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Sasha and Samantha arrived at the church premises and were surprised at how the car park was full. They couldn’t find a place to park.

“Wow, it’s either people love God or people love food”, Sasha said and Samantha laughed.

“So what do we do now?” Samantha asked.

“I’ll call my friend to come and assist us”, Sasha said and she took out her phone and called Hanson.

“Hey, are you here?” He exclaimed due to how noisy the place was.

“Yeahh! I’m at the car park and I can’t get anywhere to park”.

“Okay. I’ll be there shortly. What car is it?”

“A white Lexus”.

“Okay. I’ll be there soon”, he said and he hanged up.

“I find it weird that you have a friend who goes to church and I find it more weird that you agreed to come for the event”, Samantha said to her.

“Well, I’m just exploring. My therapist encouraged me to try new things and also to be around nice people. So that’s what I’m doing”.

“I see. I’m actually happy that you’re working on yourself. It takes a really strong and determined person to do that”.

“Aww. Thank you”.

As they were talking, Hanson knocked on her window and she rolled it down.

“Hey, you made it”, he said, smiling.

“Yeah. I did”.

“Okay. There’s this place where I parked my car and it has a parking spot by it. But you’ll really need to be extremely good at parking to get your car to fit in there”.

“Will this big thing fit there?”

“Yeah. As long as you position it well”.

“I don’t want to scratch my car Hanson”.

“Then let me park it for you”.

“Are you sure you can park it perfectly without scratching it”.

“You didn’t see me in fast and furious? I was Dominic Toretto”, he said, grinning and Sasha was confused.

“You’ve not watched Fast and Furious?” Hanson asked, surprised.

“No, I haven’t”.

“You haven’t?” Samantha asked, surprised.

“No and can you all stop making it a big deal”, she said, shrugging.

“Alright. So could you move to the back so that I park the car”, he said said to her and she was reluctant.

“Sasha if he says that he was Dominic Toretto, then you can trust him to park the car”, Samantha said to her.

“Okay”, she said and she got off and gave the key to Hanson. He got in and she sat at the back.

“Thank you for trusting me”, he said to Samantha.

“I’m Hanson by the way”, he said, stretching his hand towards her.

“I’m Samantha, Sasha’s younger sister and I played the role of Letty”, she said, wiggling her brows and he smiled.

“Wow, then we’re a powerful couple”, he said, giving her a high five.

“Okay okay. Can you park the car now you fake Fast and furious cast”, Sasha said to him.

“Someone is jealous”, he said to her and he moved the car. He was able to park the car successfully without a scratch.

“So where are your food stuff?” He asked Sasha as they got off the car.

“In the boot duh”, she said, opening the boot and Hanson’s jaw dropped.

“Are you cooking for the whole universe?” He asked her.

“I said the same thing but she still bought everything in excess”, Samantha said to him.

“I have to be prepared and not miss a thing”, Sasha said to her.

“Hmmm. We can’t take everything inside though. So you’ll have to pick what you’ll need and then we go”.

“I need everything”.

“Sasha, there won’t even be space for all these. There are 9 contestants plus you, making 10”.

“So what do I do? Because I need all”.

“Let me see the whole meal plan and I’ll help you to pick it out”, he said to Sasha who had a frustrated look on her face.

I’m one of the judges though and I shouldn’t even be doing this, let this be our secret”, he said to Samantha and she laughed.

“No problem. I’ll always have your back, Dominic”.

“Thank you Letty”, he said and Sasha rolled her eyes.

“Wait you’re part of the judges?” Sasha asked.


“I thought you were part of the competition and that’s what was fun about this. I wanted to beat you”.

“Aww, some other time. We’ll have our own competition”, he said, smirking.

He took her tablet and had a look at the meal plan. Then he picked out everything that was necessary.

“We’re good to go”, he said to her.

“Are you sure?”


“If I look for any ingredient and I end up losing, it’ll be on your head”.

“Ai Ai captain”.

“So I’ll take the huge basket and the big bag. Letty, you can take the small one and Sasha, you can hold the smaller basket”.

“Aren’t there people who are supposed to help with this?”

“No. Everyone is busy setting up”, he said to her. “Okay, let’s go”, he said and they went into the church premises.

