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Sasha and her sisters were in Ann’s room, helping het to pack for her world tour.

“Mum, I really think that you have to buy a new set of clothes”, Sally said to her.

“No, she doesn’t. She has a lot of clothes that she’s not even worn and when she travels, she can get new ones if she wants”, Samantha said as she folded her mum’s clothes.

“Well, I still think she should get new clothes. Sash what do you think?”

“Mmm, I think I’ll go with Sally on this one. We have to get new clothes, shoes and accessories for this trip. This is a world tour and it deserves a huge preparation”, Sasha said and Sally gave her a high five. Samantha rolled her eyes and continued with what she was doing.

“So mum are we going shopping or not?” Sasha asked.

“Shopping! Shopping!” They both said in unison waiting for her to speak up.

“Okay, we’d go shopping!” Ann said, grinning.

“Yes!!” They both said in unison.

“Girl you better stop folding those clothes. We’re going shopping”, Sally said to Samantha.

“So where do you suggest that we go to? “Ann asked Sasha.

“Mum, you don’t have to worry. I’ve got it covered”, Sally said in excitement as she scrolled through her phone.

“Yes! I got the perfect one and it’s 2 hours away”, she said and they all widened their eyes.

“What? Why are we going that far? There are a lot of boutiques in the city”, Sasha said to her.

“Trust me. This would be the best one for mum! It’s huge and they’ve got elegant stuff over there and we need a road trip with mum before she goes”, Sally said to them.

“Road trip? I’m in!” Samantha said, smiling.

“Now see who is coming around. Give me a high 5”, she said to Samantha and she was ignored.

“Always spoiling the fun. Anyway, mum what do you think?”

“I’m in!” she exclaimed and they all jumped in excitement.

“What car should we take?” Ann asked.

“My pickup of course”, Samantha said.

“Eww, we’re not construction workers”, Sally said to her.

“It’s a 2018 Navara pick up you dummy!”

“Whatever. We’re not using that!”

“We can use my ford mustang!” their mum said and they were surprised.

“You’ll let us use that?” Sasha asked.

“Yeah! It’s a road trip. We need all the fresh air we can get”.

“Yay!!” they all exclaimed as they rejoiced.

“Yes! Always knew there was a cool mum inside of you”, she said and her mum glared at her.

“Sorry sorry, you’re always a cool mum. I’m going to get ready!” Sally said and she left the room. The others followed and everyone got ready for the road trip.

They got into the car and Sally got in with a tripod stand and a light stand.

“What is wrong with you? How do you expect this to fit in the car?” Samantha asked her.

“What are you going to do with all these?” Sasha asked.

“I’m a vlogger duh!”

“So you just wanted us to do this so that you could vlog about it?” Samantha asked.

“If you put it that way but it’s all for mum. We’re creating memories”.

“it still won’t fit. You’re going to make me uncomfortable”, Samatha said to her.

“I won’t, I promise”.

“No. You can take videos with your hand or a selfie stick and there’s enough light in the sky for the video to be perfect. The light and tripod stand is not necessary!”

“Mum, please talk to her”, Sally said, frowning.

“Sally, drop it. Samantha is right”.

“You all s--k and I’m choosing to let this go because we’re doing this for you”, Sally said as she took out her tripod stand and Light stand. She dropped it off in the hallway and got back into the car. After they settled, Ann drove off.

They played songs on their way and danced to it as Sally took videos and pictures of everything in and out of the car.

They finally arrived at the huge boutique and Sally was right, they had a lot of elegant and pretty outfits. They all ended up shopping for themselves too.


Sasha was in her room trying out the outfits she bought when she heard a knock on her door.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s Ross”.

“Ross? Wait”, she said, putting on her dress and then she opened the door.

“Hey”, she said, smiling and he walked in.

“Hi”, he said, pecking her on her cheek and he walked in.

“Mmm, your room is quite busy”, he said and she chuckled.

“Yeah, my family and I went shopping. You can sit”, she said to him and he sat on the couch.

“I see. Then you all really had fun I guess”, he said to her and she nodded.

“You look all dressed up. Is there an occasion?”

“Yeah. There’s fundraising event at my hotel and I was wondering if you could come with me”.


“Yeah, if you’re not busy”.

“Uhm, it’s too sudden. You should have told me yesterday or this morning”.

“I tried to call you but you didn’t pick and I left several messages for you concerning it”.

