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Sasha walked away and took a drink from one of the serving tables, then she went to sit at one of the tables.

She was busy on her phone, texting her friends when someone approached her.

“You must be Sasha”, Sasha said and she looked up and almost dropped her phone when she saw someone who looked exactly like Ross but he was hotter.

“Yeah”, she said, trying to hold her phone firmly.

“I’m Roland, Ross’ big brother”, he said to her and she forced a smile.

“Oh my God. The men in this family are extremely gorgeous”, she said to her herself subconsciously.

“Okay”, she said to him.

“Ross has said a lot about you”, he said, sitting across her.

“Hmm. He’s not said much about you and I didn’t know that he had a big brother”, she said to him. “And I didn’t know you were this hot. I’d have dropped Ross anytime for you”, she said to herself subconsciously.

“Mmm, I wonder why. Anyway is there a reason you’re sitting alone? Has Ross done something to upset you?”

“You’re the one upsetting me now. Just get closer and hug me for no reason”. “Sasha concentrate, stop being so thirsty”. “Oh no I can’t. He’s so fine, how’s everyone here not having their eyes stuck on him”, she said, battling with herself then she realized that the girls were checking him out too.

“Sasha? Are you there?” He said and she snapped back to reality.

“What was the question?”

“I was asking if Ross did something to upset you”.

“Oh, he didn’t. It’s just one of our little arguments”.

“Oh I see. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Not really”.

“Me neither. It’s completely boring here. I’ll be having an after party at one of my hotels. You can come with Ross if you want to”, he said to her.

“Why don’t I come with you”?

“You can come with me”, he said, wiggling his brows.

“Oh my God. Did I say that out loud?”

“Yeah”, he said, grinning.

“I need another drink”, she said and she was about to get up but Ross approached them.

“Sash, I see you’ve met my brother”, he said to her.

“Yeah the one you never spoke of”.

“I did. I’m sure you didn’t pay attention”.

“Mmm. Anyway, I want a drink”.

“I have one here for you”, he said, handing over a glass of champagne to her.

“Thank you”, she said as she took her seat.

“Ross I was just telling her about my after party and she’d love to come”, he said to Ross.

“You want to come?” He asked and she nodded, trying not to say anything embarrassing.

“Great”, Ross said, smiling.

“I’ll leave you two now. It was nice meeting you Sasha. I’ll hope to see you at the party”, he said, pecking her on her cheek and she froze.

“Are you okay?” Ross asked her.

“Yeah”. “I just wish I’ll comport myself and stop being so thirsty. He’s not the hottest man I’ve seen. You’re hot too and I don’t know why I’m behaving like this”, she said to herself, subconsciously.

“Okay. I just want to apologize for how I’ve been acting. I’m just crazy about you and it hurts that we’ve broken up and now I’m paranoid that you’d end up with someone else”, he said to her and she was still lost in her thoughts as she was trying to get Roland off her mind.

“Hey Ross”, a lady said as she approached the table.

“Hi Doreen”, he said to her and she sat by him.

“It’s been a long while. I’ve missed you”, she said in a flirtatious manner and it dragged Sasha back to reality.

“Yeah. I’ve been quite busy. Taking over a hotel is much work than I thought it would be”.

“I can understand.

Congratulations on that”, she said to him.

“Thank you”.

“So will you be coming here often?”

“Yeah. I have to”.

“Oh great. Then I’ll be seeing you around. I come here most of the time and I even have a personal room here. It’s room 556”, she said, smiling at him and Sasha was glaring at her.

“Oh I see. I didn’t know that”.

“I have a key card. I can give you my spare incase you want to come over or…”

“Girl. He’s not coming anywhere. Can’t you see me right here? Or your hoe radar is totally off to men who have women in their lives”, Sasha said to her.

“Well, I didn’t see you and I’m not a hoe, b..”

“Don’t call her that”, Ross cut in.

“She called me a hoe first”.

“Isn’t that what you are. Giving a man your key card and all. How thirsty can you be?”

“I’m out of here. And you know where to find me when you’ve gotten rid of this thing”, she said and she left.

“Are the ladies always like this around you?” Sasha asked.

“Not really. I just…”

“Hey Ross”, another lady said, waving and he waved back.

“How come I’ve never noticed how ladies throw themselves at you”.

“Because we’re usually alone”.

“Oh so you’re admitting that they throw themselves at you”.

“No, I’m just…” he started to say and he burst out laughing.

“What’s funny?”

“I love how feisty you got with the other lady. It made you look so hot doing that!”

“I just don’t like ladies who do that”.

“Sure, it’s not about me huh?”

“Get over yourself”.

“Hey Ross, it’s been a…” a lady started to say but she interrupted her.

“Just get lost!” Sasha exclaimed and it made the lady terrified. The lady walked away and Ross burst out laughing.

“I love it Sasha. I think we should be around more people. This is a huge turn on”, he said, laughing and she rolled her eyes.

“Can we leave now?”

“I was just beginning to enjoy the event”, he said, grinning.

“I’m not enjoying it”.

“Okay. Where do you want us to go to?”

“Just take me home”.

“Sasha. I hope you’re not really mad”.

“I’m not. I just want to go home and rest in order to have the strength for the after party”.

“Alright, wait here and let me quickly let my mum and some other people know that I’m leaving”, he said to her and she nodded.

“I’ll be right back”, he said and he left.

“Waiter!!! Can I get some refill?” She said to a man who was walking by and when he turned, she saw that it was Hanson.

“Oh Hanson. Sorry. I thought you were a waiter”.

“It’s fine. What drink do you want?”

“Just a cocktail”, she said and Hanson signaled to one of the waiters.

The drink arrived and he gave it to her.

“You look uncomfortable. Is everything alright?” He asked her.

