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Yes! exactly what you were thinking.

Let me take off your dress my love, George said smiling over and over again.

I allowed him to do whatsoever he wished, and boom!!!

George finally made love to me for the very first in my marriage.

My joy knew no bound, for I was very happy and excited.

And also no more hug and forehead kisses.

The greatest help you can render to anyone in life is to bring them out of darkness unto a marvellous light.


Hmmmmmmmmm, after all the love making stuffs.

Thank you for coming into my life Ruth, you are indeed a God sent to me, George said almost in a whisper.

I couldn’t stop smiling, you are welcome sweetie, was all I could manage to say.

I never knew I have been missing all this while oooo.

Hahahahah, I don’t know when I burst into laughter, missing what oooo brother George?

George raised his eyebrows in a romantic way and said, don’t worry my dear sister Ruth.

Could you believe George added another extra one week to his personal leave before resuming to work?

George spent the remaining days of the week at home and finally resumed work the following Monday.

I also resumed back to work.

Yes!!! I’m a working class house wife and not a full house wife.

I have my own business too, the reason why I left the business was because of the ups and downs I’m facing with George.

And now that all things has been settled, I finally resumed back to my business.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.

I started feeling feverish and sickly.

Everything around the kitchen became nauseating to me.

George noticed that and said my love, hope is not what I’m thinking?

What are you thinking George? Please free me, I’m not feeling too well I retorted back.

I will personally run a test on you, George said and headed to his place of work.

He kept calling me from time to time to ask about how I’m faring.

The most surprising part of it was that, George sent someone to bring lunch for me at home.

I ate the food as if my whole life depended on it, even though I was unable to eat the one I cooked myself.

Around 5:00pm in the evening , George came back.

I was fast asleep on the couch.

I was still sleeping when I felt something moving towards my lips.

Blood of Jesus!!! I shouted.

It’s me love, George said and finally did exactly what he had wanted to do.

Yes!!! He did kissed me.

I was still trying to sit up, when I noticed he was trying to bring out something from his briefcase.

What’s that George? I asked anxiously.

I brought a pregnancy kit test home my love, George said and finally brought it out.

What for? I asked looking keenly at his face.

My love it’s for you oooo, this one you are sleeping around in my house, let me know the exact thing that is doing you oooo, he said smiling.

George pricked the tip of my finger and collected a little amount of blood

Ouch!!!! I yelled out, sorry my love he said.

Is this how you will be doing? If I want to give you an injection, he said laughing at me.

Injection for what, Dr George?

Don’t worry let me finish my investigation on you first, he said and did the necessary thing he needed to do with the blood

Few minutes later, how far sweetie, what’s the result of the test you did oooo?

Hmmmmmmmm, my love it’s just malaria jhor.

Malaria kwa? I asked surprised.

Yes, malaria that will bring about babies, George said looking at me.

Babies, Not baby? I asked.

Yes my love, babies, don’t you want to give birth to twins?

Wow!!! Sweetie, do you really mean I’m pregnant?

Yes my love, you are pregnant, he said and hugged me tightly!

And I’m very sure It’s going to be a double blessing for us, he said.

While hugging me, I guess you know what George did next?

If no, let me tell you.

While hugging George kept kissing me, to the extent that I was trying to catch my breath.

Issokay George, I said trying to free myself from his grip.

No my love, l have been depriving you of this for a very long time. So I want to make it up to you, he said still kissing me.

Chaiii!!!! Sweetie, but not in a day nah.

I finally freed myself from George the lover boy.

I know someone is asking why? (Smiles).

Yes!!! I freed myself from him.

Thank you Jesus!!! My dream of becoming a mother is actually coming to reality, I said feeling my tummy.

I can’t wait to be wearing maternity gown oooo, I said.

George burst into laughter, don’t worry my love, you will surely wear maternity gown when your stomach is protruding out, he said trying to push out his tummy.

George are you making jest of me or what? I said running after him.

No my love, I’m just feeling for you oooo, he said and stopped running.

Thank you Ruth! Thanks for not giving up on me in the years past, he said trying to hide his tears.

It’s tears of joy George I said and helped him to clean the tears that were already rolling down his cheeks.

Thank you my love, he said and hugged me.

Gradually gradually, I’m done with the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

And now I’m at the last stage.

Hmmmmmmmm, pregnancy is not easy oooo.

God bless all the mothers around the globe!!!

During my ante natal stuffs, George has been the one attending to me by himself.

But on the day of my delivery, George refused to take my delivery.

Though he has been telling me for long that he won’t be the one to do that.

And whenever I ask, why can’t you?

He’s reply has always been the same, for he will say I can’t my love I can’t bear to see you crying and shouting.

I entered into the labour room bursting in tongues.

Yes tongues!!! (Smiles).

And within a twinkle of an eye, I delivered the first baby.

I relaxed a little, then in no time the second baby came out.

Are you surprised?

Yes!!! I gave birth to twins, it’s a double blessing for me and George.

Congratulations ma, the Dr that was attending to me said.

Chaiiii, madam you are a real Christian oooo.

You didn’t even give us wahala at all, but this your heavenly language is something else oooo.

Hope you will teach me, the Dr. said jokingly and left.

George entered immeadiately and smiled at me.

Congratulations to us my love, he said

It’s a baby boy and a girl, I cut in.

Wow!!!! Thank you Jesus, George said and pecked my hands.

The following day I was discharged from the hospital and on getting home the Pastor came visiting to congratulate us and brought out a letter from his pocket and handed it over to George.

Congratulations for the new born babies and congratulations on the letter too, the Pastor said.

Thank you sir! George said even though he was wondering what could be inside the letter he was holding.

Open the letter brother George, the Pastor said.

George looked at me and I nodded my head in agreement that he should open it.

Lo and behold, Gorge opened the letter.

And guess what?

It’s a letter of calling to ministry for George from the head quarter of our Church.

Pastor, is this letter for me? He asked in a surprised manner.

Yes brother George, the letter is for you, be prepared for a full time ministry! The Pastor said.

Thank you sir! George and I echoed in unison.

The Pastor prayed for us and finally left.

My love full time ministry? George asked and I replied, it’s the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our sight.

Take away key:

(1) never give up on God, no matter the circumstances maybe, there’s always a brighter day ahead if you trust and believe in Him.

(2) never give up on the person you love, the journey might seem rough and discouraging at first, but there will always be a reason to laugh at the end.


Thanks for reading 🍭🍭🍭

© Joshua Olawumi Rhoda

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