The place was quite filled up and although the air conditions were on, the place was still hot.

They arrived at the cooking area and took her to her spot.

“This is where you’ll do all your cooking. So you can start setting up”, he said to her and was about to leave.

“Are you leaving?” She asked him.

“Yeah. I’m leaving with Letty. You’re on your own now”, he said to her.

“No no. I don’t want to be here alone”.

“Sasha, look around. Everyone here is alone and they’re setting up already. If you really want to win and prove to me that you’re a good cook, then you have to wear your big girl pants and get to work. Bye. All the best”.

“Wait wait. Where will Samantha stay?”

“In the audience. Don’t worry. I’ll give her a good spot where she can cheer you on”, he said to her.

“Letty, let’s go”.

“All the best Sash”, she said to her and they left.

Sasha stood there for a while and was thinking twice about her decision. She was about to run off till she heard Hanson speaking on the mic.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, the show hasn’t started yet as we’re waiting for our contestants to get ready I’ll like to use this moment to let you know that a very special friend of mine is here and this is her first time here. Her name is Sasha and she’s at the 8th booth. Can we all make some noise to welcome and encourage her”, he said and the crowd went wild.

“Sasha! Sasha! Sasha!” They all exclaimed and it made her feel more uncomfortable.

“We love you Sasha”. Some of them exclaimed and she rolled her eyes.

“You’re welcome but it’s sad that you’d have to lose this competition on your first day here”, the lady at the booth by her, said to her.

“I wouldn’t be so confident with those semi rotten food stuff you have”, she said to her and the lady’s jaw dropped.

“I’m kidding”, she said, smiling.

“All the best Sasha”, the lady said to her and she forced a smile.

She took a huge breath and then she began to set up.

An apron, a chef hat and gloves were distributed.

“Do I have to wear this?” Sasha asked the lady who was distributing it.

“Yes please”.

“But I have mine”.

“You’ll have to wear this because it has your name printed on it”, she said to her.

“Okay”, Sasha said and she put it on.

After a long while, the opening prayer was given by one of the members and then the rules were stated. After making sure that everything was set, the competition began.

The crowd began to cheer them up as they started.

“Go Sasha!!!” Samantha exclaimed and Sasha looked up and saw that she was sitting in front.

She smiled and continued what she was doing.


The time was finally up. The MC took the mic and congratulated them for taking part in it. Then he called the contestants forward and they each explained what they had prepared, the ingredients used and why they specifically chose those ingredients.

When it was Sasha’s turn, she walked forward with her confidence on. She was about to speak and she turned towards the direction of the judges and spotted Hanson. He winked at her and blew kisses in her direction.

She took the mic and spoke so confidently. She explained why she chose her ingredients and how healthy they were. The food she prepared was quite different from everyone’s food and it got the audience intrigued.

“Go Sasha!!” They all exclaimed and it made her happy.

When they were all done, speaking. The judges were called upon to taste the food and give their remarks.

There were four judges in all and they all went from one booth to the other as they tasted the food and gave their remarks.

When they got to Sasha’s booth. They were excited to taste what she had prepared.

“Mmm, this is the first time I’m tasting this and it’s so good”, one of the judges said, moaning as she tasted it.

“Yeah. This taste different. I’d love to come for the recipe”, another judge said.

“With this drink, I think it’d be better if you add more ginger to it”, a different judge said to her and she nodded.

“You’re the best”, Hanson said, whispering in her ears and it made her blush.

“Hanson what do you have to say?” The MC asked him.

“I’m just surprised and I’m blown away”, he said and Sasha had a huge smile on her face. When they were all done testing and giving their remarks, they went to the next booth.

When they were finally done, they all went back to their seats to tally the scores.

“So before we hear the results, I’ll like to invite the Joyful noise choir to minister a wonderful song to us”, the MC said and they all cheered them on as they walked up to the stage.

They sang beautifully and got everyone excited. When they were done, the MC called on one of the pastors to announce the results.

“Drum roll”, he exclaimed and the drummer gave a nice drum roll.

“Okay. So we have three winners and I’ll be starting from the third winner. Who do you all think is going to win this”, he asked and the audience called out the names of different people including Sasha.

