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📍Julia’s p.o.v💐

“Do you see the news?” Ariana asked rhetorically.

I threw her a smug look “who didn’t see the news?”

“You should be happy then”.

“That’s a stale gist Ariana are you that dumb,they are just repeating the information”

“You don’t look so happy. What’s happening?” She asked feigning concern.

“Happening? What’s happening?” I asked back stretching my hair with the stretcher.

“Aren’t you gonna make a Move. Ashton is single now,you guys can get the lost connection back” she suggested and I threw her another look.

How dumb.

“You think I haven’t tried that yet? He seems so hung up on the breakup”. I was frowning now remembering how cold Ashton have treated me the various time I went to his office in the past weeks.

He took several days off and he came back to announce the breakup and since then I have been throwing my f-----g shot but he doesn’t seem to budge as usual. He was colder than he was before and it sucks because I wasn’t expecting that,he have been so Engrossed with work that he wouldn’t even take my offer of having a drink together. He rejected it.

“What are you thinking of? Are you plotting something?” I heard Ariana ask.

“What do you think? Do you think I am plotting something?”

“Yes I think you are. You have been wanting Ashton for a while now and he haven’t been reciprocating even now that he is single again.” She paused when she saw the grim expression on my face. “I didn’t mean that Julia,I mean he would reciprocate he just needs time right?”

“But i don’t have time and I can’t just stay lying low until he finds another better girl and there is a tiny possibility he is gonna get back with Kim” I said even though the thought left a sour taste in my mouth,he can’t choose Kim over me again,I wouldn’t let that happen.

“I don’t think so. Look you are very beautiful,with wide hips and dare I say you are very perfect and you fit his status,he wouldn’t go back to Kim believe me” she assured.

Ariana definitely looked at me like I was her God and d--n if that was not a turn on.

“I know but I can’t risk that. There is always a tiny possibility” I said again.

“Right,she can be a future threat. What are you planning to do now?” She asked

“Many things, many unpleasant things”. I replied.

She gasped “you aren’t planning on doing something dirty are you? Ashton is just like other guys you probably can’t get into dirty stuffs because of him” she looked scared.

Dumb fool, in times like this I needed the devilish Kiara but I guess she wouldn’t be on my side in this and moreover I didn’t need anyone’s help. The less people involved,the better.

“Says someone who smoked pot yesterday because a certain guy coaxed her into doing it and mind you Ashton isn’t any guy” I retorted

“I am gonna try to help you. Don’t be mad at me okay” she pleaded.

“I don’t need your help on this” I told her flatly and she offered me a small smile which I didn’t return.

I already had a plan before hand and I was very anxious to get started on it,I just needed the right strategy to get started on it,she was a threat to me whether she was with Ashton or not”.

“I heard she packed out of Ashton’s mansion ,do you know where she is presently?” Ariana asked me.

I shook my head “no,I don’t but I know someone who knows” I replied slyly.

“Who knows where she is now?” Ariana asked again.

“Someone” I paused rethinking my decision on telling her, Ariana was my puppet but she couldn’t be trusted. I couldn’t risk telling anyone about my plans yet even mom. “Just someone I know”

“Who is the person?”.

“None of your business Ari,I clearly told you to stay out of this” I retorted getting tired of her tireless questions.

“Right,I am sorry” she apologized.

“You should be”. I deadpanned rolling my eyes.

I needed to go ahead with my plans before it was too late. One thing I was sure of is that Kim was gonna regret coming my way and taking Ashton away from me. Nobody took anything from me especially Ashton.


🦋 Kim’s p.o.v🌷

“Kim are you okay? What’s wrong?” Brenda asked over the phone and I sobbed louder.

I took my dad away from the mortuary yesterday,I didn’t do a normal burial for him because I was hurt and my dad was a Chinese,we never did burials like that.

We got the body,put it on fire and throw part of the ashes into the river and keep some. That was exactly what I did,I got people to do the incest by the river and I took the remaining ash home.

I was alone because to be very honest,I have never seen any of my dad’s relative since he came to new York to get married to my mom which his family were not in support of. I didn’t meet then when he was alive so why meet them now,they probably didn’t know he have a daughter.

I have spent more than three days sobbing and shutting myself from the rest of the world. A few neighbors might have knocked on my door to offer some words of comfort but I wasn’t having any of it.

