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(season 1 Finale)

Brian and Chris both dragged felix and Benson near the dug grave but a smoke bomb was hurled at them.

Who the hell,

Hey Chris, jordan said claded in a red polo, black trouser and he punched Chris and the light of the van was put of.

Jordan started attacking the men with a chain as his weapon and the men started dropping like flies.

After about an hour all the men were knocked out apart from chris and Brian were knocked out by jordan.

Felix, Benson, jordan rushed to their side seeing them with their strength beaten out of them.

I thought you have gone, Felix said with a swollen face.

I was but I got back because someone send me a message, now let go.., jordan couldn’t complete his statement for a chain was hurled and it wrapped around his neck and he was dragged back.

Jordan, the demon shinobi, a lady said swinging the chain.

Lady mitsuki, Jordan said standing up.

And Jordan saw a rope slowly going to the direction of his defensless brother and Benson and he used his chain to drag catch the rope and he was shocked.

A rope was hurled at him and it shocked him, hmm, Jordan said in pain.

For someone whose body rejected the S program, you are quite tough, a man said joining the party.

Boyd, jordan said removing the ropes from his body.

I am going to enjoy watching you die, Boyd said and hurled an object to Jordan and it exploded creating a lightening like line in the air but Jordan was already before boyd wanting to hit him, then he saw lady mitsuki trying to attack his brother, so he used his hand to block the chain which created an opportunity for boyd to attack him.

Hmm, jordan grunted in pain as electricity passed through his body.

Well, well, I have never seen you this vulnerable, you are not even with your sword or your attire,lady mitsuki said chuckling.

Jordan moved as quick as lightening and attack both boyd and lady mitsuki, both a third person kicked him which sent him flying backward to felix and Benson.

Jordan, Felix and Benson said as Jordan spat a mouthful of blood.

I am okay, Jordan said smiling shining his blood stained teeth.

So this is your brother, the third person claded in a suit similar to Jordan ninja own said.

Sanju, Jordan said.

Felix and benson manage to get their feet supporting each other.

You guys got heart but this foolishness, sanju said and aimed his sword at felix head and threw hit but Jordan pushed Felix, benson out if the way and the sword pierced his shoulder pinning him to a tree.

Jordan tried to remove the sword but boyd shot an object at him which send electric current round about his body and sanju walked slowly to him and moved the sword up and down, then Jordan hand came off.

Argg, jordan shouted in pain as he left hand was cut off ,he kicked creating some distance between him and sanju , he manage to throw a smoke bomb with is remaining right hand .

Run, Jordan yelled and when the smoke slowly dissipated, felix and Benson were no were in sight.

You somehow manage to save your brother but after your death I am going to come for him.

Don’t you dare, Jordan said and wanted to hit sanju but lady mitsuki threw her chain and it wrapped around Jordan neck after that boyd shot a net at Jordan which shocked him.

Sanju used his sword and pierced Jordan left chest and blood poured from jordan mouth, sanju kicked Jordan of his sword into the dug hole close to them and then he turned his back and entered a bulldozer which he used to pour sand into the hole, burying Jordan.


Let go or your brother sacrifice will be for nought, tunde said urging Felix who saw his brother buried alive


Lightning could be seen and rumbles of thunder heard as rain began to fall

Purity pastor was in an helicopter going to the airport after receiving a huge some of money.

God will forgive me, I will just have for mercy, let me ask for mercy now, purity pastor was about to pray when a lightning struck the helicopter making the control malfunction which led to a crash.

Meanwhile it was still raining heavily, nobody could be seen where jordan was buried ,

Then suddenly a blood stained hand forced it way above the ground.

Watch out for season 2

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