When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E113

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“Savannah Harp!” I heard the screeching voice from

all the way down the hallway. I sighed, turning

around to see Waverly approaching me quickly, her

heels sounding from all the way down the hall. I

waited patiently until she reached me.

Everyone’s eyes were on us. “What’s your

problem?” I asked.

“What’s my problem? My problem is that you’re

dating my man!” she snapped and I stared at her for

a minute before I quirked an eyebrow. “Why are you

so quiet? Huh? Did you realize that you’re making

Jonah cheat on me?”

I sighed. “Actually, I was waiting for you to realize

how stupid you sound. I’m not dating your man;

you’re crushing on mine,” I replied calmly as I closed

my locker. Call me possessive. “Now if you’ll excuse

me, I have to get to class.”

I bypassed Waverly who was glaring daggers into

the side of my head. “We’re not finished here!”

“We’re just about as finished as your imaginary

relationship with my boyfriend,” I responded as I

walked down the hallway. I heard people whispering

as Waverly stormed off in the other direction. I

noticed Jonah walk down the hallway towards me

with a smirk on his face.

I winked as my face reddened. I hope he didn’t see

that. “You’re cute when you’re possessive.”

I rolled my eyes as he grabbed my hand and turned

to walk with me. I tried to hide the redness of my

face even though it’s impossible. He swung our

hands casually as we walked to class. He pecked me

on the cheek before I entered the classroom. People

stared at me as if I was a foreigner.

I was counting the days until Jonah and I ‘break-up’

and even though we didn’t think it fully through at

the time, we need to decide how long we’re going to

stay away from each other before we become

friends again. It’d look a bit suspicious if we break up

and the next day, we’re best buds again. Plus, the

break up should give me some time to think and

decide whether or not I’ll take Caleb up on his offer to

go on a date; if he offers again.

The teacher began talking but I couldn’t focus. Our

friendship after this stunt is going to be awkward.

Every time I look at his lips, I go red and eventually,

he probably catch on that I have a crush on him,

that’s if he doesn’t already know. I’m just a confused

teenage girl.


“You guys can use this time in the computer lab to

look up information about your biography subject or

you can type the paper,” Mr. G announced while

Jonah had his hand raised.

“Yes, Mr. Davis?” Mr. G asked as his eyes glanced at

me worriedly. He probably assumed that I didn’t

want to work so Jonah was going to demand he

gets to work independently.

Jonah took the stack of papers from my hand and

handed them to Mr. G. “We’ve already completed the


Mr. G seemed shocked. His eyes grazed the papers

before he looked up. “Then I guess you have a free


We slowly exited the library, our bags in our hands.

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know about you, but-,” Jonah cut me off.

“I’m feeling 22,” he smirked and I rolled my eyes. I

have a feeling that this boy has an obsession with

Taylor Swift.

He grabbed my hand in his own, swinging them

playfully. I looked around to see no one else in the

hallway. He didn’t need to act. I’m not complaining

though; I enjoy the feeling of his hand in my own,

how they fit perfectly together. How his fingers

wrapped around my hand comfortably and how-

okay, we get it.

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