When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E114

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“I was going to say, I don’t know about you but I’m

going to the library,” I sped up the latter of my

sentence in fear that he’d cut me off again.

He smirked. “Then I’m going, too.”

We walked in silence, approaching the gym hallway.

The doors swung open and a fuming Shaw exited.

His eyes landed on us and they darkened. I turned to

look at Jonah who was already in a sprinting

position. “Aw, not again.”

“Tell me about it,” Jonah replied as we broke into a

run. I heard Shaw’s huffing and puffing from behind

us. We had a better chance at escaping because he’d

just got out of gym class where he ran 10 laps.

“This… is… painful,” I stated as I started to slow

down. Jonah looked back and shook his head.

“What’s going to be painful is each of your ribs

snapping when Shaw punches you. Hurry up,”

Jonah replied and I scowled as I caught up to him.

He grabbed my hand; this time, he held onto it


“Wait,” I muttered as I halted. Jonah was still running

so he jerked me slightly but caught me when I

almost tipped over. I felt my face heat up as I

squirmed out of his grip.

Shaw was right there, breathing heavily and I was

starting to regret my decision of stopping but there

was no way we’d get away now. “Are you finally

giving up?”

I shook my head. “I’m asking for a truce.”

Shaw’s booming laughter filled my ears. “A truce?”

“Yes, a truce as in a treaty, a settlement,” I replied as I

stared at him.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “I know what a truce


“I never said you didn’t,” I hastily replied before I

pursed my lips.

“Watch your attitude when you’re around me. Give

me a minute to think about it,” Shaw stated.

I was about to reply before Jonah’s hand found its

way over my mouth. I turned to look at him. “As

funny as your comment may be, our physical

wellbeing is on the line right now.”

I nodded and he retracted his hand from my mouth,

pulling me back and looping an arm around my

waist. I stood there, red faced and awkward. Finally,

almost 3 minutes later, Shaw turned to look at us. He


“Okay, truce,” he grinned a toothy smile. I stared at

him, slightly confused. He sighed. “I have to take

down 8 of the basketball players and 6 nerds; wiping

two nerds off of my plate would do me some


I held back a remark and just nodded my head. He

extended his hand and I immediately took a step

back. I then realized he wanted me to shake his

hand. I took a cautious step forward, my hand ready

to protect my face in case I needed to. I shook his

hand for a second before stepping back and allowing

Jonah to take my place.

Jonah shook Shaw’s hand and I saw Shaw press his

nails into Jonah’s hand. Jonah winced before slowly

attempting to shake the pain out of his hand.

Jonah and I started walking down the hallway,

waiting until we were out of his range to let out

relieved sighs. “What was that?”

“Aren’t you happy I did that or else we’d still be

running?” I asked him and he nodded his head.

“You just saved my ribs and my lungs,” Jonah

laughed and I smiled.

I sighed. “Well, you might have to let me borrow

one of your lungs because mine just ripped in half.”

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