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Written by: KING MUFASA✍️

Note: 18+🔞 adult contents❌not suitable for readers under the age of 18


(FINAL Episode)


••••••••••AUTHOR’S POV•••••••••••

” Nigeria,” Collette said to herself as she brought down her novel to adjust her sunglasses.

She felt the plane landing. She had arrived in Lagos. How long has it been?

14 years? Maybe less, she couldn’t recall.

A lot has changed over the years she’d been away. There had been slight technology advancements but that was expected.

However, that wasn’t why she was here.

She came back to see Lucy.

Getting off the plane along with other passengers, she took off her dark glasses and shook her hair loosed in the air.

Her hair danced around her face and over to the back of her hair until it was settled like a silky fountain down to her shoulders.

She took in a deep breath, letting in that sweet smell of home into her nostrils.

Rolling her suitcase behind her, she left to get cleared off the airport.

Although they had kept in touch with each other, she had been too preoccupied with school to get too attached to home.

London was a wonderful place. It took her years to adapt to the cold, the people, the English accent, the food— everything.

There were days she missed home. Lucy was always calling, mom and dad called as well. A time came when Charlotte had to fly down to London to pay her a visit.

Charlotte is married now with kids to a White guy in New York.

Which made her to think how old she was getting. She’s just thirty two years old after all.

Collette walked out of the airport, waving down a taxi.

Thirty two years old and single for life.

As the taxi headed for Victoria Island, Collette tried to imagine how Lucy would look like after all these years.

The last video call they did happened six years ago. It wasn’t Collette’s fault. She had been Soo busy she had to switch off her phones.

But now she was back home. Back to pay Lucy a surprise visit.

She got Lucy’s address correctly. It was a large beautiful house.

Lucy’s house?

Collette got down the taxi, rasing her face to look at the beautiful house staring directly at her.

Two cars were parked under a shade and there were flowers and low lawns everywhere.

Collette remembered her small apartment in London and she swallowed. ” Lucy must’ve made it big to live in a house like this.”

Rolling her suitcase behind her, She approached the door and pressed the doorbell.

She waited for a while, staring up at the gigantic building.

From the other side of the door, she heard footsteps approaching.

She held her novel tightly to herself, aware her heart was racing.

A woman opened the door. Collette stared at her for sometime, knowing this was no other person but Lucy.

Her stepsister.

The big eyes, the innocent face and the small lips were unmistakably unchanged even after all these years.

Her heart fluttered. Wow, she even looked more beautiful than she had been fourteen years ago.

Lucy stood before Collette, s------g her face in confusion. ” Umm…good morning. How do I help you?”

Even her voice remained the same. That voice hastened her heart beat, causing her that butterfly feeling in her stomach.

Collette slowly removed her glasses, revealing her eyes.

Lucy caught her BREATH. ” C–Collette…”

The two women stared at each other for sometime, taking the other person in their mind.

” Mommy,” came a tiny voice from inside the house, running up to Lucy.

Collette glanced down to see a little child; a boy grabbing Lucy’s right leg.

She stiffened as realization strucked her.

Was this boy…..

” Kent,” Lucy laughed, gently prising his fingers off her leg. ” What’s the matter?”

” I want cookies,” he cried, Making a face.

Collette gasped. His eyes were big Just Like Lucy’s.

Then he must be…

Lucy smiled down at him. ” Alright, Kent. Just give me a moment, dear. I’ll get you cookies.”

” Yay,” he leaped for joy then stopped as he noticed the woman standing outside the door. ” Mom, who’s that?”

He called her mom, Collette thought.

So he was her son.

But how? Lucy never told her she had a son. Then it occurred to her that a lot must’ve happened all those years she had deactivated her phone from calls.

She had intended to surprise Lucy. The tables turned. It was Lucy surprising her instead.

Lucy turned to Collette. ” Umm… Kent. This is aunt Chi-Chi. She’s aunt Chole’s twin.”

The boy didn’t see the resemblance. He had heard Soo much about his aunt Chi-Chi but he couldn’t place her as a twin with his aunt Chole.

Chole had grown fatter and more plump while Collette remained the same.

Except of course, her face had grown a bit too matured with age.

Kent waved at her. ” Good morning, aunt Chi-Chi.”

Collette had no idea how to react or what to say. She was stuck.

But she managed to mumble a ” hello” to him.

She returned her eyes back to Lucy, Making a stiff smile. ” A cute son you have there. He has your eyes.”

