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💐 Kim’s p.o.v💐

I am not feeling great but I am better. I really am.

I believe if life throws you lemon,you make it lemonade.

That’s how my life have been,i lost myself,I lost my dad and i can’t say I lost Ashton because I never had him from the beginning right? It was just business and I stupidly took pleasure into it and apart from that Ashton wasn’t just meant for me.

We were from two different worlds,how would I have thought he wanted something to do with me apart from sex.

Speaking of Ashton,i haven’t heard from him and I sincerely hope I don’t because that would just remind me of the silly mistakes I made in the past. I have to move on and pick the pieces of my life back even though it is so hard.

Rule number 1… Don’t fall for hot guys,I am gonna tell my child that.

I haven’t heard from Brenda since she left my place and surprisingly I wasn’t bothered. Brenda was always like that,she would come visit if she wants to.

Millie might have called me frequently to ask how I was doing but she knows better to ask for my address,she knows I needed my privacy and the paparazzi kinda monitored Millie’s every move so it isn’t a good idea for her to pay me a visit and I sincerely don’t want her to.

Because that would be more pity looks and I don’t want that,i didn’t like the person I looked at when I stared at the mirror but i was working on being better and I believe I would be.

I might have discovered I was pregnant when I decided to visit the hospital a week ago and that was because the vomiting and dizziness continued and I didn’t see my period either,I was convinced it was nothing and probably because I was stressed but when few more weeks passed and I still didn’t see it,I got terrified and the throwing up still didn’t stop.

I knew I has to visit the hospital because something was wrong with me and for the first time in my life I couldn’t say I haven’t been sexually active. Because I did have sex and I didn’t think we used any protection and I wasn’t using any birth control pills.

It wasn’t exactly a thrilling news because I wasn’t thrilled,I felt down again because I could barely take care of myself right now not to talk of another creature.

I loved kids no doubt but I never wanted to have my first child this way,I wanted to marry and have a family before having a kid but everything doesn’t happen the way we want but in my case,nothing happens the way i want.

Me having a child now might not be in good timing and would be stressful as hell no doubt but I was gonna pull through.

I felt myself getting closer to the creature growing in me,I wanted to get better and leave everything in the past because I had a better life ahead with this baby whether male or female.

I was going to work hard,save up money and we would leave this country and go far way,away from everybody and everything and that was exactly what I was doing.

Pregnancy isn’t an easy feat no doubt. There was throwing up,feeling dizzy and getting irritated. I might have felt a burning migraine on one side of my head every morning for a week now. I was still in my first trimester but I was trying to walk everything through with joy.

I loved the child,it is Ashton’s child no doubt but i do love the human growing in me and I felt so protective of whatever was in my stomach.

I felt great and I was nervous too,would I be a great parent? I didn’t have much of a mother figure in my life but my dad did his best to train me well and I would forever be grateful to him.

I sold off many things in the house because let’s face it,I wasn’t gonna stay here forever and I was planning on leaving the house soon. I would probably sell it too,so why would I keep the furnitures?

I was gradually summing up money in case I decided to leave this place. I would leave no doubt,I would get into the midnight train one day and I would leave every f-----g thing behind to start a new life with my baby.

I was about to get into the shower when my phone rang.

I went forward to pick it up and it was the ring dealer.

Yes I wanted to sell the ring and it was worth a huge amount of money. I wondered why I didn’t think of it since,the ring was doing nothing sitting on my finger why can’t I sell it and make money.

I posted a picture of it online and i saw buyers immediately,I was selling the 2piece diamond ring for a huge whooping sum.

“Thank you Ashton,thank you” I said before picking up the phone.

If he didn’t give me the ring,I wouldn’t want to sell it now right?

“Miss young?” The lady asked over the phone.


“I have been waiting for you at the scheduled venue for about an hour ago” she complained.

“I thought you said 10am this is just…” I paused looking at the clock and I gasped.

“This is 12 noon already” she said again.

“I am really sorry miss. I would be there soon,it probably slipped out of my mind” I told her and I could imagine her frowning face.

“Please be here soon. Thanks” she ended the call.

I rushed into the shower and I had a ten minutes bath, put on any normal clothe,packed my hair in a messy bun, picked the car key and I ran out of the almost scanty house.

I haven’t gone to town since I moved in here and I was nervous going into town today,I rarely doubt if any one would recognize me because we decided to meet in a private place.

I sincerely hope no one recognizes me,my baby and I don’t need that stress.

It was weird in a good way to say ‘my baby’. I was gonna be a mom and I was glad,I would try my best.

The traffic on the main road was so bad and if I decided to go through this lane,I might end up getting there by 3pm or 2pm. That’s how bad the traffic was.

I swerved to another lane,that lane was a long road but there was no traffic and the road was free. Why shouldn’t I pass there then? The short cut was jam-packed with cars and if I decided to stay there,it would amount to the same time i would spend on the road if I passed the long free road.

