When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E117

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I fixed my purple dress; it was uncomfortable as it

lumped up beneath me. I nervously pulled at my

hair which was curled. “Calm down, Savannah.”

My eyes flickered to Jonah who was giving me a

reassuring smile. His smile helped me a little bit but I

was still scared that I was going to mess up and say

something they wouldn’t like. “I’m trying.”

“I know you are,” he replied, squeezing my hand as

he pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant we

were going to be eating at. The place was

intimidating, with the fancy valet service and the

large building.

“This is… fancy,” I whispered as I stared out of the

window. As we got out of the car, Jonah gave the

man his keys.

“Your name sir?” the valet man asked with a

pompous look on his face. Why is he so arrogant?

The only thing he does is park cars!

“Jonah Davis,” Jonah replied as he stared at the man.

The man was short, only a few inches taller than me

but at least 6 inches shorter than Jonah.

Jonah and I were ushered in by a lady who offered a

friendly smile. We stood near the man who was

standing on a podium. “Reservation?”

“The Davis Family, seating for 10,” Jonah stated in a

professional voice, as if he’s done this before. I stared

at him and he winked at me, causing me to blush

and look away. The guy at the podium smiled at us.

“Right this way,” a man announced as he brought us

to a large table. It had ten seats and I furrowed my

eyebrows; Sierra, Sabrina, Weston, Georgia, Diane,

Gregory, Jonah, His mom, His dad, and me. I hadn’t

realized it was this many people.

He pulled the chair out for me and allowed me to sit

down. I smiled at him as he did. He took the seat to

my left which happened to be at the end of the table.

I wonder who’s going to sit across from us. I hope

it’s not West and Georgia, they’d make me laugh and

by the looks of it, laughing in this restaurant is

frowned upon.

Jonah looked at me with a smile. “They should be

here shortly.”

“Do you do this often?” I asked him and he smiled at


He furrowed his eyebrows. “What?”

“You know? Go out to fancy-schmancy restaurants?”

I replied as I took in the sight. Most of the people here

are middle aged, most likely wealthy and they

probably own businesses that I buy things from.

Jonah shrugged again. “I used to do this a lot when I

was in my early teens, and then I stopped around

age 15.”

I wonder why. “Why?”

I hope I’m not being nosy. “Well, because I got sick

of having to do this once a week when I could be

skateboarding and playing videogames with my

friends,” he shrugged and I nodded.

I looked down at the silverware. The spoons looked

the same. Should I know the difference? I looked at

the tablecloth which seemed to be silk or some other

fabric. It was red, a pretty shade of it. I looked up

and saw Jonah staring at me. I felt my face warm up

as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. Was he…


I laughed and managed to keep it at a sane level, only

earning a few glares from people around us. “You’re


He glared at me. I turned in my chair to face Jonah. I

furrowed my eyebrows as I reached out and

grabbed his tie. I began fixing it and he stared at me

while I did. It’s been irking me since we sat down. I

looked up at him once I was finished and noticed that

he had a small smile on his lips. “Thanks.”

I shook my head. “It’s no problem.”

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