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I grabbed Weston’s shoulder and yanked him out of

the library. “Did you get her number?”

I held up the paper and did a little happy dance. He

grabbed my shoulder and shook it lightly as a smile

spread on his face. “You player.”

I shook my head. “I’m not a player.”

He smirked. “You just got a nerd’s number,

congrats,” sis voice was sarcastic and I frowned


“She’s definitely not a nerd,” I snickered as we

walked over to his car.


“Call her.”


“Call her.”


“Call her.”

“No!” I groaned as I slammed my XBOX control

down on my bed; he made me lose my game. I

turned and glared at Weston who was sitting in the

middle of my floor, whining. He’s urging me to call

the girl I met at the library today even though I don’t

want to. I annoyed her enough.

It’s not that she’s not pretty, she really is; it’s just that

she obviously didn’t want to talk to me at the library

so what makes him think she’d want to talk to me

while she’s at her house? Oh, I forgot, I didn’t tell

Weston about how I had to blackmail her to get her


“Call her,” Weston stated. I started rubbing the bridge

of my nose, feeling a headache coming on.

“If I call her, will you leave?” I snapped.

Weston nodded his head as he stared at me

excitedly. He quickly dived onto my bed and sat

beside me. I put the phone on speaker and dialed the

number that I read off of the piece of paper.

“Hello?” a male voice asked after a few rings. Weston

gave me a confused look.

“Hi,” I replied awkwardly. Where had my confidence


“May I ask why a guy that I don’t know is calling

me?” the person replied and I frowned. I don’t even

know the girl’s name!

I stuttered. “S-some girl at the library gave me this


“Girl at the library? Who do I know that goes to a li-

Savannah!” His shouting caused me to wince away

from the phone that sat on my bed. Imagine if that

was pressed against my ear.

“Uh, I don’t know her name,” I admitted.

“She has curly brown hair, crazy brown eyes?

Glasses? Super violent?” the boy questioned and I

made noises of affirmation as he asked. “Yeah, that’s

my sister. Speaking of her, why’d she give you my


I grit my teeth. “I flirted with her and she gave me,

what I assumed, was her number.”

The guy started laughing…he laughed for about 5

straight minutes. “Dude…my sister gave you the

wrong number?”

“Why do you say it like that?” I frowned. He’s saying

it as if his sister isn’t a prize. I wouldn’t want some

random guys dating my sisters. I’d want a good guy

to treat my sister like a princess, even though I’d

never admit it to the little brats.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You say it like she’s…well, nothing. You say it like

she’s not special,” I stated and the boy thought for a


“I guess you’re right. There has to be a reason why

she didn’t give you the right number. Were you

creeping on her?” he asked casually. I thought for a

moment before I felt my face warm up. “That’s the

creeper silence. Do I have to call the police?”

“No, I wasn’t creeping on her, just…harmless

flirting,” I admitted shyly.

The guy s----d his teeth. “Harmless flirting? What’d

you do?”

“I used a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines,” I admitted.

The guy let out a wild laugh and I heard Weston

scoff from beside me. I looked over at him and he

shook his head at me. “Didn’t you realize that pick-up

lines don’t work?”

“Well…yeah, today,” I muttered and the guy laughed.

“My name’s Jeremiah. Hey, you know what? I’ll put

her on the phone,” Jeremiah stated.

“No!” I hastily responded.

“What? Why not?” he asked.

I started stuttering again, something I do when I’m

nervous around someone I don’t know. “I just don’t

want to seem like a super creep. Odds are we’ll go to

the same school. North Valley?”

“Yeah, she goes to North Valley. I never caught your

name, by the way,” Jeremiah replied.

“That’s because I didn’t toss it,” I let out a corny

laugh and the guy on the other end let out a sarcastic

chuckle. “Davis, Jonah Davis.”

“Bond, James Bond,” Jeremiah muttered under his

breath. “Ah! I found you on Facebook. You have that

weird hat on in your profile picture?”

“Yes,” I responded. Remind me to change that. I

furrowed my eyebrows. Isn’t that technically


“I have to keep my little sister safe… from a surfer?”

he snorted.

I frowned. “Surfing is cool!”

“Yeah, in the eighties,” Jeremiah snorted and Weston

let out a laugh while I frowned. Surfing is cool…right?

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