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I heard footsteps reach the table and I looked up to

see a large group of people approaching us. It was

the familiar six that I know and two unfamiliar faces.

Well, I can’t say unfamiliar because I see where

Jonah gets his looks from, and the twins. They both

inherited the dark hair from their father, who looked

like an older version of Jonah.

“You name sir?” I heard Weston mocking and I

couldn’t help but chuckle. Jonah laughed, too and we

smiled at each other as the two sat down beside us.

Georgia was right beside me and Weston was next

to her.

I looked directly in front of me to see Jonah’s mother

sitting there. She was examining me as if I was

something that had been sent to a laboratory. She

finally stopped and met my gaze with a large smile.

“You must be Savannah.”

“I am, you must be Jonah’s mother and father,” I

smiled at the two. They gave me genuine smiles.

If I’m being honest, I’d rather be spending my Friday

night playing Halo and eating as much chips as my

stomach could hold- which was a lot. “You can call

us Matilda and Tony.”

I noticed the twins at the end of the table, sitting

across from each other and Jonah’s aunt and uncle

were across from their children. I felt Jonah squeeze

my hand and I sent him a nervous smile. “Shall we

order?” Mr. Davis piped up.


We spent about a half hour ordering. I’m not sure

how much the bill came up to because Mr. Davis

said he’d cover it; but I couldn’t help but feel a bit

guilty when I ordered a meal that was a bit more

expensive than what I’m used to. Jonah assured me

that it was okay but I felt bad just taking their money

in the form of food.

We made small talk until our meals arrived, Jonah’s

parents were telling us about their flight here and we

listened intently. They flew first class and I wondered

if Jonah and the twins did, too. When the food

arrived, I felt a wave of relief crash over me. I’d been

starving and I was scared that my stomach

grumbling would get louder and it’d ruin my first

impression on Jonah’s parents.

“So, Savannah, how are your grades in school?” I

thought about the question. The last time I checked

my grades- which I struggled to bring up, they were

all B’s and two A’s.

“I have the majority of ‘B’s’ but I have a few ‘A’s’,” I

explained and Tony winced.

He placed his glass down. “What classes do you

have ‘B’s’ in and why?”

“I have a ‘B’ in physical education because I’m terrible

at that and in Algebra 2 but I’m bringing that up

thanks to your son. I have a ‘B’ in art also because

the teacher says I don’t have on artistic eye,” I


Tony frowned but Matilda decided to speak up.

“What classes do you have ‘A’s’ in?”

“I have ‘A’s’ in all of my core classes aside from

Algebra 2. I also have ‘A’s’ in almost all of my

electives aside from art,” I informed them. They

nodded their heads.

Matilda decided to speak up again. “What do you like

to do in your spare time?”

“Well, I like to play video games and I like to cook,” I

held back the urge to admit to stalking their son’s

Facebook page night and day.

Matilda nodded. “You sound a lot like Jonah aside

from the fact that he can’t cook.”

I smiled and nodded. “I realized that; he burns


We laughed at Jonah’s expense while he smiled at

me. Tony gave me a grin. “Do you have a job?”

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