Lucy couldn’t control her emotions. She ran up to Collette and wrapped her arms around her.

” Oh Collette,” she sobbed. ” I missed you Soo much.”

Collette felt a bump against her tummy from Lucy.

Glancing down, she saw a baby bump Making an impression over Lucy’s oversized polo.

That’s when it hit her that me was pregnant with another child.





Turning on the tap, Collette placed her hands on the tiled walls of the bathroom.

Sprinkles of water rained down on her body from the shower. She felt the cool waters washing down the heat and stress off her skin, her flesh, her soul.

She closed her eyes and raised her face up towards the shower. Her face and hair were washed down to her naked body below.

Taking a soup, she scrubbed her body clean. The foams over her body flowed down to the floor until she was done washing.

Her hands reached out and turned off the shower.

Stepping out of the bathroom into the guest room, she rubbed her hair dry with a big white towel.

Down below, she could hear Lucy giving orders to the maids.

This was just too realistic to be unreal. Here she was in Lucy’s own mansion. She wasn’t the little Lucy she knew fourteen years ago.

She was now a woman.

A married woman with a son. She was also expecting another baby soon.

” How does that make me feel?” Collette said to herself as she got into a dark flannel trousers and a white dotted long sleeve.

She stood before the standing mirror and regarded the woman before her.

For the first time in fourteen years, she realized how old she had become. She was no longer eighteen she was thirty-two.

Lucy would be thirty and she looks Soo happy with her new family.

” I’m fast becoming an old lady,” Collette sighed softly, taking a lipgloss from her make-up kit and rubbed it across her dry lips.

She remembered how Lucy used to take it out on herself to look beautiful for her benefit.

Spraying her fragrance over her body, she took one last look at herself in the mirror and step out of the house.

Walking down the passage, she happened to pass a doorless room.

Collette paused, took three steps backwards to look into this room.

It wasn’t much of a room. It was a photo gallery.

Every corners of the wall was crammed with pictures, portraits and framed old newspapers protected with glass.

Collette stepped fully into the room, her hands dug inside her pockets.

She regarded each photos with overwhelming eyes. There was one where Lucy wore a graduation gown. A man stood beside her alongside her family.

He was fully beard and muscular.

That must be her home teacher, Mr Adam. He had been homeschooling Lucy until she was to write her senior WAEC examination. Collette saw other photos from Lucy’s high school graduation to her University days in the University of Lagos {UNILAG}.

Apparently Charlotte and Lucy went to the same University.

Collette swiftly pulled her eyes away from those pictures and settled on the photo of her at the Grand African’s High School chess Tournament in South Africa.

She leaned over at the portrait, studying it with a smile on her face. That photo was taken fourteen years ago after she beat Zaki.

The photo went viral, making her popular in all social media platforms. Lucy must’ve downloaded the photo and had it framed in the house.

How cute.

She smiled at the memory. It was a long time but she had it in her mind like it was just yesterday.

She remembered the shocking looks on Zaki’s face after she had pulled him into a checkmate.

He had been soo overconfident, he played carelessly. It was at the last moment when the heat was getting really hot for him he became serious.

But it was too late. He made a few silly blunders and that’s when Collette zoomed in with a knight, checkmating his game instantly.

The game had gone for an hour and thirty minutes but Collette beat him.

She defeated Zaki. She made her country proud.

The gold trophy remained at QA. She had paved the way for other girls at QA.

Every year, QA always goes home with either a bronze or gold. It was just too hard to fail. She made everyone proud.

She made Lucy proud.

Below the chess tournament photo was an old newspapers in a frame bearing the story of Collette’s massive victory in South Africa.

She had become a celebrity overnight. Winning the tournament granted her a scholarship to any University of her choice across the world.

She had picked Cambridge.

And that’s where she had been for the past fourteen years. She had no plans on returning home even after graduation.

She had found herself a great high paying job, becoming a full independent lady.

This visit was only brief. She had come for Lucy.

Darting her eyes away from the photos, she glanced up to see a large portraits of Lucy and a man.

The man was bald headed, having a bright smile on his face. He held Lucy closley to himself.

Collette felt her heart hastened when she saw Lucy’s wedding gown.

” That must be her husband,” she smiled. ” He looks familiar though.”

She must’ve stared longingly at that portrait for a long time she didn’t notice Lucy standing by the doorway, watching her.

” You’re all dressed and ready, aren’t you?” Lucy called across the room.

Collette turned sharply to see Lucy smiling to her. ” Oh, I’m sorry about that. I was just passing by and I happened to run into your gallery room.”

