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Tang Wulin spoke gravely, “What if there was collusion where someone was working from the inside in coordination with the forces from the outside? What if it was done thoroughly?”

“Collusion?” Chen Xinjie’s pupils constricted while his gaze turned icy cold. “Where does this collusion come from? Could it be that there’s a snitch in your Blood God Army?”

Tang Wulin shook his head, “There’s no snitch in the army, of course. Every soldier who is allowed to enter the Blood God Army has already passed through strict scrutiny.

However, some people whose goal is to destroy the entire plane are sparing no efforts to provoke this great catastrophe. If the abyssal tide is capable of breaking our Blood God Army’s barrier, it will certainly plunge people into misery and suffering. On the other hand, if the calamity were to occur, then only those people could possibly benefit from the situation.”

“So who are you referring to? Evil soul masters?” Chen Xinjie’s attitude toward Tang Wulin had obviously relaxed to a certain level. It was apparent that he believed Tang Wulin’s words a little bit more now.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes, it’s exactly them. We are unaware of how those evil soul masters snuck in, but they managed to damage the internal seal of the abyssal passage slightly. Thus, the abyssal plane relied on this tiny flaw to attempt a breach by force at all costs and we were caught off guard. The Federation was unaware of this great battle, but in reality, the situation was extremely dangerous at the time. Not only was the Blood Gods Great Array initiated completely, we still had to fight against the surprise attack from the Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses. We were near our breaking point when reinforcements from our plane arrived. Only then, with great effort, were we able to withstand the abyssal tide and push them back. However, the army suffered major losses because of this. More importantly, the presence of the Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul masters is akin to a sharp sword suspended in the air. We don’t know when they will attempt to ally with the abyssal plane once again.”

“Hold on.” Chen Xinjie interrupted Tang Wulin’s conversation. “There’s always a purpose when anyone is doing anything. Then, please tell me, what was the purpose of the abyssal plane attacking us at all costs? Why are they acting so recklessly? The abyssal plane should know that it’s not that easy to attack and occupy the entire Douluo Continent. They will certainly feel the planar pressure when they surge into our world. If they’re not careful, they may suffer from severe losses too.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “The abyssal plane has always been planning to devour our plane’s life force. Frankly, the abyssal plane chose to launch the attack at this time for one particular reason, which was that our plane is weakening at its source.”

“Humanity’s rampant exploitation of the Douluo Planet is resulting in the gradual depletion of our resources. This is also the main reason why the Hawk Faction that you’re representing is about to launch attacks to seize the Star Luo and Dou Spirit Empire’s resources. At the same time, the consumption of our world’s resources is also damaging our planet’s ecological balance. Shrek Academy was destroyed by rank-12 Godkiller fixed soul ammunition. The Ancient Gold Tree that guarded the Sea God’s Pavilion was also destroyed at the same time. Yet, do you know that the Ancient Gold Tree represented the Life Tree of our entire Douluo Planet? It was the core of nature. Its annihilation has further resulted in worsening the overall situation on the planet. The planar power has reduced, so this was the root cause for the abyssal plane choosing to launch such a powerful attack at that time. They hoped to make the most of the opportunity when we are weak to completely destroy and devour us such that the abyssal plane could take over soon after.”

Chen Xinjie felt that his heart and mind were shocked upon listening to Tang Wulin’s words. Yes! Why was the Hawk Faction choosing to support conflict and rushing to invade the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire? It was precisely because the situation regarding the Federation’s depleting resources was growing worse and worse. Meanwhile, the Federation’s drafted plan was to continue colonizing, not on the Douluo Planet, but on other planets in outer space in the near future.

The small-scale spacecraft developed by the Federation’s secret research facility had already discovered some planets with the potential for human habitation. However, they would need a large number of resources for research and technological development in order to perform interplanetary colonization. At the time, the resources available on the Douluo Continent were incapable of supporting such an endeavor.

The root cause of waging war was to capture their resources. As for Tang Wulin’s words earlier, Chen Xinjie found it very affecting for Tang Wulin had just explained the problem faced by the Douluo Continent based on the opinion of another plane.