“Ohh, I’m sure I was busy. I’m sorry but I doubt I can. I now have to bath, pick out an outfit, do my makeup and hair and all that. It’s work”.

“I knew you would say that and so I came prepared. All you have to do is bath and then the stylist and glam team will take over”.

“What sylist and glam team?”

“They are in your lobby, waiting”.


“Yeah”, she said, grinning.

“Ross you didn’t have to do that”.

“I’ll do anything for you”, he said, smiling.

“Hmm, alright then. Please wait for me. I’ll quickly take my bath and then send for the team”.

“Alright”, he said and he left.


They both arrived at the event and the place was crowded with a lot of rich people ready to show off.

“Mmm, this is a huge event”, she said to him.

“Yeah. My mum and some other wealthy women decided to do this for the needy”.

“Oh, that’s nice!”

“Do you want to sit and eat something or do you want to walk around and observe what’s going on?”

“I think I’ll just walk around”.

“Okay. There are a lot of artefacts and murals being auctioned. We can take a look at them”.

“Sure!” she said and she walked around with him.

“Ross! Your mum needs you to do something urgently”, a gentle man said as he approached them.

“Now?” he asked.


“Sasha, I have to go. I’ll be back. You can sit over there and request for a drink”, he said to her and she nodded her head.

Sasha decided to walk around on her own to see if she could bid on any of the art works.

She came across a mural she found to be quite interesting. She stood by it and gazed upon it. As she was observing it, she was interrupted by Hanson.

“Got a thing for art?” he asked, startling her.

“Hey Hanson. I wasn’t expecting you to be here. I was expecting you to be at the.. uhm..”.



“Well, I’m the head chef and I’ve been instructed to move around and listen to the feedbacks on the food and drinks”, he said, chuckling.

“I see. And how is it so far?”

“These people don’t care for the food. The women have their eyes glued to other women, I think they are checking out everyone’s outfit and hair and what not. And the men are concerned on the amount of money the other man is bidding. Tales of the rich”, he said, shaking his head and Sasha laughed.

“Well you’re right but that’s the kind of society we find ourselves in. It’s always a competition no matter the amount of money you have”.

“Yeah, I guess so. But you’re different”.

“How so?”

“Well, here you are focused on an art piece and you don’t seem to care about the other women here”.

“Mmm. Anyway how has it been working here?”

“It’s been awesome. I get to try out new recipes and I’ve got a great team of chefs. They are all good and sometimes it makes me nervous because I’m the head but it’s a lovely experience and I can’t wait to get my own restaurant”.

“Wow? You want to get one?”

“It’s been my dream”.

“That’s awesome. You might end up being one of the biggest and the best”.

“You think?”

“Yeah. You are a good cook and a goal getter”.

“Thank you for that. Do you cook?”

“Yeah. I do, I cook my own food most of the time”.

“Really? You don’t seem like that type”.

“Is that supposed to be a compliment or a diss?”

“However you take it”, he said to her and she laughed.

“I’m a very good cook you know. Don’t let my look deceive you”, she said, smirking.

“Mmm, well. Till I taste and see, I wouldn’t believe”.

“You doubting Thomas!! When there is an opportunity for me to show you my skills, I will!”

“Mmm, there is an opportunity but I doubt you would be interested”.

“What is it?”

“My church is organizing a cooking competition. It’s our 10th anniversary and as part of the celebration, we’d be having a food bazaar which involves a cooking competition”.

“Mmm yeah. I’m not interested”.

“Sure, so I will stick to my belief that you can’t cook”.

“You know what? I’ll come and show you all how good I am and after that I might even come for your job”, she said to him and he laughed.

“I’ll be expecting it. Here’s the flier”, he said, giving it to her.

“Bring it on, Han!!”

“Han, I like the nick name. Bring it on Sashy”, he said to her.

“Sashy? What’s that?” she asked and they both laughed.

“Hey, I was looking for you”, Ross said, approaching them.

“Hey Mr Ross”, Hanson said and he walked away.

“Are you two that close now?” Ross asked.

“I don’t know but he’s an interesting person”, she said, grinning.

“You have to be careful. Men can be gold diggers too”.

“Really? You don’t even know him”.

“I’m just saying”.

“I don’t think Hans is like that”.

“Mmm, you already got a nick name for him. Do you like him?”


“Ross, don’t start! I’m actually happy now, don’t spoil it”.He’s

“Sorry. I was just asking”.

“I need a drink”, she said and she walked away.

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