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“I don’t mean to intrude but did this happen before or after your last case with her?” Michael asked.

“After my last case”, Hanson said, sternly.

“And it’s ended right?”

“Yeah. Of course it is”.

“Great. Because we wouldn’t want any conflict of interest. But I still suggest that you speak to her and let it be clear that she can’t let her emotions lead her on in this case and if she still has feelings for you, it’ll be best she steps down. It’s for your own good”, Michael said to him.

“Sure. I’ll speak to her. Thank you for being straight with me”.

“I’m your lawyer, I have to do that. The break will be over soon, I’ll be inside”, he said and he left.

“Are you okay?” Hanson asked Sasha who seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

“I’m not comfortable with Chloe being your lawyer”.

“Sasha she..”

“I get that she was the one who got you out from your previous case and I get that she was there for you. But you had a fling with her and it’s obvious that she has feelings for you. I’m not going to tell you what to do or who to talk to. I’m just being sincere with you. I’m not comfortable with that”.

“I get you and after today’s hearing, I’ll speak to her and be clear on where she stands”.

“She still has feelings and it’s not something she can put away just for this case”.

“True. Let’s see how the hearing goes and we’ll handle this after”, he said and she nodded.

“All the best Han”, she said and she walked into the building.

The second hearing after the break began and Michael took over. This time, it went well and he dragged Ross for everything he did. Ross was in hot waters for infringing on Hanson’s rights by digging into his sealed police reports and he was in hot waters for letting emotions get between him and his employee. He was required to provide enough evidence to show that his intent was right when he went digging and he was also to provide the procedures he took to get the document unsealed.

When the hearing was over, as Sasha was stepping out, Ross pulled her aside.

“Ross, what again?”

“You know my intent was right. I was looking out for my company when I went to dig into that”.

“Now you want to lie? You did that because of me. I know you had good intentions when you were doing that but Ross you still broke the rules when you did it. What were you expecting was going to happen when you got that info?”

“I thought he actually did it and was released on a deal or for good behavior. I didn’t know that he was innocent and I was just trying to let you see who he truly was because I didn’t understand how he just popped into your life. Our lives”.

“Do you even know how I met Hanson? He’s not done anything to you but you just keep seeing him as a threat. He didn’t barged into our lives. He’s never even made a move on me. It’s all me. And if you listened and understood that, you wouldn’t be in this position”.

“Hmm. I just cared about you so much and I felt he was trying to get you or use you. You know how these guys with no money behave”.

“I get you but now this is what it is”.

“Do you still care about me?”

“Of course I do. I hold no grudges against you”.

“Great. I need a favor and I’ll back out and give him back his job”.

“What favor?”

“I’ll want to put you on the stand on our next hearing”.


“Yeah and I’ll need you to let the jury know that I was looking out for my company when I did that”.

“But I’ll be lying and be putting Hanson towards the point of losing”.

“He won’t lose Sasha. He’ll still win If the jury sees that I did it because of you, I might go to prison because it was a sealed document but if they realize that I did it because of my company, they might understand and I might get house arrest or probation or just a fine. Please Sasha I need this. I would even drop the harassment suit”.

“How did you even get the sealed document?”

“Someone at the district attorney’s office, owed me a favor and I convinced him to do it”.

“Oh my God Ross. You went too far and I don’t want to lie in court it could come back to bite me”.

“I would prepare on how the questions will go and how you should answer. You wouldn’t have to lie, I just need you to imply that it was for my company”.

“Hmm. I told Hanson that I was going to stay out of this”.

“I can’t go to prison Sasha. Please”.

“I’ll have to think about it Ross. Just give me time”.

“Thank you so much”, he said lifting her two hands. He kissed it and he left.

Sasha was confused and didn’t know what to do or think. She wanted to talk to Hanson about it but she knew that it could be used against Ross in court. She didn’t want him to go to prison because he was trying to look out for her.

“Hey, we had a little victory”, Hanson said, lifting her and swirling around.

“Yeah, we did”, she said, forcing a smile.

“You don’t look too happy. Is it because of Chloe? I’d go right now and let her know that she can’t represent me”, he said to her as he dropped her back on the floor.

