When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E141

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Sabrina nodded. “I know.”

I sighed as I reached for my keys that I left in my

jacket pocket. I frowned when I didn’t find them. “Uh



I heard a loud knocking on my door as I sat up,

rubbing my eyes. I heard my aunt’s voice calling

me. “Jonah! Wake up, you lazy bum!”

I groaned. “I’m awake.”

“Good, West is complaining about not being able to

open his gifts yet. Be downstairs in ten minutes,” she

replied and I frowned before I got up and walked to

the bathroom.

I’ve never been so grateful for warmth. Last night,

we were stuck outside for twenty minutes because I

couldn’t find my keys. Turns out, they were in the

back pocket of my pants.

The twins had gotten the worst of it though, unlike

me, they didn’t have jackets. I was only slightly cold

in mine but they were shivering and their teeth were

chattering. I wonder if they’re okay.

As I finished up my morning routine, I walked

downstairs to hear Weston’s cheer. “Finally!”

I smiled and walked over to the Christmas tree

where my aunt, uncle, cousins, and sisters sat with

smiles on their faces. Well, the twins didn’t have

smiles on their faces. They had scowls and blankets

wrapped around them. I guess they’d gotten sick.

It’s not my fault they didn’t bring jackets. I averted

my gaze from my sisters, who were glaring at me,

to the main decoration of the living room- the tree

that took three and a half hours to decorate. It was

big and it had a few gifts under it.

“Open our gifts first,” the twins muttered

unenthusiastically. Rather than arguing, we all

reached for the purple presents.

I opened the present and smiled widely. “Thank

you,” I grinned at the new book series. “I’m going to

start it today.”


Opening gifts went well…I’d received a new pair of

shoes, some video games, a few new memory

cards, a new headset for my XBOX 360, and another

few months of membership for my XBOX.

I was sitting in my room, reading the books that the

twins had purchased for me when my phone rang. I

stared at the caller ID for a minute before answering

it. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas! Now, are you still coming to the

Christmas Party?” Jeremiah asked, quickly getting to

the point.

I laughed. “Of course,” I replied. “But my sisters


“Why not?” Jeremiah asked.

“They’re sick,” I stated and he made a sound of

understanding. “Anyway, I’ll be there.”

“Good. I’ll see you,” he responded before I looked at

the clock. It was 5:00 PM and the party was at 7. I’d

need an hour to drive there so I might as well get

ready now.

After showering and dressing in a red button down

and black jeans, I shook my hair like a dog. It wasn’t

exactly drying it, but it was fun. I grabbed my jacket

and keys before I went to exit the room but I

remembered Savannah’s gift. I’d spent days trying to

find someone to make the hat out of the material and

finally I found someone. It took a while but it came

out very nice, so I’m glad.

I grabbed the bag in my hands and walked out of

my room. My aunt smirked at me. “Where are you


I looked at her with a smile. “To Savannah’s house,

remember?” I asked her and she nodded before

lifting up a bag. I felt my stomach lurch.

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