Lucy laughed, stepping into the room towards her. Collette kept her eyes at that baby bump.

” Come on, Chi-Chi,” she held Collette’s hand, pulling her away. ” Let’s go out.”

Collette felt a cold sensation running through her as their skin rubbed each other.

” Going where?”

” A picnic, silly.”

” Picnic?”

Lucy turned to look her in the face. ” I’m taking you to my favorite spot in the city.”





” Here, have some,” Lucy offered a carton of juice to Collette.

Collette took it. ” Thank you.”

Lucy had brought a pie along with them. They both took a slice each and ate, drinking from their juice.

” Kent, come have a pie,” Lucy called out to the little boy chasing a butterfly around where they sat on the concrete bench.

Kent shook his head and wandered off playing and giggling to himself.

Lucy made an embarrassing laugh. ” He’s always like that whenever we come visiting this place.”

Collette looked around her.

They were in some kind of hill forest. Down below from where they sat, they had a perfect view of the entire city.

It was such a beautiful view. She had never seen anything like it in her life.

” Do you come here often?” Collette asked.

Lucy sipped her juice quietly. ” Yes, all the time. With Damian.”

Damian. Meaning the bald man from Lucy’s wedding portrait was no other person than Damian.

” Oh, Damian,” Collette crossed her legs, leaning over as she sipped from her drink. ” How’s he?”

” He’s in Abuja.”

” Work?”

” Yes. He runs his father’s company now.”

” Never knew Damian’s father had a company.”

Lucy laughed softly, tugging her hair nervously. ” His father runs a small company. It wasn’t much but they were living well. Damian graduated and took over. The company has grown over the years and is now an international ventures for business.”

Collette remembered Lucy’s mansion and the two expensive cars in the shade.

No wonder.

Her eyes darted to the baby bump on Lucy’s tummy. ” You and Damian got married, right?”

Lucy turned to look at her fully in the face but Collette’s face was staring ahead.

She didn’t want to meet those big pretty eyes.

” I wanted to tell you,” Lucy’s eyes were shining. ” But your phone won’t go through.”

” I’m sorry about that,” Collette scratched the back of her hair, flashing Lucy a smile. ” I got busy with school and work I hadn’t the time to receive calls or messages.”

Lucy didn’t smile back. She looked worried. ” Are you angry?”

Collette pulled a face. ” Angry?”

Lucy nodded.

” Why would I be angry?”

Lucy looked away. ” I should have told you. I feel Soo guilty. I got married at TWENTY-SIX. Damian wasted no time. We had our first child and now we’re expecting a second child.”

Collette said nothing.

Lucy thought it wise to Change the subject for a while. ” Remember the handsome priest at QA?”

Collette nodded. ” Yeah, he stopped coming to QA ever since the holidays before I went for the chess tournament. I think rumours were going rounds about him having an affair with a student from a different School. He had to resign from his priesthood.”

” Well, he’s married with children,” Lucy said. ” Last I saw him was three years ago. He came to Lagos for a union meeting.”

” That’s nice,” Collette said. ” Everyone’s married these days.”

” Except you.”

Collette lifted her shoulders. ” It’s my choice and will to choose to be single or not, Lucy.”

Lucy stared worriedly at her. Then she returned her eyes down to get tummy.

She rubbed it gently. ” I think it’s gonna be a girl.”

Collette looked away, sipping slowly from her packet of juice. ” Don’t keep your hopes up, Lucy. You might get another boy for all we know.”

Lucy giggled and Collette felt her heart contrast. ” Kent is a headache. I wouldn’t want another boy. A girl would be a relief.”

Collette chewed from her pie. ” You never know with babies. Let’s watch and see.”

” I also have a name prepared in store when she’s born.”

Collette chewed in silent, gazing at the red sunset.

Lucy smiled, staring down at her tummy. ” I think I’ll name her Chi-Chi.”

Collette stopped chewing. She turned her eyes to meet Lucy’s.

They stared at each other for sometime. In that brief moments, memories flashed into their minds. Memories that had longed been buried, resurfacing.

Collette swallowed. ” Why use my name?”

Lucy’s hand fell on Collette’s hand, squeezing it tightly. ” Because I want my baby to look like you. It hasn’t been easy living throughout all these years without you. You keep appearing in my mind. I want my baby to be as pretty and as intelligent as you are. You’re a great person, Collette. My little Chi-Chi would be the same.”