Even though the Federation did not directly cause the explosion at Shrek Academy, everyone in the Federation agreed tacitly that the academy’s position was overly prestigious, and any talk of war would be hindered by the Independent Faction led by Shrek Academy. This was an obstacle in the Federation plans for the future.

Thus, radical factions colluded with unknown forces to launch that unprecedented terrorist attack that resulted in Shrek Academy’s complete annihilation and the destruction of the Tang Sect’s headquarters.

Chen Xinjie had his own ideology. His ideology was to see mankind truly began interplanetary colonization in his lifetime and to seek out more habitable lands for the people of the Douluo Continent. In the name of this goal, he would stop at nothing. However, he was also unaware that Shrek Academy’s annihilation had worsened the condition of the entire plane.

“The other reason that the abyssal plane launched the attack was that the Blood God Army now had a secret weapon in our hands. We could finally destroy the abyssal creatures’ abyssal energy in a true sense. This made them fear that they would be consumed entirely if the battle between the abyssal plane and mankind continued. If they’re incapable of taking our Douluo Planet in the future, it would even be possible for us to counterattack the abyssal plane maybe completely destroy it after prolonged consumption.”

“What are you saying?” If Tang Wulin’s earlier analysis had managed to move Chen Xinjie somewhat, his current claims had gripped Chen Xinjie’s heart.

“What sort of weapon developed did the Blood God Army develop that’s capable of destroying abyssal energy?” Powerful spiritual dominance burst out from Chen Xinjie’s body once again.

Tang Wulin endured his spiritual aura with great effort. He nodded in all apparent seriousness. “Yes, we’ve developed the weapon. Moreover, I can confirm that it’s very effective. We’ve managed to kill three abyssal kings this time and destroyed three out of the one hundred and eight layers of the abyss.”

Chen Xinjie inhaled a deep breath strenuously as his eyes flickered. Of course, he was well aware of the significance of this event. The abyssal plane’s tremendous threat had already existed for thousands of years. It was just like a time bomb. No wonder the abyssal plane launched an attack on such a scale. Chen Xinjie truly did not expect that the Blood God Army could develop such a weapon. This signified that Blood God Army’s status would be greatly elevated!

“Moreover, there is still the possibility of converting the abyssal plane’s energy into life force for our Douluo Continent to regenerate. We can solve our increasingly exhausted life force issue too.”

Chen Xinjie’s breathing sounded heavier. “Are you speaking the truth?”

Tang Wulin said, “I believe that you have Regimental Commander Zhang’s contact? Why don’t you give him a call and ask about it? He granted me permission to tell you about this. This is the greatest secret of our Blood God Army. The Blood God Army was formed by the four forces of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the War God Hall and the Spirit Pagoda originally. It had developed and elevated over the past thousands of years. The War God Hall has always been a crucial part of us.”

Chen Xinjie calmed down gradually after the momentary shock.

“Revealing all this, how is it related to the purpose of your trip here?” asked Chen Xinjie in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin spoke, “My comrades and I formed the Blood Dragon Unit. We are officially appointed by the army. I’m the captain of the Blood Dragon Unit. Our purpose is to look for the Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul masters as they’ve already learned that our top-secret weapon exists. Moreover, the Holy Spirit Cult will certainly become our formidable enemy in the future. We don’t want to be stabbed in the back when we’re engaging in a great battle against the abyssal plane. Thus, the army is willing to fight against the Holy Spirit Cult to completely rid ourselves of these dirty fellows when we discover any trace of them no matter the cost. Only by doing so can we devote every effort to fighting the abyss.”

“Theoretically, the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire could not possibly launch attacks against the federal military at this point regardless. They’re obviously aware that their strength is inferior to ours, so they should only fear an upcoming war, not provoke one. In that case, who would really benefit from triggering the war at this time? Other than encouraging the public to support the war, Holy Spirit Cult will certainly acquire more death energy when the war happens. Thus, I hope that, with your permission, we can have some time to look for these Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul masters. We wish to find the real culprits behind this and it will be even better if we can track down the Holy Spirit Cult’s old nest.”

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