When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E149

2 months ago

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I made my way through the crowds of people

exiting the stadium. Savannah was dumping the

trash in the trash can. I noticed someone behind her

and I immediately started to panic. It was a good

hundred feet away and they could easily get her into

a car.

I quickened my pace to a jog and was about 20 feet

away from the trash can when I realized who it was.

It was Francis. He wasn’t speaking and instead, he

had this determined look on his face. We made eye

contact for a minute before he turned back to

Savannah, who was now facing him.

I saw Savannah glance back towards the stadium,

but her eyes skipped over me. She hadn’t seen me. I

slowed to a walk while I watched as Francis pressed

his lips to hers, crushing my heart in the process.

She didn’t push him away; instead, she just stood

there. A wave of pain shot through me and I felt my

stomach clench.

I stared at the two as he retracted and leaned

forward, so his lips were beside her ear. I didn’t hear

what he said and I didn’t want to. I had a feeling I

wouldn’t like it, just like I don’t like him. Is this what

heartbreak feels like? I felt my breathing quicken and I

stopped about five feet away from them. Francis

made eye contact with me and smiled smugly

before he kissed Savannah’s cheek, all the while she

just stood there.

I pushed the pain into the back of my mind and tried

my hardest to sound normal. “So, you and Francis,


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