“Yeaahh”, she said, forcing a smile.

“Okay. I’ll speak to her then. But for now. Let’s go and celebrate”, he said to her and she smiled.

“Has she left?”

“Yeah. She had to run off, she said she had an emergency”.

“Okay and what about Michael?”

“He’s also gone. You know lawyers, they’re always busy”.


“So let’s go. Where do you want us to go to?”

“It’s your victory. You decide”.

“Okay. Uhm, let’s go grab some ice cream and hand out at the park. What do you think?”

“That’s okay”, she said to him and they left.


Hanson and Sasha were both at the park, taking a walk as they licked their ice cream.

“Sasha, your energy is kind of low. Is there something bothering you?”

“I’m fine”.

“You know you can tell me anything”.

“I’m okay. I guess I’m just not too happy that Ross might go down”.

“Mmm. I get you. Of course I don’t want to see anyone go to prison or be hurt or anything of that sort but it’s what it is. He came at me first with a suit and he fired me. I had to fight back”.

“I get it. Of course you have every right to fight back. It’s still making me feel someway”.

“I’m sorry you feel that way and I’m sorry that you’re kind of in the middle of this”.

“No, no. It’s my fault that this happened”.

“It’s not your fault at all. It’s not your fault that Ross felt insecured by my presence. It’s not your fault that we both developed feelings for each other. things can’t be controlled but it’s how we manage them that counts”.

“Hmm. You have a point. Well, I hope it works out well on both ends”.

“Yeah. Now brighten up”, he said, putting his ice cream on her nose.

“Did you just do that?” She asked and he wiggled his brows and stepping away.

“I’m so going to get you”, she exclaimed and she ran after him.


The following Sunday, Sasha was in her car, waiting for Samantha to get in.

“Sammy!!” She exclaimed and she blew her horn.

“I’m here, I’m here”, she said, getting into the car and Sally got in too.

“Am I blind or do I see two of you?” Sasha asked surprised.

“We’re not even that identical”, Sally said, rolling her eyes.

“How did you get her to come?” Sasha asked.

“We had a deal. She made me cover for her in class and to pay for that I asked her to follow us to church”.

“Wow”, Sasha said, laughing. “The angels are going to dance in Heaven today”.

“Can you just move the car?” Sally exclaimed.

“If you don’t keep that tone down, I’m going to sprinkle holy water on you. You know how demons react to holy water”, Sasha said to her.

“The last time I checked you were one too. At least I’m not going to church because of a man”, Sally said to her.

“Yeah you’re going because your dumb ass couldn’t sit in class. Every person in church got there on their first day because they were invited, so your post is invalid”, Sasha said and she drove off.


After church, Sasha made an effort to be friendly to those who were trying to speak to her.

She was approached by different sub ministry groups to join their sub ministry.

“Do you sing?” One of the gentleman asked her and Sally burst out laughing. Samantha pulled her away and took her to her church friends.

“I can’t sing. I don’t even try unless I’m in my bathroom”, Sasha said to the man.

“Do you dance?” Another asked her.

“No. I don’t have any talent actually. When God was creating me, I’m sure he forgot to add that”, she said, snickering.

“Aww don’t say that. I’m sure you’ve got a gift. You just need time to see what is”.

“At this age? Nah. There’s nothing to see”.

“Mmm, but you cook right?”

“Yeah everyone can cook”.

“Not everyone”, a guy said to her as he laughed at the lady standing by him.

“She can’t cook to save even a cat”, he said and they all laughed.

“Mmm, so since you can cook, you can join the care team”, one of the ladies said to her.

“Mmmm, what exactly do you do?”

“We’re in charge of everything that has to do with refreshment. On normal Sundays, we don’t so much. We just prepare and sell snacks but during huge programs, we do a lot of cooking and preparing other stuff”.

“Mmm, okay. I’ll think about it”, she said to her.

“Or you can join the ushering team”, another lady said.

“Or the praying team”, a guy added.

“No, I’m good”, she said and they all laughed. They talked for a while till Hanson took her away.

“Where are we going to?” She asked.

“To see the senior pastor. He’s free now and if we don’t hurry, he’ll be occupied again”, he said to her and they increased their pace.

