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Ten Days?

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Chen Xinjie was lost deep in his own thoughts. Without a doubt, everything Tang Wulin said was sound. In truth, Tang Wulin had been well prepared before he came here. All that he said was true without an ounce of fabrication. Searching for the Holy Spirit Cult’s headquarters was one of his missions anyway. He only left out the part about the Tang Sect’s objective of preventing this war.

When he saw Chen Xinjie pondering, Tang Wulin knew that his words had reached him. From this moment on, everything would depend on the decision of the supreme commander of the combined fleet.

Chen Xinjie replayed the phone call he made before he came into the office.

“Big brother, why are so free to give me a call?”

“Mmm, Blood Dragon. Have you heard of him? Is he one of yours?”

“Blood Dragon? You mean the Blood Dragon Unit? How did you meet them?” The voice which came from the other side of the receiver was filled with shock.

“You only have to tell me about his details,” replied Chen Xinjie with a deep voice.

The other side of the receiver fell into a brief moment of silence. After a long pause, the voice on the other end was filled with emotion, “He’s an extremely outstanding young man. During the great battle not long ago, if it weren’t for him, we might already be dead. At the very least, your nephew would surely be dead. His details are considered top secret. I can’t tell you anything about that. But what I can say is this, you can trust him completely. He will also be our Blood God Army’s one true mainstay in the future. Big brother, no matter the circumstances, you must protect him. Don’t let him get hurt. Otherwise, it’ll be the entire continent’s loss.”

His younger brother’s words were still resounding in his ear. At the very least, Chen Xinjie had never heard such an appraisal of someone else from this stubborn younger brother of his. Even his direct superior, who was also a great man of the times, the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, was not praised in this way. It was obvious how great esteem he held this young man who stood before him in.

“How much time do you need? You don’t wish for this war to happen too soon?” Chen Xinjie was an old hand at trickery and deception. He immediately understood the underlying intentions of Tang Wulin’s words.

Tang Wulin did not attempt to conceal his motives as well. “That’s right. We’d like to find more evil soul masters, at the very least, and destroy them. We don’t want to do that after the war, because they will make use of the lives lost in the battle. In truth, I never thought that this war was necessary. Invasion is not the only way to restore the Federation’s glory. If we can destroy the abyssal plane, convert its energy and absorb it, we can achieve the same objective they have, which is to devour the other plane. Of course, that’s just my personal opinion. I’m aware that my thoughts can’t change anything, but the bottom line is, the Holy Spirit Cult is my lifelong enemy.”

Chen Xinjie said, “I’ll give you ten days. Remember, you only have ten days. If you can’t find enough proof within ten days to prove that this attack was done by the Holy Spirit Cult, even I can’t stop this war from happening before it should. To tell you the truth, I’m also one of the supporters of this war. However, I wouldn’t want to start this war before our preparations are complete.”

“You’re still young. I won’t deny that wars are terrifying, but most of the time, partial sacrifices are inevitable for the advancement of the human race.”

Tang Wulin looked at Chen Xinjie. When he saw his unwavering gaze, he did not retort. He knew very well that he would not be able to convince this Hawk Faction leader to give up on the war.

“Okay, I’ll surely give you an answer in ten days.”

Chen Xinjie’s hand flashed. A crystal wrapped in metal flew toward Tang Wulin.

“This is my Sea God token. Take it. With this, you can roam freely within Skysea City. For these ten days, the army will completely seal off Skysea City to cooperate with your search. However, with the pressure exerted by the public, that’s the most we can do.”

“Thank you, supreme commander,” Tang Wulin sighed in relief. He gave Chen Xinjie a military salute. Then, he turned around and left.

Before he came, he had already prepared himself for the worst-case scenario. If Chen Xinjie was so headstrong that he would try to take him down, he had an escape plan in place. This time, even His Excellency the Limit Douluo, the Amorous Douluo came with him.

Fortunately, everything happened as he had expected. He had bought ten days’ time for himself and his companions.

Tang Wulin only relaxed his spirits after exiting Chen Xinjie’s office. Before he came, he had had a detailed discussion with Zhang Huanyun and Cao Dezhi. They laid out a strategy for his upcoming conversation.

