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“I said to bring me a chocolate bar, a drink, and

Skittles, not the entire vendors stand,” Savannah

laughed, her eyebrows furrowing cutely.

“I know, they just restocked and I couldn’t help

myself,” I responded innocently. I smiled at Weston.


“Can I have some?” Weston asked as I sat down. I

smacked his hand away.

“You know you’re not allowed sweets before a

game…or ever.” I replied as I opened a candy bar.

Savannah took it out of my hands and began eating

it. I glared at her while I opened another one. Sierra

took this one out of my hands and this process

continued until everyone in our small group of

friends, aside from Weston, had candy.

Weston was currently frowning as his eyes jumped

from each candy bar. “I want candy.”

I slowly chewed a Starburst, grinning at my cousin.

“Too bad.”

Weston snatched the king-sized package of

Starbursts from me and continued to open the small

squares, shoving them into his mouth as I watched

in shock. The coach blew the whistle and Weston

ran over, still chewing the candy.

Savannah turned to me, with a curious look on her

face. “What’s wrong?”

“He gets really hyper when he eats candy before a

game. Last time, he was ramming into players and

laughing like a maniac. Every time he made a

touchdown, he’d roll on the floor giggling,” I


She glanced at me before she turned to the field, her

eyes watching as Weston jumped up and down

excitedly. Weston is a nutcase on the field when he’s

hyped up on sugary snacks. As we speak, he’s

rolling around on the floor because his team got a

touchdown. People were laughing at him and he

was oblivious, like he usually is.

I sighed tiredly. “He’s going to regret this.”

Savannah nodded her head, her eyes glued on the

field. “Who do you think is going to win?”

I turned to her. “The score is currently 21 to 0. Who

do you think is going to win?”

Savannah nodded. “Jo-bro.”

I smiled at the nickname before I turned to look at

her. “Yes?”

“Shaw is glaring daggers at us,” she muttered as I

looked at her. “Look slightly to your left, but don’t be


I nodded but despite her warning, I snapped my

head to the left and my eyes met with Shaw’s. He

eventually was forced to look away when his

teammates and the coach were calling his name.


I jumped up and cheered as Weston’s team won. I

glanced at Savannah to see she was smiling but

looked slightly worried. I wonder why. The urge to

kiss her was strong so I looked away and continued


Savannah lifted up the trash and nudged me.

Assuming she was going to the trashcan, I nodded

and moved to let her pass by me. I watched as she

struggled to bypass the people but eventually she

managed to get through.

I figured that I should tell her, now. I should tell her

that I like her now; I’ve been thinking about Weston’s

words. What if she does wonder if I like her? Even if

she doesn’t, wouldn’t it be nice to know? Not in a

conceited way, but in a ‘someone cares’ type of


I grabbed my jacket and told the twins that I’d see

them at home. I waved at Georgia who had her eyes

glued to the football players. I wanted to puke; she

was probably thinking about how good their butts

look in their pants. I felt proud when I realized that

throughout this whole entire game, I didn’t look at

the cheerleaders. In fact, I’d forgotten that they were

here. Weston hadn’t, though.

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