“I just want to leave this place”.

“Oh okay”.

“There’s an after party. You coming?”

“I’m an employee Sasha. We’re not invited to these sort of things and I’m not the party type”, he said to her.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. Sorry. But why don’t you like parties?”

“If it’s a hang out with friends, I’m down with it. But a party with people I don’t know and people drinking and doing what not. Nah, I’m not in for that”.

“Okay. Holy Moses”, she said and he laughed.

“I’ve got to go. I hope to see you at the event”, he said to her.

“What event? Oh yeah. The food competition. Yeah I’ll be there. Can I have your contact?” She asked and he gave her his card.

“Alright. See you then”.

“Bye”, he said and he left and Ross also approached the table.

“Every minute I leave you, he pops out of no where. What’s his deal?”

“He’s my friend Ross and you talking about him so much is a turn off. You’re also my friend, remember?” She said and he lifted his hands in defeat.

“Okay okay. Let go”, he said, stretching out his hands to her. She placed hers on his and then they left.


Sasha invited her friends for the after party because she didn’t want to be stuck with just Ross and his brother.

She was at a table with Ross when they all appeared with their significant other.

“Wow. The whole train is here”, Ross said when he saw them.

“Yeah”, she said, smiling and she got up to hug all her friends and their significant other.

“Hi Sasha”, Manny said to her and she got angry.

“What’s he doing here?”

“Sasha I’m so sorry for not informing you but I just had to come with him to avoid being alone”, Adriana said to her.

“So you all allowed him to come?” She asked her friends.

“I didn’t see him till I got off Archie’s car”, Rachel said.

“I don’t want him here Adriana”.

“What’s going on?” Ross asked, confused.

“Please tell this young man to leave”, Sasha said to him.

“If he’s leaving then I’m leaving too”, Adriana said.

“It’s your choice. I made it clear to you that I don’t want him around me, so it’s your choice”.

“‘Manny let’s go”, Adriana said and he shook his head.

“You can’t do this to your friend Sasha because of me”.

“Excuse me?!”

“Just go Manny”, Rachel said to him.

“Adriana you stay. I’ll go”.

“No. I’m going with you, let’s just go”, she said and they both walked away.

“You’re all welcome”, Ross said, easing the tension.

“Please take your seat. I’ll be right back”, he said to them and he left.

“Archie I’m sorry that Adriana had to leave but…”

“It’s fine Sasha. I understand”, he said and she smiled.

“I’m so glad you all could make it”.

“Anything for you Sash”, Lilian said to her.

“So where is the hot brother”, Alicia asked.

“Sshhhh, I don’t want Ross hearing it”, Sasha said to her and she placed her hands on her mouth.

“It’s really sad that you two had to break up”, Lilian said.

“It’s for the best”, Sasha said and she nodded.

Ross came back with one of the party waiters and he took their orders. Ross and the waiter left again and they continued their conversation.

“Wow. You’ve got a huge crew here”, Roland said as he walked to the table and Sasha got tensed.

“Hi everyone. I’m Roland”, he said, shaking everyone’s hands.

“You’re all welcome and if you need anything, just let me know”. He said and they all smiled.

“Sasha you’re looking dashing as usual”, he said, winking at her and he left.

“Oh my God! He’s so hot”, Alicia said and her boyfriend cleared his throat.

“Oh baby you know you’re the only one who can get me burnt”, she said, pecking him on the lip.

“That’s too much information, Alicia”, Rachel said to her and they all laughed.

“Oh please. Ross is hotter than him. I guess you all are blind or you’re just used to seeing him, so you’ve adjusted to his face”, Lilian said and they all turned to face her.

“I knew she always had a little crush on Ross”, Ralph said to her and they all laughed.

“Who wouldn’t. He’s fine but Roland is finer”, Alicia said.

“Okay. That’s enough. Can we change the topic”.

“You know you can date the two brothers if you want. It’d be an awesome love triangle”, Alicia said and Sasha glared at her.

“As I said, change of topic”, she yelled.

“What did I miss?” Ross asked, joining in and they all tried to prevent themselves from laughing.

The drinks and snacks got served and after a while, everyone got on the dance floor except Sasha and Ross.

“Are you sure you don’t want to dance?”

“Nah. I’m good”, she said and he nodded. They talked for a while till everyone got back to the table.

The party was finally over and then they all parted ways.


The following day, Sasha and her siblings accompanied their mum to the private airport where Andre had his private jets parked.

“Hi Andre”, Sasha said to him as he approached them.

“Hey Sasha”, he said, hugging her and he hugged her sisters too.

“Hey babe”, he said, pecking Ann.

“You ready?” He asked and she nodded.

“Okay”, he called the porters to load her luggages in the plane.

“Bye girls. Be on your best behavior and as I said, Sasha is in charge now. Don’t stress her and be good girls. I love you and I’ll miss you all”, she said to them and they had a group hug.

“We love you too mum”, Sasha said, tearing up.

“And we’ll miss you”, Samantha said to her.

“Don’t forget to kill us with pictures”, Sally said and she laughed.

“Bye girls. I promise to take care of your mum and make this the most memorable time of her life”, he said and they nodded.

“Bye”, Sasha said to them as they left.

“You two should request a cab. I’ve got somewhere to go”, Sasha said to them.

“Really? So you can’t drop us off and go?” Sally asked.

“No. I don’t want to be late. I have to stop by the supermarket and then continue to my destination”.

“Where are you going to?” Samantha asked.

“A cooking competition”.

“Wow! I’ll love to come”.

“Great you can join me then”.

“Sally are you coming?”

“No way. I’ve got better places to be at”, she said and Sasha rolled her eyes.

“Okay bye”, she said and she left with Samantha.

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