When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E142

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“Without your pretty new sweater?” She asked me.

She bought me a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

sweater and expects me to wear it for every

Christmas occasion that I attend. I laughed

sheepishly before taking the bag.

“Of course not,” I exited the house and got into my

car, stuffing the bag deep under the seats. I let out a

sigh of relief. Hopefully nobody finds that.


When I arrived at Savannah’s house, it was packed

to the brim with her relatives. We used to have

parties like this when I was younger but it was

usually for my parent’s business deals and other

professional occasions, which meant I wasn’t

allowed to leave my room.

I walked up the steps and was greeted by

Savannah’s father. “You must be the infamous


His eyes crinkled when he smiled and I found myself

smiling back. “Yes, I’m Jonah.”

“I hear that you like my daughter, is that true?” he

asked me with a serious look on his face. I felt myself

gulping. Should I lie to him and get off on the wrong

foot with her father? What kind of question is that? Of

course you can’t lie to him!

I smiled before nodding sheepishly. I felt my face

warm up. “Y-yes.”

The man laughed and patted my back. “Good luck

with her, son.”

I grinned widely. He called me son; that has to be

good right? You’re overthinking things. Oh, right. I

walked further into the house and heard shouting

coming from the far end of the house.

“Jeremiah! Get inside of the house! There is a party

going on; you can make snowmen later!” a woman

yelled and I held back a chuckle.

“It’s actually a snow family!” I assumed she was

giving him a glare because he quieted down. “You


“Yes, Jeremiah,” the woman replied with a tired voice

before she walked in my direction. She smiled at me,

all traces of exhaustion disappearing. “You must be


“That’s me,” I smiled at her and she returned the


“I hear a lot about you,” she grinned and I laughed.

“I hope it’s good,” I responded and she chuckled

before nodding.

“You know what? How about I go get Savannah? It

shouldn’t take her two hours to get into a dress,” she

muttered the latter and I felt my eyes widen. She’s

going to be wearing a dress?

I watched as Jeremiah entered the house, stripping

off of his extra layers. He left his snowy coat out on

the porch before he walked over to me. “Hey, Jonah,

you made it.”

“Didn’t I say I was going to?” I asked with a grin. He

nodded, holding out his fist. I punched his fist lightly

and he snorted, punching my shoulder.

“Did you talk to any of our relatives yet?” he asked

me and I nodded.

“I talked to both of your parents,” I replied and

Jeremiah sighed in relief.

“Thank God you didn’t talk to our Aunt Sy- Hey,

Aunt Sylvia!” he put on a fake smile as he looked at

someone behind me.

“Who is this adorable young man?” the lady grinned

at me. Her hair was brown and short, cut to a bob.

She reached out and encased my cheek between her

index finger and her thumb.

“I’m Jonah,” my words came out slurred and she let

go of my face, asking me to repeat myself. I slowly

rubbed my cheek before I spoke again. “I’m Jonah.”

“Yeah, this is Savannah’s future boyfriend,” I felt my

face warm up at his words but his aunt grinned.

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