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So Handsome

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However, why had it never crossed the minds of people supporting the military’s plan to search for habitable planets in outer space that the idea was not an easy one to actually be carried out? Nobody knew about any stars other than Douluo Star. If they could not find a suitable planet in a hundred years, they could spend another hundred years. However, what if they were unable to find one even if they had a long time? What would they do? Would they give up?

When he thought about this, Tang Wulin could not help but frown.

He could clearly feel the Life Seed’s thirst for life force. If the Life Seed’s life energy was strong enough to support the Ancient Gold Tree back then, maybe Shrek Academy would not have been destroyed.

While the human race continuously stripped the planet of resources to satisfy its own desires and create terrifying weapons, it would eventually destroy itself.

It was much easier for Tang Wulin to accept the Dove Faction’s theory. Their stand was to control the population, reduce exploitation of the planet’s resources, protect the environment, and leave more resources for the future generation. The advancement of science and technology was necessary, but it should not be done aggressively.

Sadly, Douluo Star’s high-speed development stage had come too soon. The improvement of technology would inevitably lead to the exhaustion of a large number of resources. There was no way technology could continue to improve without resources. That was why the war had become something that must be done.

Mo Lan had told Tang Wulin during a soul communication before this that the Dove Faction had once suggested trading certain technological research products for resources from the Star Luo and Dou Spirit Empires. However, it was overturned by the parliament.

In many people’s point of view, especially the Hawk Faction’s, they were completely capable of robbing the other two empires of their resources with their high-end technologies and powerful weapons. There was no reason for them to carry out a trade. They were of the opinion that a trade would strengthen their opponents.

The Hawk Faction’s stand had gained a majority of the support. Even most members of the public supported them. After all, from the people’s point of view, with Douluo Continent’s power and the federation’s strength, the war would only happen on Star Luo and Dou Spirit Continents. They could not be bothered by it.

However, were the humans residing on the other two continents not considered humans? This was what Mo Lan had said. Tang Wulin agreed with her. Maybe it was because he was separated from his parents since young that he desired familial ties even more. It had also made him more sensitive to such issues. If a person lost his or her familial ties, that would be a terrifying loss. Wars were the easiest place to lose one’s loved ones. There was no doubt about it.

While the soul train was speeding along the tracks, Tang Wulin looked at the scenery outside the window that shot past him. He could not help but break into a sudden smile. Maybe it was because of the change in his status, but he had begun to worry about the country and its people. Actually, the most important thing for him throughout the trip to Dou Spirit and Star Luo Empires was to find his parents.

When he thought about his parents, his heart could not help warming up. Although his parents had been taken away from him while he was still young, it was precisely his father’s teachings and his mother’s gentleness that gave him his determination. It was also because of his parents being taken away from him that he had a stronger motivation to cultivate and study. He continuously improved himself in hopes of rescuing his parents one day and he finally possessed such powers.

He closed his eyes to rest his spirit. The Mysterious Heaven Method in his body flowed naturally. His cultivation pace entered the fast lane but Tang Wulin dared not relax. He had basically merged and connected all his various abilities in these few days and they were now perfectly usable. He was confident that when his cultivation base reaches rank-80, he could break through any bottleneck in one attempt.

He would have to consider unsealing the twelfth Golden Dragon King seal after reaching rank-80.

Based on his past experiences, he would obtain a new Golden Dragon King ability after he breaks through the twelfth seal. Every time he obtained a new ability, his cultivation base would tremendously improve.

“May I sit here?” A pleasant voice suddenly sounded beside him. Tang Wulin instinctively raised his head to take a look. An alarm rang in his heart at the same time.

This was because he had not sensed anyone approaching him before this voice appeared. With his current cultivation base, even if he was in deep thought, this was still something incredible. This could only prove that the person beside him was extraordinary.

Na Nali was still wearing the same academy uniform that she wore when she first met Tang Wulin. She sat down beside Tang Wulin with a sweet and beautiful smile and truly appeared to be a student. However, Tang Wulin’s heart went ice cold when saw her.

He had meticulously disguised himself, altered his figure, and even changed his aura. How was he still found out? Could this be a coincidence? However, this was too much of a coincidence to be true.

“Sure,” said Tang Wulin with a slightly hoarse voice. He did not show any emotions on his face.

“Hehe, you’re really steady. Shouldn’t you at least let me see your original face? I’m really curious. It isn’t good for you to be under a disguise all the time.” She raised a hand and moved to caress Tang Wulin’s face.

Tang Wulin was about to react but Na Nali’s subtle voice reached his ears. “I think there are about two thousand passengers on this train. You should just listen to me, or there’ll be many who’ll die alongside you.”

Tang Wulin did not move in the end. He allowed Na Nali’s palm to fall on his face. At the same time, his heart gone ice cold. He had no idea where he had left an opening.

Na Nali’s palm seemed to contain magical powers. All the disguise Tang Wulin had put vanished under her touch and his original looks were revealed.

“Wow, so handsome!” Na Nali’s eyes lit up. She looked at Tang Wulin’s large eyes, long eyelashes, and handsome face. She involuntarily exclaimed with shock.

She moved closer to Tang Wulin and hugged his arm. She seemed to breathe out the words beside his ear. “Little brother, do you know that a good-looking person is himself in a charming Domain? Why don’t you come with me?”

Tang Wulin did not make any sound from the beginning to the end. He was alone here. Darkness Bell at close range was not someone whom he could fight against. He kept thinking of a way in which he could extract himself from this predicament. But at such a close range, he did not have a chance before this expert who had the strength of a Limit Douluo. Moreover, who knew how many Holy Spirit Cult members were present on this train.

“Aren’t you curious about how this big sister found you? Hmm, your disguise is really remarkable. You can just ask if you’re curious. I’ll tell you if you do.” Darkness Bell smiled sweetly. She looked as if she could not even harm livestock let alone people.

Tang Wulin looked at her, but his heart was only filled with disgust. Who knew how old this woman was, but she was still trying to act young.

He made no sound and simultaneously prepared himself for the worst-case scenario.

“Aren’t you really curious? Big sister thought that I won’t tell you if you don’t ask me. I didn’t expect you to be this boring. You’re not asking me, but I’m telling you anyway. Actually, after you fight with big sister, there’ll be remnants of big sister’s soundwave tremor on you. It’s called a soundwave trail. If more days had passed, this soundwave tremor would’ve dissipated and I have no control over this. Your disguise is truly wonderful, but I didn’t expect to feel my soundwave so soon. Naturally, big sister followed you here. You’re alone hmm? This is a really strange fate that came down from the heavens. Don’t you think that we’re fated?”

Tang Wulin bitterly smiled in his heart. If it truly was the way she had said, there truly was some problem with his luck.

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