At What Cost - S01 E78

4 months ago

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Ewww,young Nara exclaimed almost seeing Jordan and his sister kiss, so they quickly disengage.

Uhn, Nara, what’s up, Jordan scratching his head.

I’m going to tell big brother sanju, Jordan said and was about leaving.

Nara wait, don’t forget our secreeet, Jordan stressed.

You wouldn’t, Nara said almost turning red.

Only if you, Jordan said chuckling.

You meany, Nara said and Jordan pinched his cheeks.

Fine, but I am not your friend again, Nara said grumbled then turn to leave the room.

Do you mind telling me your little secret, Nara sister asker holding her waist.

Nothing, just man to man talk nothing much.

O’man to man, I get it, she said feigning anger .

Don’t get angry, jordan said playfully pulling her.

I’m thinking of telling sanju about us, jordan said.

No, don’t, he is going to be upset, you know how you guys are.

But babe

Shush, she said placing her fingers on his lips with time we would together


Take of Nara, and I love you, Nara sister said as she gave up the ghost.

Chloe, Chloe, Jordan said screamed amidst tears.


Jordan, it is me Nara, let go, Nara said struggling to free his neck from Felix hand, high up the ground.

But Jordan still held on firmly to his neck, Nara face was now red and his veins could be seen.

Chloe, remember Chloe, Nara said,

What did you say,

Chloe, Nara mumbled.

Jordan let go and Nara dropped down gasping for air.


What have i done, I’m sorry Nara, Jordan said trying to get close to him.

Stay away from me, Nara said keeping to the back.

I didn’t mean to hurt you, Jordan said.

I know but just stay back.


You went crazy again after you promised to keep yourself in check, Nara yelled.

I am sorry, I lost control because you were almost killed, i promised your sister to keep you safe .

I know but promise me, if you ever go berserk you would quit been the demon shinobi.

Jordan, jordan

OK, ok, I promise, jordan replied.

Good, I just designed a ninja suit for you .

Are you kidding, Jordan asked excitedly.

No , I am not, it is much easier to put on, just like a super suit, it made of silver with a little touch of gold , is gonna make you invincible.

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