Cars where moving freely on the road and I disobeyed the traffic lights because I didn’t stop,no one stopped anyways. Who cares about the rules? I needed to be somewhere and this side of the town wasn’t exactly a law abiding place,the people here were like fugitive of the law.

The road was a long route no doubt but I was gradually making progress. I should probably give this lady a discount for all the troubles.

I was about to swerve to the right when I noticed a black car following me,the car must be going to my route too.

I was probably over thinking.

I continued on but my eyes still looks at the rear mirror the car was still following me and I was beginning to get scared because the cars on the road were few and I was not feeling too good about it.

I increased my speed and swerved to the left this time but the car was still following me with high speed too. This wasn’t coincidental because the car kept on following my car at a very close distance.

I didn’t want to die now and I was slowly beginning to panic. Something is not right about this,I didn’t have much money left so what would any one gain from following me. This part of town wasn’t safe at all.

It couldn’t be Marcello because he already left the country after we paid him his money.

It couldn’t be reporters either because I doubt if any one would know I was the one in this car. The car was still following me and I couldn’t make the faces of the occupant of the car but there were men.

Ashton wouldn’t want to kill me right? No he wouldn’t want to. He was vile but I highly doubt if he would send people after me,he prolly doesn’t want anything to do with me.

I was speeding now at an unreasonable pace and I was scared I was gonna get into an accident but I was more scared of those men in the car than getting into an accident. I swerved again and the car followed.

By now I didn’t know where I was going too,I have never been to this side of town before and I have long parted from the route i was meant to pass through.

All I wanted was to be safe,if they stopped following me I would find my way back. I was acting out of impulse and swerving to any route,whether left or right and they still followed.

I wasn’t safe.

My baby wasn’t safe.

‘God please help me’ I prayed inwardly.

📍 Rodrigo’s p.o.v📍

“What the f--k are you driving? Speed up idiot” I instructed the idiot driving the car.

We have been following the Kimberly lady for like an hour now and she wasn’t stopping. At the rate of which she was speeding now she could get into an accident.

“She is pretty smart for a lady if she isn’t stopping or panicking” ozuna said and I shot him a dry look.

I looked at the road,she was already making a huge distance between the two vehicles.

“You bastard,what are you doing? If she gets away I am gonna shoot you on the spot” I told him.

If she got away,I was definitely gonna shoot the dude. No threat.

“Speed up idiot” I said again “you letting a lady dribble us” I brought my gun out and I pointed it to his the back of his head “you think this is a joke huh? You think this is a joke? I am gonna shoot you right now then I would throw you out of the god-damned motor. Speed up bastard”.

I was pissed,very pissed. The lady was playing fast and furious with us,she was gonna regret this if I laid my hands on her.

No one plays with me this way.

Our car was moving very fast too and I doubt if we could speed more than the dude was speeding now. The poor guy was Terrified and I might just shoot him if he continues shaking like a leaf.

“Get down dude. Let’s switch seat bastard” I told the guy.

This was taking longer than usual. I would drive this motor myself and when I eventually catch up with her. No one would be able to save her.

I pushed the dude from the driver’s seat and I jumped on it.

She probably don’t know her way around here but I know this place like the back of my hands and I was gonna use it to my advantage. This was like my side of town.

“Let’s play Kimberly” I said grinning evilly.

🌺 Kim’s p.o.v🌺

I took a deep breath before looking at my side mirror,the car wasn’t following me anymore. I was relieved but I didn’t stop driving either and I was really tired like really. The car probably lost trail of mine.

I wanted to stop driving to catch my breath for a second but look,I didn’t stop. I was still terrified.

I didn’t know where I was going to but I wasn’t gonna stop until the coast was clear. I was about to take a sharp bend when I saw a old woman. I gasped before stopping.

I almost hit her,she shouldn’t be walking without a guide. I made sure she have left my view before starting the car. I was about to drive forward when a car crossed me.

I gasped,it was the black car that was following me. Here I was thinking they already lost trail of me.

I wanted to move but my car was rooted to the spot and there was no way I was gonna reverse or move forward cause they were already blocking me. I didn’t know they had two cars.

“God please help me,help my child” I said rubbing my stomach.

The occupant of the car came out and they all walked towards my car. I was scared,so scared. If it was left to me I wouldn’t be scared because they looked similar to Marcello,the tattoos,dread and the dressings. They were criminals no doubt.

I was scared because I wasn’t the only one in this car and I highly doubt if they won’t hurt me or my baby because they looked dangerous.

The knocking of my side window snapped me out of my mini trance. The man was grinning evilly, everything about him screamed dangerous. I wound my glass down on impulse,I had to obey them if I didn’t want to get hurt which was unlikely with the look on their faces.

They should just say “sorry you aren’t the one we are looking for” I thought.

But they didn’t say any of that.

The man laughed after looking at me “you gave us so much trouble Kimberly” he paused before looking at the other guys “why don’t we give the young lady trouble too?”.

I clasped my hands protectively around my stomach.

Someone should please help me!


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