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Sasha got into Hanson’s car and kept hitting the dash board.

“I can’t believe he’s so insensitive like that!” She exclaimed.

Hanson also got in and was thinking about everything.

“He should bring any woman into this family and he’d see what I’ll do to them. He’ll wish he never gave birth to me!” She said, angrily.

“Sasha don’t say that, it’s okay”.

“It’s not okay. Why are you so calm about this. You don’t always have to be a goody shoes”.

“What do you want me to do? Disrespect your father?!”

“So you’re okay with him disrespecting you?”

“I’m not cool but he’s still your dad. All I can do is be quiet and answer him nicely”.

“You shouldn’t just let him embarrass you like that”.

“Embarrass? I wasn’t embarrassed. He was the one embarrassed at the end. Couldn’t you see that?”

“I didn’t see anything like that”.

“Sasha he’s your dad and I get where he’s coming from. I’ve had people say worse things to me because of my state. I once worked in a restaurant as a waiter and I received insults from customers a lot which can’t compare to what your dad said and my boss was always picking on me but I just knew that I needed the work experience to get to a better place and I relaxed. With your dad, if I had acted out, you think he wouldn’t act out too and it would also make your mother see me differently. We both wouldn’t want that right?”

“I just can’t wait for you to make it big so that we can rub it in his face!” She said and he laughed.

“Let’s just get out of here”.

“Where do you want to go to?”

“Your house”.

“It’s late”.

“And so?”

“Sasha do we have to keep talking about this? If you don’t understand everything that I’ve said about us being alone in my house especially at night, then how is this going to work?”

“I know I know but this is really getting difficult for me. I want to be able to kiss you freely, cuddle freely, get on top of you and every other things regular couples do. I promise it wouldn’t lead to sex or anything of that sort”.

“You keep forgetting you’re a woman. You can do all that and be able to control yourself but I wouldn’t be able to control myself. It’s just better to flee these sort of things as we’re advised to in the Bible”.

“Oh God. I’m getting frustrated with all this. I’m not used to this”.

“I know but you should understand that it’s for our own good”.

“I know but it doesn’t make it any easier”.

“That’s why you have to make friends at church”.

“How does that make it easy?”

“When we were asked to flee from lust a solution was given to enable us to be able to do that. We were asked to pursue all righteousness with those who share the same…”

“Yeah so if you have friends who have the same mindset, it’d be easier because you’d know they’re doing it too and you can also share your frustrations with them and they can help you to fix your mind on the bigger things and when you end up back sliding, they can pull you back on the right path”.

“I see but it’s quite difficult making friends. I don’t know how Samantha did it”.

“Just start going for more church programs and be going for your sub ministry meetings. There’ll be someone you can click with for sure”.

“Hmm. Okay or I can just bring my friends to church”.

“That’ll be awesome”.

“Yeah. I’ll start with Rachel right now she’s depressed and hurt. I think it’s only God who can give her the healing she needs”.

“That’s great. I love how you care for your friends”.

“They’ve been there for me even at my worst. I’ll always love them and care for them”.

“How did Lilian, Alicia and Ralph decide to work for you?”

“When my ex boyfriend, Philip brought up the idea of me starting my company, Ralph was there and he was like he could help me too because he knows quite a lot about it. He started helping. He and Philip were always there for me. He had other jobs though but when Philip died, he decided to be there for me 24/7 and he took a permanent job to be the HR manager”.

“Oh that’s so nice, I’d love to meet him”.

“That’s true! You haven’t met my friends. You’ve just seen a few. I’m so sorry for that!!”

“It’s fine. It’s not like you’ve met my friends too”.

“Yeah. I think I’d arrange for all of us to hang out one of these days”.

“With my friends too?”

“Yeahhhh! It’ll be awesome and that way we’ll be relaxed since we all have our friends there”,

“Great!!” He said, smiling.

“And ahah. With Lilian, she was always around me and she just loved me so much and was submissive to me. At first, I treated her like one of my pawns but then she was there for me a lot of times and I started caring for her too. She’s the daughter of one of the ministers so I was surprised when she opted to be part of my company. She was just like me and didn’t want to work for in her parent’s company. So I took her in and gave her a huge position in the company because she’s really good at what she does. She’d be leaving soon though. Her parents have managed to convince her to come and work for them”.