Back to today,I was in my usual spot thinking of how messed up my life was and the fact that I have not been okay lately,there was the nauseous feeling,the irritation on every little thing and me throwing up whatever I must have had. It is probably because I was in a tight spot and I wasn’t okay emotionally.

Brenda’s call came through and I picked. This brings up back to the discussion we were having.

“I_i am not feeling so good. My dad is gone” i stuttered.

She gasped audibly “Kim I am so sorry,I didn’t know about that… you aren’t gonna hurt yourself are you?”

I don’t know but that thought have been crossing my mind lately.

I shook my head like she could see me.

“I dont_ no I won’t”

“Where are you? Kim what is happening? You have been out of reach for a while now. I saw the news about you and Ashton”. She informed me.

Oh,there was even a news. I guess I have been out of this world for a while now if I couldn’t even keep up with latest informations not like I wanted to be reminded of Ashton’s face and all our loved up photographs. I didn’t need that now.

“Kim listen to me,text me the address of where you are now. Wait for me,I am coming now. Text me the address” she requested.

I paused,I didn’t want to tell anyone where I was now. I didn’t want the public scrutiny but Brenda was my friend,she might have let me down in the past but she has changed right?and she just wanted to offer comfort to me. It wouldn’t hurt right?

“Okay I would text it to you” I told her telling myself not to think too much about it. I was probably being paranoia.

I hanged up and texted the address to her pushing the fearful thoughts of anyone else knowing where I live. But it was Brenda,just Brenda.


Brenda got to my house in less than an hour and I was grateful probably finding some sort of comfort in her being here.

“You look like a ghost” she had said when she saw my face. I showered and changed clothes but I was still looking so bad,my hair was like a bed nests on my head.

“I know” I replied going back to seat on the sofa.

“Kim I am sorry about what happened,f--k…I didn’t even know he already died. I am worried for you,really worried. I know how much your dad means to you” she paused “and how much money you spent on him”.

“No it’s alright. It do hurt but I have no choice” I said my words betraying my face.

I was hurt,still hurt. But again I didn’t want to bother anyone and I hated when people looked at me with pity and that was the exact look in Brenda’s eyes. She felt pity for me.

“Are you sure you are okay?” She prodded.

I nodded “yes. I would be okay” I replied and she passed a tiny smile to me before looking around my house.

“This is nice,nicer than your former house. Why did you move here?” She asked.

“I wanted space. Space and a safe place from everything and everyone after what had happened” I paused gulping nervously “and I wanted a place that didn’t put more pressure on…on my d_dad” the thought of calling him knowing he was already gone still made me shiver. He was indeed gone.

“I am really sorry about that Kim. F--k,I shouldn’t have asked that” she clasped her hands on mine “Kim,I am really sorry and d--n I know this isn’t easy for you but you need to get over this”.

I shook my head “I don’t think I can do that” I said truthfully.

“Kim you can and you will. I know you shouldn’t probably be hearing this now but everything happens for a reason” she paused tightening hee hands around mine. “he died for a reason,it was inevitable Kim. It was and you need to get over it and move on with your life”.

Now she sounded so much like dad and I cried the more.

“Shuu, it’s okay” she cooed rubbing my shoulders “whatever happened,happened for a reason. Your dad,Ashton and whatever have happened”.

“But it is too much for me to handle” I complained.

“I know. But Kim you can handle it,I know you. You can” she comforted me.

She probably knew the old me because I wasn’t sure I couldn’t handle any of this.

I was about to talk when my stomach growled and she looked at me concerned “you haven’t had something to eat,have you?” She asked and I shook my head.

“No” I muttered.

“Let me make you something” she offered standing up giving me a small smile.

It was nice to see someone cared for me after everything that might have happened. My mind drifted to the news Brenda said she watched,did Ashton paint me bad to the public? How happy and contented was he now? Did he already move on in his life like nothing happened and I was just one of his conquest?

The last question made me shudder,I didn’t need to think of things like that right now. I was not myself yet and it was not helping at all,I highly doubt I would ever be myself. I was still thinking of many things when I felt nauseous again and I was on the way to the toilet.

I threw up what was left in my stomach and believe me it was nothing but the urge to vomit my insides was still there and I tried vomiting something, anything,but all what can out was water and spit.

