At What Cost - S01 E84

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Purity arranged a date with her pastor for her, benson and Felix to meet and they set out to meet him leaving mesan in charge .

Guys, I have a bad feeling about this, Felix said as he was about to enter the front seat of a toyoto corolla with purity at the back and Benson at the drivers seat.

You have never have a good feeling of anything concerning God, beside it is a pastor we are going to see, so nothing to worry about, Benson said.

Ok, if you say so, Felix said and entered the car.

Benson tried starting the car but it refused to start,

Uhn, what is the problem, Benson muttered still trying to start the car, then smoke started coming out from the bonnet which made the occupants of the vehicles leave the vehicle.

This car is toast, let try another, Benson said and entered another car but deja vu.

All this car was working well, I am getting confused,Benson said scratching his head.

I am having a feeling we shouldn’t go again, purity said because she began to feel uncomfortable.

No, we should go, maybe Satan is preventing us, Felix said.

O’ see who is talking, I thought you don’t want to go, Benson sneered.

I changed my mind but I am driving, maybe you forgotten have to start a car, Felix said collecting the keys from benson and he tried starting a third car and it started.

Like I said, you don’t know how to see start a car, Felix mocked benson.

I am not arguing with you, Benson said entering the front seat after first opening the door for purity to enter with purity having an unpleasant feeling but she shrugged it off.

After thirty minutes, they finally arrived at purity pastor’s house and they entered.

Hmmm, what a sad story, the pastor said after listening to Felix who told him about his life.

I know you had it rough but you see God plan towards you is of good, I don’t know the reason why God allow all those things to happen but God is not happy when we suffer… After giving them a sermon he asked a question.

Do you want to give your life to Christ,the pastor asked.

Yes, Benson said without hesitating because the pastor words touch him.

Not now maybe in the future, Felix said.

Ok, and the pastor began to pray for Benson, thank you jesus for accepting your lost son for in jesus name I have prayed, Amen.

Congratulations, you now a believer, the pastor said.

Thank you sir, benson said happily, getting up from his kneeling position.

Please wait while I get you some refreshment the pastor said and quickly brought food for his guests.

Thank you sir, this food is delicious, You are a good cook sir, purity, Felix and Benson all complimented the pastor.

The pastor chuckled,

Is it just me or my feeling sleepy, Benson said cleaning his eyes.

Not just you, Felix said then used his tongue to lick his hand then smelt it, then he looked at the still smiling pastor.

We have been poisoned, Felix said and stood up grabbing the pastor neck but he let go and he slump so did purity and Benson.

I am sorry, the pastor countenance changed.

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