Collect felt a warming in her heart as she regarded her step sister closely.

She immediately broke hold of their hand.

” I’m honoured, Lucy.”

Lucy regarded her closely. ” Collette, I see no wedding ring on her fingers.”

Collette felt sick. Somehow, she had an instinctive feeling Lucy was going to bring that up.

” Aren’t you married?” Lucy Asked after the prolonged silence.

Collette Leaned back on the concrete bench, crossing and uncrossing her legs. ” I’m single.”

If Lucy was surprised, she didn’t show it. ” Why?”

Collette lifted her shoulders. ” It’s a decision for myself. My mother’s divorce decided me.”

Lucy finally understood.

Collette’s mom had divorced again but that was years ago while Collette was still studying abroad.

Turns out Collette stepdad had a baby outside his marriage. Collette’s mother was devasted.

Her marriage just didn’t work out. She had to file for a divorce.

” I know mom did her best,” Collette Continued. ” However, she couldn’t save her marriage.”

Lucy felt for her.

” How’s your mom and dad?” Collette asked.

” Next month’s their wedding anniversary,”

Collette sighed. ” You have a lucky mother, Lucy. My mom had been foolish to divorce a man like your stepdad. She’s still regretting her actions till today,” she paused, finishing her packet of juice. ” I don’t want to end up like her. That’s why I’d rather stay single.”

” Collette,” Lucy began talking. ” Not all men are the same. There are tons of good men out there. I’ve learnt to accept men the day I married Damian. You can be happy.”

” I am happy.”

Lucy pulled a face. ” Happy being single? Don’t you wanna have kids? Don’t you want to own a family?”

Collette made a faint smile. ” I already have a family, Lucy. You’re part of my family.”

Lucy glanced down at her feet. ” You still have feelings for me, don’t you? That’s another reason why you don’t want to get married.”

Collette gazed at her baby bump then shook her head. ” That was years ago. Not anymore.”

Lucy glanced up, biting her lips. ” Shocking as it may sound to you, Chi-Chi, I still love you.”

A soft wind blew around the trees at the two women seated on the concrete desk. They stared at each other in silence until Lucy broke it up.

” Even after all these years, you remain an unforgettable vivid picture in my mind. I thought I’d get over you but I didn’t.”

Collette laughed uneasily. ” But Lucy, you’re married. I should be the last thing in your mind.”

Lucy frowned at her. ” I’m I the last thing on your mind?”

Collette felt her heart chilled. ” No. You’re always on my mind.”

” See,” Lucy rubbed her tummy. ” It’s tough to get over someone you love Soo dearly. Especially when she’s your first love.”

She paused, smiling to herself. ” We may be women, Collette. We may be sisters. We may be in different worlds apart from each other. But we can never forget each other. And that’s because we’ve shared something Soo special no other person can offer us.”

Collette’s eyes caught Kent sitting on the grass, a pie in his hand as he ate absent mindedly.

” You’re right, Lucy,” she closed her eyes. ” But Damian also offered you something more that I can never offer you.”

” And what’s that?”

Collette pointed at Kent. ” Children.”

Lucy’s eyes returned to Kent then at her belly.

Collette continued. ” I chose to be single Lucy. But you chose a home, a family, a man, children. That’s happiness and that’s all I ever wanted you to have. Don’t think I’m angry you’re married to a man. I’m not. It’s all I ever wished for you. Damian has done Soo much. I do have feelings for you, Lucy but we aren’t destined to be together. Your place is with Damian.”

” And what about your place?” Lucy asked suddenly. ” Where do you belong?”

Collette dug her hand into her pocket and brought out a novel. She handed it over to Lucy. ” My place is here.”

Lucy took the novel, regarding it closely. ” This is THE PRIEST. I have a copy at home.”

Collette was surprised. ” You do?”

Lucy nodded. ” After you flew out for your studies, I bought the novel and began reading cause I missed you. I thought if I read what you read, I’ll get more connected with you. I was right. Each chapters drew me to you.”

Collette felt glad. ” The writer was Ottis Okon. The man who saved your life…”

Lucy cut her off. ” I remembered him. He died weeks after his award.”

That was how the media announced his death. Only Collette knew the details of his death.

” My place belongs to here,” Collette continued. ” With the priest.”

” Collette,” Lucy sighed. ” Those are just fictional characters. They don’t exist.”

” I believe they exist,” Collette said. ” You won’t understand, Lucy. It’s something way deeper than you can ever imagine.”

