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At The Street

Carl thinking

Carl: why are the gangs are after me , what have I done , may be they needs me to join them , weather I run out of this country, but what about my family.

( actually a bus hit him , then fall helplessly, a girl then walk out of the bus )

Jane: please are you OK

( then rise up )

Carl: yes thanks , am sorry

( then turn back going )

Jane: I was the one that supposed to say sorry , I am Jane , what if you

Carl: I am no name

Jane: wonderful , my no name , why are you called no name

Carl: you ask too much question

Jane: that is my hobby

Carl: please I don’t have much time to wait , I am already late

Jane: OK bye

( Carl then walk out of the street )

At the field

James: hey , dude where have you been since

Carl: forget about it , let go to the straight point , where is mike

James: mike is in the room studying

Carl: wait

( actually Carl close his eyes , then begin to see nightmares , then wake up )

James: what is that , Carl

Carl: nothing

James: something is going wrong Carl

Carl: I said nothing

( then went on his way )

At the Temple

Many warriors all bow down , as Garry step in , with six mighty giant man , having swords and guns on their hands , then Garry sit on a throne

Garry: what is the report concerning, the next target

Henry: the guy is strong indeed, we have tried times without number

Garry: l already given you many chances , now I am going to kill you

( he bring out a dagger , then stab him )

Never tell me you can’t have him kill

Max: sir , let me go, I am going to accomplished the mission right from this moment

Garry: I trust you , you are not like Henry, what is the next thing

Dam: you haven’t kill for past one day

Garry: bring the next feast

( a gang bring out a man )

Man: please have mercy , have mercy please

( crying )

Please, please

Garry: Dam , but you said I haven’t kill, what of Henry

Dam: henry my brother is just a refreshment , this is a real feast now

Garry: good of you, now let makes the feast

( a gang rush in )

Gang: sir , some of our man has been arrested by the police officers

Garry: how will they, even their generals and the commissionals can’t do that

Kenny: dont worry I will sought it out

( Kenny brings out a phone then makes a voice call , with one general telling him that a guy , was the one the one that bring them in , to the station )

Kenny: a guy was the one that bring them to the station

Garry: let the man dig his grave

At Carl house

Carl come in

Mr Dang: where have you been

Carl: at the station

Mr Dang: that means you have cursed trouble again

Carl: no no no , trouble against the enemy

Mr Dang: enemy , do you have enemy

Carl: have no time

( Carl enter his room )

Mr Dang: this guy

Carl: oh my God

( actually a sirens of police cars begin to sounds )

Mr Dang: I think they are here

(The police all invade the house , and then arrest the guy )

At the station

( they all arrive at the station, mark could see the gangs that he could capture, getting inside a car, with police waving at them, they drag Carl in,and they put him into jail )

Carl: what is the meaning of this , I just left here

( after two hour general ram come in , sitting down in front of Carl )

General Ram: thanks for that excellent job you did that time

Carl: why are you freeing them and also why did you jailed me

General Ram: good question, as you know before , Garry men are not said to be arrest , even the government sign for it

Carl: you mean , you guys can’t have them to be arrest, they will destroy your country and ruined it , if you support him , in what he is doing you will also see the result

General ram: listen , we are not the one that makes the law , government makes the law for past seven years ago

Carl: you are funny , then how will I believe you

General ram: many peoples like you have tried , but still they failed , did you know that the officers that help you to bring them out of the car are sacked immediately you are jailed

Carl ÷ then why will you do that

General ram: I already told you that is not us.

Carl: then what of me , why have you jailed me

General ram: is an order from far away place, you will be jailed for somedays , because of what you have done

( General ram then rise up )

Carl: so Garry , makes you as his pet

General ram: as you have said , please guy , quit out of this , this is not a child play Garry is dangerous than you thought

Carl: listen , police was the one who stopped crime , but never support crime, so what are you doing, you support crime , you are not to be called police but to be called one of Garry gangs , you just covered your self with uniform , but criminals acts flows within you , do I lie , alright I am going now to my residence now let me go

General ram: after you have said those words ,funny , all what I have to said is that Max will be coming tommorow to take you along

Carl: funny , let him come , I will be waiting, but mark my word.

In the next day

( Carl begin to train as usuals he already destroy everything in the prison, early in the morning police arrived in shivering , they drag Carl out then force him to a large room, where max had sitted )

Max: wow perfect ,so this is the guy

Dam: let kill him, and takes his body to Garry

Max: dont let do that , let takes him alive

General mang: take him away

Dam: good of you police, now Garry will give you what you want

Max: back to the scenes, so this is how he look like ,

( as he want to touch him, Carl furiously hold his hand tight then twist max hand )

Carl: why are you after my life

( the gangs with the police officers all surrounded them with their gun, but max ask them to stop , they all stop )

Funny even you can command police officers

( then Carl released him )

Max: I should have have killed you

( Carl exreamly hit him in his neck then fall down , and be give up ghost )

Carl: who is the next

( they all begin to shoot , but Carl dudge all the bullets , the gangs all bring out their swords and their dagger , then Carl bring out his nunchaku then begin to fight with it , forcefully strike it on a gang head , the gang fall down, another gang run to him , then skillfully use it to twist a gang head too , and he fall too , then another run to him , forcefully hit him in his face and he also fall, another come again then hit him in his leg , making his bone to break , and he too fall, the remaining two, they all run away , Carl then go on his way )

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