This was happening alot recently and I don’t feel okay about it. I hope nothing is wrong with me. Cancer wasn’t hereditary right?


💐 Brenda’s p.o.v💐

I felt pity for Kim,I honestly did. She shouldn’t be going through any of these things happening presently. She was too good for everything but bad things happens to good people.

I might have felt jealous of her and Ashton’s relationship at a time because they looked so in love that you could doubt if it was fake and Ashton looked so happy too. I felt out of her world when she became so famous and she graced many red carpets with designers clothing. I was jealous and spiteful.

But looking at her now,I only felt pity for her but I couldn’t take the stupid thoughts swimming in my head. The apartment was nice not a typical elite house but it was nicer than those of middle class people. Nicer than mine,even in her despairing state she still had something good.

The boss wasn’t in a good state too,always snapping. He always snapped but he was doing much more of that lately, getting drunk during working hours and threatening everyone with suspension. He was driving us off the limit and he was overdoing things because he increased the working hours of all the employees and we had to work tirelessly but that didn’t stop him from snapping and throwing around sack letters after every simple mistake. Was he affected by this too? I highly doubt that he knew Kim lost her dad because Kim just wants to stay isolated from everyone,that explains why she got a house here.

I cooked pasta for her because she didn’t look so well,she looked like a shadow of herself but she was still beautiful and it sucks to know that even without talking care of herself for days she still had the looks. I have always been in the shadow of Kim’s life since when we were in college, she didn’t need to dress up and be nice to everyone before they become drawn to her but I was the complete opposite.

And it sucks.

She was picking the food and I was scared I didn’t cook it well. “Don’t you like it?” I asked and she shook her head.

“It’s nice. Very nice” she said still picking the food.

I was about to say something else when she stood up abruptly and ran towards the bathroom area.

Okay,I might have added too much mayonnaise.

Brenda you can’t even cook pasta without the person throwing up. I should have just cooked noodles.

She came back few minutes later with water on her face.

“Are you okay?” I asked feigning concern.


“Then why did you throw up?” I asked.

“I don’t know either. This have been happening alot lately” she explained. “I don’t know what is wrong with me”

I don’t know either,I just have to make a conclusion that it was because of my pasta.

‘this has been happening alot lately’ still rang in my ears.

I was about to say something when my phone rang,I went to get it, it was freaking Julia.

I was on cloud nine,Julia must have exchanged numbers with me but she never did call me even though I tried her line everyday Hoping she would pick up. It wasn’t my fault that I adored her so much.

“Hello?” I said unsure.

“Hi Brenda” she greeted in a nice voice.

She freaking remembered my name. Today is a good day if Julia was talking on the phone with me like we were acquainted.

“How are you doing?”

“Good. I was hoping you would love to meet with me today. You know,just the two of us without the other girls around” she suggested and I choked on spit.

“You want to meet with me?” I asked.

“Yes or aren’t you free?”

“I am free, I am not doing anything right now. Where and when?”.

“Tonight 8pm,I can pick you up if you want” she suggested again. I adored this girl alot.

“Yes please. I would be ready” I informed her.

“Okay text me your address then. See you soon Brenda” she said.

“See you soon” I replied still finding it hard to believe that she actually called me. Not my fault though,she was freaking Julia,the rich famous face of many magazines and beauty products.

She was famous and perfect and she wanted to meet me?

“Who was that?” Kim asked.

I was about to tell her when I remembered she and Julia didn’t go on well and it was obviously because of Ashton. Julia and Ashton had something going on before “it was Tommy” I replied forming a name and forcing her a tight smile.

“Tommy? Who’s that?” She asked again.

“A guy I met some months ago and he wants to meet me now” I said feigning happiness.

“I am happy for you” she told me sincerely.

She was too sincere and it sucks.

I needed to shop to find a suitable designer clothe to wear for the outing tonight. I wanted Julia to see I could be her friend too.

“I have to leave now” I told her “I would come again. Take care of yourself Kim” I said kissing her cheeks and she smiled at me.

“Be careful” she warned me.

“I will” I replied.

Only if she knew I was going to meet Julia. What would she have done if she knew?

Kim is down already,I just have to do everything possible to get on Julia’s good side and be associated with her. I would do everything possible. I wanted to get popular too. The limelight didn’t go well with Kim but it would go well with me.


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