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🌺Julia’s p.o.v🌺

“Don’t stay too far, I don’t want to be mobbed” I told the security team leader.

“Yes ma’am”.

“Stay standby and report immediately if you see something shady. You know I am a public figure and I am in the public right now,I have crazy fans. You can now excuse us” i told him immediately I saw Brenda enter. “That’s my company over there,go and direct her here”.

He left immediately and Brenda took a seat.

Thr f-----g Brenda kept me waiting. She is lucky I want something from her.

“Hello Julia” she squealed and I almost snapped but easy Julia,you need something from her.

I forced a smile as I used my eyes to scrutinize her outfit.

She dressed to kill. “Hi Brenda. That’s a nice top you are putting on” I complimented and she gushed again.

Not my fault please, that’s the effect I have on people. I AM F-----G PERFECT.

“I got it from the Gucci store in cape Verde” she informed me.

Cape Verde? That’s very far from new York. She went there to get an outfit?

“I like it” I told her

“You do?”

“Of course I do and I love people that know how to combine colors. Look you are putting on a black awesome top and a side torn skirt. It is really beautiful”.

“You really think so?” She asked and I nodded “yours is beautiful too. Especially your top” she gushed too.

“I know it is. You can’t afford it though” I told her truthfully. I wear clothes that my stylist made for me alone,I make sure it is not in the market anymore except it is from the top designers.

Her face fell and I thought of words to use to reconstruct my sentence immediately.

Julia don’t act like a B---h. Be nice for once and get what you want.

“Come on Brenda,I don’t mean it that way. I mean the clothes were made for me alone so it is very rare to see a top looking exactly like this. I can take you on a tour to my designer’s place and you can look at my closet too if you like” I proposed and her face lit up immediately.

The b---h was really desperate. From the way she dressed and her behavior right now shows how desperate she is. My designer’s place? Ariana and Kiara doesn’t even know my designer’s place.

“I would really love that,you are so nice” she gushed.

No Brenda I am not. You haven’t gotten to know me yet,calm your t--s down. You are so gullible.

I like gullible girls anyways,it makes everything more easier. Life is so good.

“Am I?” I asked playing along.

“Yes you are,you are this nice to me when you just met me” she continued on.

“Isn’t Kim nice to you? She looks like a nice girl”.

“Kim? She is way too nice for her own good. Like who the f--k is so honest with everything…” She paused as if she just realized how she was badmouthing her friend,she smiled nervously “no,I don’t mean it like that. Kim is nice and she is a good person”.

Does she thinks I am stupid?

B---h we both don’t like Kim. Don’t stress it.

“Yes she is too nice and that’s one of the Reasons I don’t like her and you know she is kinda selfish.” I continued on monitoring Brenda’s facial expressions.

“You think she is selfish?”

“Yes not only that,I think she is conceited and desperate for attention. You needed to see the tantrum she pulled when we went shopping with Ashton’s mom,she made it look like she was the good person and I was the bad one. Aunt Millie couldn’t stop gushing about her” I briefed Brenda.

She paused “I feel like that too at times. She tells me to stop being desperate for attention but she does the exact thing”.

“You think she is desperate!”.

“Yes. I think she is and she is conceited and stubborn too”. She added.

“Really? Where do you meet Kim then?” I asked curiously.

“I met her second year of college. Then she was really living a good life and it is no news that her father adores her alot. She lived off campus but she never used her allowances on designers clothings and stuffs like that even though she had the money. But I on the other hand loved designers clothings and whenever I buy those stuffs she gets angry and start lecturing me on money management”. She paused frowning “she is way too uptight and that was when I realized she was selfish”.

“Yes she is, why would you have the money when you won’t spend it,no wonder she later became poor. I know she wants you to look ugly as she is”.

Kim wasn’t ugly and I knew it. But I wouldn’t admit she was finer than me either,no one was finer than me.

“I think so. Then she wouldn’t talk to me if I refused her advice. She also didn’t like me moving with girls of higher classes. Like b---h we were in Harvard”.

“That’s so pathetic. What is she? Your mom? I wonder how you have been coping with her. I didn’t know she was even your friend after she came into the limelight”.

“We were both working together and we both share a mutual hatred for the boss” she paused “I hope you aren’t mad with that statement?” She asked.

