it.

“Hey!” She exclaimed as she tried to reach this hands and he laughed.

She got up and threw sand on him.

“Hey!” he said, getting on his feet. She ran off and he chased her.

They kept running till he caught up with her at the sea and they both fell in. They stayed in and played with the water for a while till they decided to leave.

He dropped her off and when he arrived at his house he saw someone sitting in front of it.

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