“Ohh I see. Is she happy about it?”

“Oh yeah. She is”.

“That’s nice. You really have lovely friends”.

“Yeah and Alicia, she’s from a regular family and back in school she was the spice we needed in our group of friends. She was actually planning to marry some rich dude so that she won’t have to work and we literally pulled her to come and work for me and since then she’s been grateful because she’s become her own woman and all that”.

“I see. That’s nice. Do you have other friends besides them?”

“Yeah. I do but they’re the closest I have and they’re like my family”.

“That’s nice. I’m glad you have people who care about you”.

“Yeah. So you’ll definitely meet all of them and they already love you so, you’d be fine”.


They talked for a while till Hanson decided to go home. Sasha got off the car and he drove off.


Sasha, Hanson and their friends were at the poolside at Sasha’s house. They all sat down at the bar area and Sasha and Hanson did a barbecue chicken for everyone.

“I think an introduction would do”, Alicia said to everyone as they ate and drank.

“Great. Start”, Sasha said to her.

“Okay”, she said, smiling.

“I’m Alicia, I work at Sasha’s company and I’m single”, she said, batting her lashes at one of Hanson’s friends.

“That’s a lie. She’s not single”, Sasha exclaimed.

“I’m not. Do I have a ring on my finger. I’m free as a bird”, she said, smiling and Sasha rolled her eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Alicia. I’m Derrick”, One of Hanson’s friend, who she was making a pass at said to her. He stretched out her hands to her and she shook it.

“Derrick, I love the name”, she said, winking at him.

“Are you introducing yourself to just her?” Hanson asked.

“My bad. I’m Derrick and I’ve known Hanson since high school. I’m currently working at a pharmaceutical company and I’m definitely single”, he said and his friends laughed.

“Ouuuhh, suddenly I have a pain somewhere. Can you check it out after this?” Alicia asked.

“Sure”, he said to her and one of his friends, hit him on the head.

“Okay. So I’m Tevin and I know this would creep you all out but I just got out of prison like 2 weeks ago”, he said and the girls stared at him and were kind of stiff.

“Yeah, I met Hanson in prison. We were roommates and he was a very good friend to me for the short period he spent in there and when he left, we kept communicating and he’s been there for me in a lot of ways. I currently don’t have a job but Hanson has offered me one at his upcoming restaurant”, he said and Alicia clapped her hands.

“That’s awesome! Hanson you’re the best”, Alicia said to him and he smiled.

“Tevin, after this, I would love to hear more about prison. We can be prison buddies”, Alicia said and everyone laughed.

“You’re really funny and sure. We can be prison buddies. Sorry Derrick”, he said, laughing.

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Sasha tapped Rachel and asked her to introduce herself.

“Oh yeah. I’m Rachel. I’ve been friends with Sasha since we were kids. We’re basically sisters and uh, I work at my own company and yeah that’s it”, she said and she looked away.

“Nice to meet you Rachel. I have a sister called Rachel too”, one of Hanson’s friends said.

“Really? I bet she’s cute”.

“Yeah. She is. She’s just 5”, he said.

“Aww, I’d love to meet her”, Rachel said smiling.

“Sure you will. I’m Dominic though”, he said and she smiled.

“So yeah. I’m Dominic and I got to know Hanson from church and he’s been like my best friend since then and I’m a software engineer”, he said to everyone.

“That’s nice”, Rachel said to him.

“Mmm, Rachel is making a pass. This is a first”, Alicia said and Rachel rolled her eyes at her.

“You look familiar. Were you the one who organized the a party at uhm a house down the…”Hanson said but was interrupted by Sasha.

“Yeah. She’s the one who got you fired!” Sasha said, laughing.

“Huh?” She asked, confused and Sasha explained it to her.

“Oh It was you. I’m so sorry”, she said, laughing and everyone laughed.

“This is interesting”, Derrick said, laughing out more.

“Who’s next?” Alicia asked.

“I’m Chris and uh, I’m currently unemployed. Long story but I’m doing other little stuff for myself here and there”, he said, smiling.

“Nice to meet you”, Sasha said to him.

“I’m Ralph and I’ve known Sasha since high school. I’m currently working at her company and I’m in a relationship with the beautiful woman sitting by me”, he said and Lilian blushed.

“Oh that’s cool”, Dominic said.