“No I am not. I know Ashton doesn’t have a likeable personality though”.

I was glad she didn’t like him and she wasn’t one of the ladies swooning over him. She can’t stand a chance with me anyways.

“I thought we both hated the boss not knowing they had something going on without my knowledge”.

“That’s is betrayal. She didn’t trust you enough and she lied to you. You don’t lie to your friends” I said. I lie to everyone,I am even lying to Brenda now but who cares?

“Yes,that was exactly how I felt. I felt stupid and used,I was the one that recommended the bosses company to her. Looking back, everything makes sense now,the way they argue alot and the fact that she lasted farther than the rest assistants. I was just so trusting to believe what she was telling me,he even sacked her to make it look like there was nothing between them then boom the next thing I heard was the engagement ring”.

I gasped dramatically “she didn’t tell you?what type of friend is she then?”.

“I don’t know. I heard it from tabloids and people in the office and I waited for several months thinking she was gonna tell me but she didn’t until I called her myself. That was when you met us in the restaurant”.

“She is more selfish than I thought. She probably doesn’t want people to know that you know her,she wanted the limelight for herself alone. You are way too honest for a friend like that,she didn’t remember you when all was rosy for her…”

“Exactly and she is down now. She looks really depressed and I was actually scared for her”.


“Yes,it looks like the breakup and her…” She paused “I think something is really eating her up, she looks like a shadow of her real self now”.

“You went to see her?” I asked and she nodded.

This was easier than I thought. Jackpot,we didn’t even order anything and she was already spilling her guts. And I was here thinking of spiking her drink, Brenda you saved me from all the problem. Thank you.

“Yes,I called her after seeing the news repeatedly and the time she eventually picked she didn’t sound so good so I went to see her”

“You did? You are really nice after all what she did to you” I told her.

“Yes I guess there is still an iota of compassion in me for her. I went there and she didn’t look so good, she looked disoriented and you know….she didn’t look so good”. She informed me.

I sighed dramatically “poor girl, where is she now? I heard she moved out of Ashton’s place. It’s pathetic that Ashton treated her that way,she was probably thinking of a happy ending. With Ashton?” I asked laughing.

“It was just so good to be true. I knew it was bound to end soon” she added.

“Poor Kim,where is she now?” I asked again “I might want to pay her a visit one of these days. I don’t like keeping enemies,I can help her in anyway possible” I added.

More like ruin her life the more if possible.

“You are so nice,you are thinking of helping her after what happened? She lives in a downtown area. The area is away from public scrutiny” she informed me.


“Yes,I think she needs privacy after everything that has Happened to her. She shouldn’t have thought of a happy ending with the boss”.

“Yes his happy ending is with me” I added.

“And I totally support that,you guys fit each other well” she complimented.

“Tell me something I don’t already know. Drop the address here” I said passing my phone to her and she typed it hurriedly before returning my phone back to me. “Thank you”.

“No you thank you”.

“For what?” I asked amusedly

“For talking to me and making me feel important. You are so nice to me”. She told me.

“We are friends now Brenda” I told her. More like ‘you are my puppet now’.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes really. I think you are more cooler than the other girls and we would be good friends”.

More like ‘you are more gullible than the other girls and a spill it all’.

“Thank you,let’s take a picture” she suggested.

I scrunched my face before forcing a smile. Her perfumes were choking me but I already got what I wanted,a selfie wouldn’t hurt “sure we would. After we eat dinner,I am quite famished now” I told her and she smiled back.

“Then let’s eat”.

“Yes,go on and order. I need to use the ladies room now”. I excused myself and a bodyguard followed me immediately.

“Don’t move further,I kinda need my privacy now” I told him before exiting into the ladies room.

“Okay Miss”. I heard him say after me.

I entered into the ladies room and I shut the door before forwarding the message to Rodrigo and he called me immediately.

“Hello Miss. I already received your message” he told me.

“Start working on it immediately” I instructed.

“Yes Miss,trust us as long as you have paid us,we are going to do a clean job”. He said before ending the call.

Rodrigo is a man of few words and more actions and I might have used him in the past to take care of sneaky reporters or people who takes top positions in my bad book.

This is all easier than I thought.

Watch out Kim.

Let’s ruin your life the more if possible.

No one messes with Julia.

No one.


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