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Your Identity Is Fake

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A powerful spiritual overbearingness was upon Tang Wulin instantaneously. The pressure was suffocating for Tang Wulin. It felt like an endless, mighty torrent which was going to crush him into fragments completely.

It was a spiritual domain! Tang Wulin immediately knew that the Limit Douluo before him had unleashed the spiritual domain.

If not for his previous experience of the spiritual domain unleashed by the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, he would have been incapable of enduring the present attack. However, he had continued his cultivation to elevate his spiritual power which had already achieved the Spirit Domain realm. Even though Tang Wulin had yet to comprehend his spiritual domain, his defense was rather powerful.

The spiritual overbearingness only lasted for a short while. A sense of astonishment flashed past Chen Xinjie’s face. “That’s the Spirit Domain realm. You’ve got the spiritual power of the Spirit Domain, huh?”

Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten. He did not manage to conceal his Spirit Domain’s spiritual power due to the suppression of the other person’s spiritual domain. It was getting a little troublesome for him as this Limit Douluo was paying too much attention to him. The man before Tang Wulin was the current Hall Master of the War God Hall! Although Tang Wulin’s makeup was flawless, his identity might be revealed if the Limit Douluo scrutinized him.

Chen Xinjie’s gaze was as sharp as a knife. If everyone from the Hawk Faction was described as an eagle, then he was most certainly the eagle king amongst the eagles. Let alone a major general, even a general of the same rank would find it hard to resist his powerful influence. However, the youth before Chen Xinjie appeared to be calm and composed.

Chen Xinjie’s aura remained powerful, but he was surprised at the same time. It was apparent that the young man was barely thirty years old, yet he possessed the Spirit Domain’s spiritual power. It was unprecedented. Even when he was at the youth’s age, he was far weaker than his current realm.

Spiritual power elevation was different from soul power elevation. There are times one could rely on consuming some heaven and earth treasures to assist in the elevation of the soul power cultivation base. As for spiritual power elevation, one could only accumulate and cultivate one’s spiritual power. In addition, one would need to be bestowed with truly powerful natural endowments in order to charge at the Spirit Domain Realm.

Only a handful of the known heaven and earth treasures were capable of directly elevating one’s spiritual power. The young man named Blood Dragon who stood before him had a spiritual power cultivation base that was strong and steady. He had not just entered the Spirit Domain realm, but had already acquired a certain level of comprehension toward the Spirit Domain realm. Apparently, Chen Xinjie was even more astonished.

He was aware of the significance of the spiritual power at this level. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this young man would certainly be a peerless powerhouse in the future.

As a high-ranking officer of the Federation, his position as the War God Hall’s Hall Master was higher than a general by a rank as the War God Hall represented the most powerful force in the Federation.

The outside world had no knowledge of some of the secrets which existed. For example, the divine mecha controlled by the Federation would only be available to the War God Hall. It was an untold secret. Each year, the Federation’s investment in the War God Hall was astronomical.

The War God Hall’s position was unmoved regardless of any changes in the federal parliament. Other than the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, only a few people knew how powerful the War God Hall’s true abilities were.

The outside world only knew about the Eighteen War Gods of the War God Hall.

“Are you the successor groomed by Zhang Huanyun? Or the successor to Blood One?” asked Chen Xinjie indifferently.

Tang Wulin spoke, “Supreme Commander, I’m not here to discuss this issue. Would you like to listen to our investigation of the attack?”

Chen Xinjie raised his brows ever so slightly. No one had the audacity to speak to him in such a manner. He could see the power and confidence in Tang Wulin’s eyes.

“Young man, do you know this place?” asked Chen Xinjie coldly.

Tang Wulin smiled calmly. “It’s your office.”

Chen Xinjie sneered coldly. “Your identity is fake. The special correspondent is fake. The federal supervisory division would never send someone over to my place, not unless they don’t want to live anymore.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Chen Xinjie to be contemptuous and cunning. At the same time, he was surprised at his awesome power. He had done some background check on Chen Xinjie prior to his visit. Even though he was a leader of the Hawk Faction, he was virtuous and strict. He would never be involved in any unwholesome activity. For this reason, Tang Wulin insisted on taking this trip.

“The Blood God Army would not meddle with the supervisory division. Thus, my first reaction upon listening to you was to execute you by shooting. You’re quite bold! You have the audacity to make your way to the joint command. You even snuck your way past the checkpoints to see me. You’re considered quite capable. That’s why I’m giving you this opportunity. Tell me, what’s your purpose?”

Tang Wulin remained calm and unhurried despite Chen Xinjie’s overbearing and oppressive gaze. He was not alarmed in spite of what Chen Xinjie said.

“I’m aware I can’t hide my identity from you. I’m sure you can tell by a glance that I didn’t come from some supervisory division. I used the name of the supervisory division because I hope to at least get the opportunity to meet you,” said Tang Wulin naturally.

“Oh?” Chen Xinjie’s gaze moved ever so slightly. “Do you know that I can have you court-martialed for your behavior?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “I know you won’t.”

“Speak then, you only have one opportunity to convince me.” Chen Xinjie walked to the sofa and took a seat.

In secret, Tang Wulin felt relieved. He knew Chen Xinjie was not only powerful but a sensible person as well. He could be unyielding and cunning as a fox at times. At present, he was one of the mightiest in today’s world. He was at the same rank with the following luminaries, namely: Shrek Academy’s Atlas Douluo Yun Ming who was the Sea God’s Pavilion Master, the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master Qiangu Dongfeng, and the Tang Sect Douluo Hall’s Hall Master Heartless Douluo.

“I can only discuss this matter with you alone. If you have any audio monitoring equipment in this room, I’d suggest that you turn it off. This matter is of the highest security level of the Federation. I’m only allowed to speak to you after being authorized by Blood One and the Regimental Commander Zhang.” Tang Wulin’s expression turned solemn as his gaze dimmed.

Chen Xinjie spoke indifferently. “I don’t have any audio monitoring equipment for I don’t need to justify my actions all this while. Thus, please speak your mind.”

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a faint smile. He put his palms together in front of his chest. Each time a radiance flickered in his eyes, the air would waver slightly.

“Supreme Commander, I’m sure you know about the existence of the abyssal plane. Recently, an unprecedented abyssal tide appeared which, I’m sure, the military had received news of it too. The Blood God Army requested reinforcements from the military.”

Chen Xinjie nodded. “However, the issue was resolved soon after, right? How was it different from the other abyssal tides from the past?”

Tang Wulin’s gaze was fixated. “There’s a difference, an immense difference. There were more than ten abyssal kings that participated in the abyssal tide including monarch-ranked powerhouses. It was even more terrifying that the lord of the abyssal plane known as the abyssal sage king made a move too.”

Chen Xinjie stood upright abruptly for he truly had no idea regarding the matter. The Blood God Army had not reported it to their superior nor at the parliamentary level. It was classified as top secret.

“Abyssal Sage King?”

Tang Wulin nodded strenuously. “Yes, the abyssal sage king that had never appeared before, even when the abyssal passage took form six thousand years ago, made a move this time. The Blood God Army was almost annihilated. The abyssal sage king represented the strength of the entire abyssal plane.”

“That’s impossible.” Chen Xinjie spoke, “After all, it is a rivalry between the two planes and we’re the home court. The pressure from our plane itself would have rendered the abyssal plane incapable of taking in so many powerhouses.”

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