On getting to the office, they saw a man walking in but Sasha quickly rushed and blocked him.

“I’m sorry but we really have to see him”, she said to him and Hanson chuckled.

“Good girl”, he said to her as he gave her a fist.

“Pastor Jude,”, he said as he took his seat and Sasha took hers.

“Hey Hanson. How are you doing?”

“I’m good. How about yourself?”

“I’m awesome by God’s grace. Hey, what’s your name?” He asked Sasha.

“My name is Sasha”.

“You look familiar”.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m trying to remember where I saw you”.

“I think it’s at the food competition”, Hanson said to him.

“Yeah yeah, that’s it. I never forget a face. You’re welcome Sasha and your food really taste great. I was one of the few who ate it”.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it”, she said and he smiled.

“Uhmm Papa. I actually came to introduce her to you as my uhmm girlfriend”.

“Wow! Girlfriend? That’s amazing”, he said, smiling.

“I’m really happy for you two”.

“Thank you”, Hanson said, smiling.

“I can’t wait to see how this journey turns out”, he said to them. “Sasha I would love to get to know you more. My wife would love that too, she’s supposed to be here but she’s attending to a few things somewhere in the church I guess. But yeah we’d love to know more about you. When do you think you can visit?”

“Visit the church?”

“No. Our house. It’s always open to everyone”.

“Uhmm”, she said, uncomfortably.

“You can come with Hanson or anyone if you feel uncomfortable coming alone”.

“Great. Maybe somewhere this week”, she said to him.

“Great. I’ll be expecting you”.

“Okay”, she said, forcing a smile.

“Let me just pray with you before you go”, he said to them and he said a short prayer and then they got up to leave.

“Hanson, I’ll like to see you tomorrow or this evening”.

“Okay Papa”, he said and they left.

He walked her to her car. Samantha and Sally were already there, waiting.

“Oh finally”, Sally said when she saw her.

“You must be Sally”, he said to her.

“And you are the man who’s the source of my nightmare”, she said and he laughed.

“Wow, then I must be doing something wrong. What can I do to be the man of your dreams”.

“Mmmm, let’s see. Wipe your existence so that Sasha doesn’t get to see you and in that way, she ends up not coming here and then Samantha too would eventually sit at home and no one would have to bring me here”.

“Sally!!” Samantha said to her and Hanson laughed.

“It’s unfortunate that I’m not Thanos, I would have done that”, he said to her.

“Really unfortunate!”

“If I was Thanos I would have wiped off what’s making you feel the way you feel”.

“How do I feel”.

“That you don’t belong here”.

“Of course I don’t”.

“Where do you belong?”

“The club, under a boy and what not”, Sasha said to him.

“You were once like that, so don’t judge me”, Sally said to her.

“Mmm, I don’t think those places deserve someone as beautiful and energetic as you”, he said and she rolled her eyes.

“So the church deserves that?”

“No God deserves that. He made you in his image and gave you free will and everything you have. I think it’s fair to Him that you atleast thank Him for it”.

“And being in church, is the way to thank him?”

“Not necessarily. You can thank him by giving back that love”.


“By acknowledging that he loves you and spending more time with him”.

“I see”.

“We’ll talk about it more. That’s if you want to hear more”.

“I’d love to hear more”, Sasha said to him and Sally roles her eyes.

“Can we go now?” She asked and Sasha ignored her.

“Can you come with us to continue this conversation?” Samantha asked.

“But he wasn’t even talking to you two”, Sally said to her and Hanson chuckled.

“I can’t come now but I’ll be there in the evening”.

“Okay”, Samantha said, smiling.

“I’ve got to go back inside. Bye and I’ll see you this evening”, he said, hugging Sasha and pecking her on her cheek. Then he left.


Sasha was in her bedroom about to sleep when she got a text from Ross.

‘Have you given it a thought?’

‘Yeah but I’m still not sure on what to do?’

‘Sasha please. I can’t go to prison’.

‘Okay. I’ll meet up with you tomorrow and you’ll take me through what exactly you want me to do’.

‘Thank you so much. See you tomorrow and have a good night ❤️’.


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