Naturally, he did not tell the two of them that he would like to stop this war. He only told them that he wished that the war would not start too soon. He wanted to find more Holy Spirit Cult members with this opportunity.

Zhang Huanyun and Chen Xinjie were acquaintances and they were very familiar with each other. In truth, they were both alumni of the Battle God Hall. Whether it was in terms of cultivation base or influence, Chen Xinjie was superior to Zhang Huanyun. Further down the road, Zhang Huanyun had chosen to join the Blood God Army whereas Chen Xinjie became the Battle God Hall’s Hall Master. They could be regarded as old friends. Blood Two was Chen Xinjie’s younger brother.

It was precisely because of these relationships that Zhang Huanyun was certain that Tang Wulin would not be in too much danger from his meeting with Chen Xinjie. As for the documents from the Ministry of Supervision, they were not too difficult to procure.

With Chen Xinjie’s Sea God token, at the very least, Tang Wulin and the Blood Dragon Unit did not have to act in the dark. The next ten days were crucial for them. They had to stop this war from being brought forward no matter what.

Tang Wulin brought his companions back to their lodgings. He did not reveal the details of his conversation with Chen Xinjie. He let the others rest while he had a discussion with the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin.

“Your Excellency, how many resources can the Tang Sect mobilize in Skysea City? We only have ten days, and Skysea City is under complete lockdown. Those evil soul masters should still be here. The only thing is that they’ve hidden themselves well. Where do you think we should start to search for them?” Although Tang Wulin had some ideas of his own, he decided to ask for Zang Xin’s opinion first.

Zang Xin replied gravely, “Ten days seem like a long time, but it’s not long enough. We must utilize every second we have. Now that we have the army’s support, it’ll be greatly beneficial to our cause. We can mobilize enough manpower in Skysea City, but we can’t mobilize too much. After all, you’ve only shown the army your Blood Dragon Unit. Ten or twenty men were easy to explain, but if you brought too many, it’s difficult for the army to not be suspicious of our objectives. There’s a possibility that our real objective will be exposed. So, we must limit our manpower to a certain extent.”

“As for where we should start looking for them, the evil soul masters are like venomous serpents lurking within underground holes. It’s definitely not easy to find them in this huge city. The best way to go about this is to draw the serpent out of its hole!”

Tang Wulin beamed. Great minds really did think alike. The Amorous Douluo’s thoughts were similar to his. The Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul masters were most adept at hiding. If they started their search blindly, it would be no different than searching for a needle in a haystack. Drawing the serpent out of its hole and making it come out of its own accord was no doubt the best way.

“If you want to draw them out, you must have something to attract them. Wulin, do you have any ideas?” Zang Xin looked at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin nodded slightly. “Our greatest advantage right now is that we have the army’s support. For the Holy Spirit Cult, they are unaware of our presence. The current public opinion has tied this current attack to the Star Luo Empire. However, the Boundless Sea Douluo furiously announced that this matter will be thoroughly investigated. I think that we must first make the army slacken their internal investigations. I also believe that this attack happened with the cooperation of some Hawk Faction members from within the army. If the Boundless Sea Douluo gives tacit consent to this and pushes for war, then the Holy Spirit Cult will relax. If something that’s attractive enough were to appear, they’ll surely show themselves. When that time comes, we only have to be ready and waiting for the appearance of our enemy. It will surely pay off.”

Zang Xin nodded in satisfaction, saying with a smile, “Alright, then you should carry out your plan. We’ll cooperate with you to the best of our abilities. I’ll be by your side for now.”

It was not that he did not trust that Tang Wulin could handle this matter. He wanted to accompany him to ensure his safety. Whether it was to the Tang Sect or Shrek Academy, Tang Wulin was too important. They could not afford to lose him.

What Tang Wulin did not know was that although the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue had not come with them, she had personally asked Zang Xin to take good care of Tang Wulin no matter what.

From the attack of Skysea City’s military port until now, it had been five days. The issue had enough time to fester and cries for the war to begin arose from all corners of the country. All signs pointed toward the Star Luo Empire’s army. There was even a rumor that convincing evidence had been found which confirmed that the Star Luo Empire would take further action. The various media companies raced against each other to report the news. The public’s interest was at an all-time high.

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