“Nice to meet you”, Hanson said, stretching his hand out and he gave him a hand shake.

“I’m Lilian and I’ve known Sasha since uni. I’m also working for her and yeah, I’m dating Ralph”, she said to them.

“Nice to meet you Lilian”, Hanson said, giving her a handshake too.

“You didn’t give me a handshake”, Alicia said to him.

“Oh my bad”, he said, stretching his hand out to her.

“No. I want a hug”, she said, pouting and he walked up to her and gave her a hug.

“Sorry. I’m late”, one of the guys said, walking towards them.

“He’s always late”, Derrick said, shaking his head.

“Hi everyone”, he said , taking his seat.

“What’s going on? Are we eating or not?” He asked and the guys laughed.

“We were just introducing ourselves”.

“Oh okay. I’m Kevin and I’m really famished. Can I eat this?” He asked.

“Oh you can”, Sasha said to him.

“What do you do Kevin?” Alicia asked.

“Oh me? I’m a music artist”.

“You sing?” Alicia asked.

“No he dances”, Lilian said to her and everyone laughed.

“Yeah. I sing”.

“That’s awesome. What kind of songs? Hip hop?” Sasha asked.

“Nope. RnB, gospel song, he said, smiling.

“That’s awesome. I’d love to hear you music”, Sasha said.

“Oh great. I just released an album last week. You can check it out on all music streaming platforms. It’s titled Bigger than anything and my artist name is Kevin Lish. You can also follow me on all social media platform”, he said to them as he ate his chicken.

“He’s already marketing himself”, Dominic said, laughing.

“It’s really necessary”, he said to him.

“Great. We’ll do that”, Sasha said, smiling.

They all talked for a while and then they broke up into groups to talk more. Lilian was with Hanson, Derrick was with Alicia, Sasha was with Tevin, Dominic was with Rachel and Ralph was with the rest of the guys.

“So how was prison like?” Sasha asked Tevin.

“It’s hell but the few friends you make over there, make things better”.

“I see. How long did you spend there?”

“Five years”.

“Wow! That must have been tough. I don’t mean to pry but what were you in there for? You can decide not to tell me”.

“Oh it’s fine. It’s behind me now so I don’t care if you know or not. I was there cos of drugs”.

“Ohhh, I see. Did you sell or you were a user”.

“I sold. I was broke and I found myself in the wrong crowd and….”

“Oh you don’t have to explain to me. What matters is that you’re out now and it’s all behind you”.

“Yeah. Thanks for saying that”.

“You’re welcome”.

“Hanson has spoken a lot about you and I’m glad he found you. You’re the best person for him”.

“Thanks for saying that”, she said, chuckling.

“Are you also in the church?” She asked.

“Yeah, I am. When I got out, Hanson took me to his church and now I’m there”.


“Whooooo!!” Alicia said, jumping into the pool and she pulled Derrick in.

“That wouldn’t end well”, Hanson said to Lilian.

“Isn’t he also a church guy?” Lilian asked.

“He is but he’s not stable yet. It took a lot of time for him to even start committing to church. We’re all still trying to help him”.

“Then it won’t end up well”.

“Yeah. I’ll be right back, I have to get him out before anything happens”.

“He’s a grown man. Just leave him”.

“Oh no. He’s my friend and I can’t watch him get himself into that right in front of me”.

“Hanson relax. Alicia won’t just give in to him like that”, she said to him.

“Hmmm okay”, he said and he relaxed.

“Sasha was right about you”, she said, chuckling.

“Right about what?”

“You’re like the Paul of our time”, she said and he chuckled.

“She said that? I’m touched”, he said, smiling.

“Yeah. It’s funny how at first, I didn’t like you but now I think you’re the real deal”, she said and he smiled.

“I’m glad you like me now”, he said, smiling.

“I’m still team Ross though”, she said and he laughed.

“There’s no team Ross anymore”, he said to her and she chuckled.

“Yeah. Sasha seems to be too deep in what you two have”, she said to him and then she widened her eyes when she realized she and to take care of something.

“I’ll be right back”, she said and she ran off.

She quickly took out her phone and called Ross.

“Hey”, he said to be her.

“Ross, don’t go on with the plan. Today is not the best time”, she said to him.

“What? It’s already happening. I’m already in her house”, he said and her eyes widened.

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