Lucy closed the book and gently dropped it on the concrete bench. ” Does that means you’re never getting married?”

” I’m happy, Lucy,” she said. ” I’m glad you’ve found your happiness too.”

Lucy reached out for her hand. She brought Collette’s hand and placed it on her tummy. ” There, can you feel it’s heartbeat?”

Collette rubbed her tummy. She felt nothing but deep within her, she visioned a baby Inside that tummy.

She visioned Lucy’s happiness.

” It’s going to be a girl,” Collette said softly. ” I’m sure of it. That’s what you want, right?”

Lucy nodded.

” And you plan to name her Chi-Chi?”

Lucy nodded.

Collette removed her hand from Lucy’s tummy. ” I can’t wait to bear her in my hands.”

Lucy drew closer to her and placed her head on her shoulder. ” I’m happy you’re here, Collette.”

Collette felt her heart quickened but she gradually kept it under control. ” Yeah, me too.”

Lucy sighed, eyes staring at the beautiful sunset. ” Remember how you stole my first kiss?”

Collette smiled at the memory. ” That’s an unforgettable part of my past, Lucy. Yes I remembered.”

Lucy’s big eyes glittered. ” I had my first kiss with Damian right in this spot.”

Collette kept smiling. ” I’ll bet it felt differently from our numerous kisses.”

Lucy nodded. ” Yes it does,” her hand held Collette’s hand and she squeezed it. ” Thank you, Collette.”

” For what?”

” For everything,” she said, quietly. ” This isn’t the end of our story, is it?”

Collette’s eyes went from her to her unborn baby in her tummy. ” I don’t suppose it is. It’s just the beginning.”

Collette felt someone tugging at her flannel trousers. She looked down to see Kent smiling up at her.

He had his two hands closed. He slowly opened his hand to reveal a butterfly.

Collette saw the butterfly flutter to away towards the sunset.

She looked down to see Lucy closing her eyes in a light sleep, using her shoulder as a pillow.

Looking at her now, she realized just how pretty she was with that baby bump.

” Aunt Chi-Chi,” Kent pulled at her trousers again.

” Hush,” she placed her hand on his lips. ” Your mother’s sleeping.”

Kent raised his arms towards her. She carried him and placed him on her laps.

” Aunt Chi-Chi,” Kent whispered quietly.

” What is it?” Collette whispered back.

” Do you like my mom?”

Collette regarded those big eyes, wondering how long this boy had been observing her and Lucy.

” We’re sisters, little one.”

Kent laughed. ” The way you two look at each other. Same way daddy looks at mommy.”

Who ever said Kent was a fool?

” You naughty boy,” Collette rubbed his head. ” Don’t think that way.”

Kent laid his head back on her chest and stared up at her.

Kent was a replica of Lucy. Those big eyes.

That small lips.

Sitting beside her in a peaceful sleep was a woman whom she had loved Soo dearly.

A woman she had to let go off.

A woman that had meant the world to her.

Collette stroked Lucy’s hair, smelling in her perfume. ” I’m happy too.”

She gazed at the red sunset, Making them a stilloette at the background.

••••This isn’t the end of our story, is it?••••

••••I don’t suppose it is. It’s just the beginning••••

Collette drew Kent closer to her. She thought of many things.

Her eyes settled on Ottis Okon’s book “THE PRIEST”.

In that book she had been a princess. In that book, she had married a priest. In that book she had an entirely different love story.

But now she was in an entirely different world.

The world of Lucy.

From the distant, a church bell rang. Lucy was still sleeping.

The sun went down, leaving the two women in darkness.

Collette whispered in her ears. ” Lucy, we have to go now. It’s getting late.”

Lucy stirred from her sleep but she didn’t wake up. Her arms went round Collette neck and she leaned more heavily on her.

” Stay with me a little longer, Chi-Chi,” she mumbled, sleepily.

Collette glanced down to see Kent dozing off on her chest.

She sighed, feeling her heart going warmer.

She had three Lucy on her body.

Kent, Lucy and little Chi-Chi inside her mother’s belly.

Collette glanced up as the stars began coming out. She claimed her eyes, saying a prayer.

” Thank you for making her happy.”

In response to that, a star twinkled brightly in the dark sky.





*********THE END**********

Author’s Note ✍️:

Sorry for any typing error. I had to make this a long episode 🙏🙏🤩

I apologise for keeping this final episode hanging. I’ve been Soo busy at work.

Get ready for my next masterpiece dropping soon✍️✍️✍️

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