“Okay. So in third place, we have our wonderful beloved brother, Steve!!” He exclaimed and the crowd rejoiced and cheered him on. He walked forward and he was given a parcel.

“Congratulations Steve”, he said to him as they took a picture of him, receiving the parcel.

“Mmm and the second. Who do you all think this is going to?” He asked and the audience called out different names but this time Sasha’s name was dominating.

“Mmm, this winner is a lady and she’s a guest. I’m sure by now we all know who it is”, he said and they all yelled Sasha’s name.

“You’re right. Sasha!!” He exclaimed and they all cheered her on.

She walked forward and was presented with a parcel.

“Congratulations Sasha”, he said to her as they took a picture.

“Thank you”, she said and she walked back to her seat.

“And now, to our winner! Who do you think it is?”

“Chantel!!” They all yelled.

“Mmm, the winner is our dearest and beloved prayer director. Chantel!” He exclaimed and the whole church made a huge noise and cheered her on. She came forward and was presented with her gift as a picture was also taken.

“Congratulations you all and to everyone who took part in this competition. You’ll all be given a parcel to thank you for making this a success. God bless you all”, the pastor said and he got off the stage.

“Wow. Hasn’t this been fun so far?” He asked and they all made some noise.

“I know we can’t all wait to eat but the truth of the matter is that we all can’t eat what our contestants have prepared. But the goodness is that, when we all go to the field, there’ll varieties of food for us to choose and eat. So since we can’t all eat the food the contestants prepared, we’ll call on the committee head to let us know how the food will be distributed”, he said to them.

Sasha was excited that she won and she quickly left the premises and met up with her sister.

“You won! And I don’t care if you’re second. To me you’re first!” Samantha said, hugging her.

“Thank you. Honestly I was beginning to think that this was a bad idea but it was so fun and I’ve never been so nervous when cooking before. It was an awesome experience and the people are so nice”, Sasha said to her.

“Yeah. I was happy when Hanson introduced you and how they all appreciated you”.

“When he did I was a bit uncomfortable but as time passed I got comfortable. This is really a nice experience for me and I’m already in love with the church. They’re like a huge family”.

“Yeah. Where I was sitting, some of them realized that I was new and they were talking to me and trying to get to know me. It made me feel so welcomed”, Samantha said, smiling.

“Hi Sasha. Our welcoming team will like you speak to you”, a lady said, approaching them.

“Are you new too?” She asked Samantha.


“Okay. Then you can come with me too”, she said to them and they followed her.

She took them to an office and their details were taken.

“Hi Sasha, congratulations once again. We’re very proud of you and we just wanted to use this moment to welcome you. I’m Pastor Michael and this is my wife, lady pastor Gwen, and this is Deacon Jefferson”, he said to her and they should her hands.

“You’re welcome”, they said to her.

“And hi, what’s your name?” He asked her.

“I’m Samantha”.

“Are you two related?” The lady pastor asked and she nodded.

“Sasha is my big sister”.

“Oh great. You’re welcome Samantha”, she said to her.

They talked for a while and got to know them a little bit and then they invited them for the grand anniversary program on Sunday.

After they talked for a while, they left and met up with Hanson.

“Hanson!!! I won!!” Sasha said, hugging him in excitement.

“Yes! You won and I’m proud of you”.

“Thank you and thank you for inviting me. I’ve really enjoyed myself and your people are so welcoming and nice”.

“I’m glad you’re happy. The food bazaar has began. Do you want to come?”

“Yeah. Sammy do you want to come, I can drop you at home if you’re tired”.

“I’m going wherever my Dominic is going”.

“That’s my girl!” He said, giving her a high five.

“What do we do about the rest of the foodstuff in my car?”

“You can uhm. You can donate it to the care team if you want to”.

“Oh I’d love to. I can’t take them home. I have enough at home”.

“Okay. After the program, we’ll go for it”.

They all went to the field and they bought some few snacks and played some games.

Samantha found herself talking to her peers and she left Sasha and Hanson.

“What’s going on there?” Sasha asked, pointing to the long queue at a booth.

“Oh, they’re getting their faces painted and taking pictures at the photo booth. Would you love to get your face painted?”

“Yeah but the queue is long”.

