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“I’ll have to talk to you a bit later but right now, those

cookies are calling me!” she quickly ran off to the


Jeremiah let out a sigh of relief. “That lady can talk for


I laughed. “I know the type.”


I put my gift under the Christmas tree and

approached Jeremiah, who said he’d meet me by the

stairs. I walked over to them as a blonde girl raced

down them, almost tripping and falling. I had a

feeling that was Meredith.

Jeremiah seemed as if he was in a trance. He was

staring at the girl and she seemed to take notice,

blushing and giggling. I wanted to puke. It was

embarrassing to see. “Savannah should be coming

downstairs shortly,” she told me. I felt my heart start

to beat quicker. Finally, the girl I’ve been waiting for,

not in that context. I’ve actually been waiting for her

to come downstairs for a while now.

I watched as she came down the stairs. She was

wearing a sparkly red dress that fit her nicely, better

than anything she’s worn to school, that’s for sure. It

splits into two and wraps around her neck. It suits

Christmas but it’ll definitely make her stand out, in a

good way. It reached her mid-thigh and revealed the

rest of her legs. She was wearing black flats, too.

Her hair was done nicely and she had a small

amount of make up on. She had a gift bag in her

hands and she didn’t seem to notice me as I leaned

against the wall across from Jeremiah and Mere, who

were in her line of vision. She rolled her eyes as she

came down the stairs completely. She walked over

to the Christmas tree and placed her gift under it

before she turned around, her gaze catching mine.

I’m sure I looked like a deer in the headlights as I

stared at her.

I walked towards her, grinning widely. “Savannah,


She waved at me, a small smile on her face. “Hi,


“You look pretty,” I replied as she turned her gaze to

the floor and her face turned a light shade of red.

How cute.

“Thanks, you look pretty, too,” she complimented. I

furrowed my eyebrows as I smiled at her. “I meant

nice, you look nice.”

“You clean up nice,” I nudged her, earning a glare

from her. She punched my shoulder pretty hard and

I held back a cringe at the pain. I stared at her,

slightly shocked before I laughed. “You hit like a girl!”

She punched me harder and I winced even more.

“I’d like to retract my statement. Anyway, what’d

you get for Christmas?”

She shrugged. “I got some more clothes, a pair of

shoes, a new headset, hair stuff, a new backpack,

and some other stuff. What’d you get?”

“I got a new pair of shoes, a few new memory

cards, more membership for XBOX 360, a new

headset, and a few new games,” I shrugged

casually, leaving out the part about the ugly sweater.

I noticed how her eyes widened slightly.

“What games?” she asked me, attempting to be


I shrugged. “A few games, sports games, really,” I

told her and she nodded. A relieved look took over

her face.

“Any games you wanted that you didn’t get?” she

questioned me and I nodded my head.

“The new STF game but I’ll get it eventually,” I

shrugged again and she nodded her head, a small

smile finding its way onto her face.

“I have it,” she bragged and I glared at her.

“Christmas gift from Ms. Antoinette; it’s one of the

many perks of working at a video game store.”

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