When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E121

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“You’re working tomorrow, right?”

he asked me and I nodded. “Mind

me stopping by your job?” I shook

my head.

“That’d be nice; Mere isn’t working

and sometimes, I get bored,” I

explained as I fiddled with my

hands. His eyes were boring into

mine as he spoke slowly. He

enunciated every word.

He nodded his head. “I’m going to

go apply for that job, too.”

“Good luck,” I smiled as he leaned

in and kissed my cheek.

“I can’t wait for that one month

mark,” he jokingly whined.

I felt my face redden.


“What?” Jonah asked me, eyebrows

furrowed and a small smirk on his

lips. “Did you just say


“Bye!” I muttered as I got out of

the car, wanting to slam my face

into a wall for embarrassing myself

like that.

As I entered the house, my brother

was casually sitting there. “Did you

get that kiss yet?”

I frowned. “Not quite.”

My brother groaned. “Tell me when

you do.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why can’t I have a

normal brother?”

“Why can’t I have a sister that can

tell a guy that she likes him?” my

brother asked.

“Maybe the same guy who’s

keeping me from telling Jonah that

I like him is the same guy that’s

keeping me from having a normal

brother,” I remarked and Jeremiah

glared at me. I just smiled in

response before walking upstairs.


“How’d it go?” Mere asked as I put

her and Dana on a three-way call. I

pressed the phone between my

shoulder and my ear as I played on

the XBOX. “Hello? Earth to

Savannah! I asked you a question!”

Dana giggled, not at all intimidated

by the longer friendship of Mere

and I. “I…heard you. I’m…

busy…killing people on…Call of Duty.

You cheater!” I screamed as I

slammed the XBOX controller down

onto my bed. It bounced a bit

before settling between my arms. I

grabbed at my hair.

“Are you sure they aren’t just better

than you?” Dana questioned and I

glared at the television screen as I

was returned to the lobby.

I scowled. “Are you sure they aren’t

just better than you? Of course

they’re not better than me Dana;

they’re noobs,” I mocked her voice.

Mere was in a full on laughing fit

but she sobered up to ask me her

question. “How’d it go?”

“Oh, it went well. Jonah said his

parents like me. I guess it’s good,” I

muttered as I rolled onto my back.

“If it’s good then why are you so

upset?” Dana asked me and I


I rolled back onto my stomach. “I

want it be real!”

“Make it real,” Mere stated and

Dana made a sound of agreement. I

groaned, running my hand over my


“It’s not that easy!” I complained.

“Caleb was convinced about 3 days

ago! Yet Jonah still kisses your

cheek and holds your hand. Answer

me this, does he do it when

nobody’s around?” Dana’s question

caught me off guard and I was

silent for a minute. He does, like he

did when we were in the car.

“Yes,” I muttered.

“Was that a yes I heard? It was,

right? Of course it was because he

likes you! Just tell him that you like

him and he’ll make it official,” Dana


“Or you can man up and demand that the

relationship is real. Don’t give him an option to

disagree; if he tries to fight it- put him in a plastic bag

and put him in your basement. Don’t forget to use

chloroform,” Mere stated as if it was the obvious

answer. It seemed as if she spoke from experience.

I was silent. “I think I’d rather go with Dana’s answer.

But I’m not going to go with either. What I’m going

to do is go to sleep. Goodnight!” I exclaimed before I hung up with a sigh. Why are relationships so


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