“We can get to the front line”.

“How?” She asked and he pulled her there.

“Hi everyone, the winner wants to get her face painted and she would love it if she could go next”, he said to the lady in the front line and she nodded.

“Thank you”, he said and they stood in front of her.

“That’s bullying”, Sasha said to him.

“That’s the benefits that comes with winning”, he said and she smiled

They were next in line and they got their faces painted and went to the photo booth to take a picture. The picture was printed out and Sasha took it.

“Aww. We’re looking so cute”, she said as she looked at it.

“Can I keep it?”

“Of course”, he said to her and they walked away.

They talked for a while till it was time for her to go.

They looked for Samantha and they found her eating with a group of people.

“Sammy. It’s time to go”.

“Right now?”


“You can go. I’ll come home on my own”,

“You sure?”

“Yeah”, she said and Sasha left with Hanson.

“My sister is already in love with this place and I think I love it here too”.

“So will you come for the Sunday service?”



“As long as I wake up on time”, she said and he laughed.

“Wait here, let me get the care team to come for the food stuff”, he said and he quickly ran off and came back with two boys.

They went to where the car was parked and they took all the stuff from it.

“God bless you Sasha”, they said to her and she smiled.

“Amen”, she said and they left.

“Hans, take and do your magic”, she said, giving the key to him as he got in and drove the car out.

“Thank you”, she said, taking the key from him.

“ I really enjoyed today. I’ve never had so much fun like this and I just felt so at peace and wasn’t even thinking of work or the unnecessary things I usually find myself thinking about”.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself”.

“Please keep your eyes on Sammy and help her to get a cab when she’s ready to go home”.

“Sure. I will”.

“Goodbye Hans”, she said, hugging him.

“Goodbye Sashy”.

“I don’t like that name”.

“That’s why I use it”, he said, laughing and she shook her head.

She got into her car and drove off.


Sasha was fast asleep and was enjoying her sleep when Samantha woke her up.

“Sash! It’s almost time”.

“For what?”


“Ugh. I’m not going. I want to sleep”.

“You promised Hanson”.

“I didn’t. Sammy you can go. Let me sleep”.

“No. I want to go with you! Wake up!”



“Please let me sleep”.

“Sash please. I don’t want to go alone”.

“Oh God. Fine! Since you want me to go with you, then you’ll have to pick out an outfit and get my hair and make up done”.

“No problem. Just go and bath”, Samantha said and Sasha groaned.

“You’re lucky that I’m still in a good mood”, she said, sitting up.

“Okay okay. Just go and bath”, she said and Sasha got up from the bed sluggishly and she went to the bathroom.


When they arrived at the church, she called Hanson to come and park her car again. They were late and so the car park was full again.

Sasha was on her phone as she waited for him. He knocked and her window as he always does and she opened the door and got off.

When she got off and saw him, she had her jaw dropped.

“Oh wow”, she said, subconsciously as she admired him. He was wearing a navy tuxedo and he had a fresh hair cut. He was looking so different than the other times she had seen him.

“You’re looking so beautiful”, he said to her and she smiled.

“You’re not looking so bad yourself”, she said to him.

He got into the car and gave Sammy a high five.

You did well Letty”.

“Anything for you Dominic”, Sammy said, smiling.

He parked the car and they both got off. They walked up to Sasha and they all went into the church premises.


After service, Samantha left Sasha and met up with the friends she made the previous day.

Sasha waited for Hanson to do all that he had to do and at the same time, she met with the welcome team and they talked more.

When everything was over, Hanson walked up to her and they went to where their cars were parked.

“Oh my God, I’m so hungry”, Sasha said, touching her tummy.

“Do you have something to eat at home?”

“Not really. I’ll just stop by any restaurant and eat”.

“Or you can just follow me to the hotel. I’m going there now to resume work and I’m sure they’ve got something nice prepared”.

“Don’t you have to go home and change?”

“I’ll change at work”.

“Okay. So do we use my car or you’d come with yours?”

“I’ll come with mine. I’ll be right behind you”.

“Okay, please get it out for me”, she said giving the keys to him and he drove out the car. She got in and drove off.

They both arrived at the hotel and when they walked in together, Ross was there and he was surprised to see them.

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