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“Avoiding you? No, I’m not”, Sasha said to her as she approached her.

“You are! And I’m not mad at you. So you can stop avoiding me”, Adriana said, grinning.

“Mad at me? Is she being serious. Is that what she thinks?” Sasha said in her head.

“Oh thank God you’re not mad”, Sasha said, faking a smile.

“I’m sure you had your reasons to just ditch me like that”.

“I’m sorry”.

“It’s fine. I’m actually going to hang out with some friends I met over there. Do you want to come?”

“Oh nah. I’m too tired from work and all that”.

“It will be fun and this can help you destress”.

“Uhh. I really want to sleep. Maybe some other time”.

“Alright. I’ll see you then”, she said and she left.

Sasha heaved a sigh of relief and walked into her house.


The following weekend, Sasha and Ross decided to eat out for lunch.

“Guess where we are going to?” He asked her.

“I don’t know. Where?”

“Chevron hotel”.

“Really?” She said, trying to remember what was peculiar about the hotel. Then she remembered that Hanson worked there.

“Yeah, it’s one of my mum’s hotels and she wants me to start handling it”.

“Oh wow. That’s awesome. Would you have time for that?”

“Not too sure but I can move things around and make time”.

“Okay. I’m happy for you”.

“Thank you. So after our lunch, I’ll be introducing myself to the staff”, he said.

“Okay. I actually have a frie…. I won’t say a friend but I know someone who works there”.

“Oh wow. See who mingles with the commoners”, he said to her and she laughed.

“I guess I have to go home and change my outfit”.

“Don’t worry. I got that covered”, he said, smirking and he revealed a box to her.

She quickly opened the box and there was a blue dress with silver lining in it. She took it out and admired it.

“Wow. This is lovely. Thank you so much babe”, she said, pecking him on the lip.

“But uh. What do I wear on my feet and what accessories will I use?” She asked.

“I got that covered too” he said, revealing another box and she opened it and there was another box in it with silver accessories and a silver pair of stilettos.

“Wow, they are beautiful, thank you so much Ross”.

“And I know you’re going to ask for makeup and a hair redo and all that and…”

“Don’t worry. I always carry my makeup around and hair stuff around”.


“Yeah. It’s in my car. You never know what will happen”.

“I see you’re always prepared huh?”


“But you don’t carry extra dresses and shoes?” He asked, smirking.

“Sometimes I do and sometimes I’m like if it’s something really important, I’ll just step into any boutique and get a new outfit”.

“I see. Anyway, I’ve got a glam team waiting for you, so they’ll take care of your makeup and hair”.

“Is it my birthday?” She asked, chuckling.

“It’s a day for us to celebrate”.

“Oh yeah. The new CEO of Chevron hotel. We salute you”, she said and they both laughed.

“Would you love to take your bath before getting ready?”


“Great. Can I join?”

“No!” She said and she walked to the bathroom.


They both arrived at the hotel and there was a huge parade team there to welcome them and they walked them to their table.

“Wow, is this how all the guests are welcomed?”

“No. This is special for us”.

“I see”.

“And this is the best table. It’s got the best view”.

“I can see that”, she said, looking around.

“I don’t mean to burst your bubble but I’ve been at this table before”.

“Oh crap. So it isn’t that special after all?”

“It is. It’s been like 3 years or so. So it is special”.

“Okay. Would you like to make your order now?” He asked and she nodded.

“Great”, he said, giving a hand signal to one the waiters who was standing aside.

“Here is the menu”, she said, handing over a tablet to her.

She scrolled through and made her order.

“Is that all?” Ross asked.

“Yeah. It is. I’m not too hungry”.

“Okay”, he said and he made his own order.

The food arrived, and they ate and talked for a while. When they were done, he requested for the manager to assemble all the staff at the conference room.

When they were all assembled he and Sasha walked to the conference room for his introduction.

“Good day everyone. My name is Ross Anderson. But you can just call me Mr Ross, Starting from today, I’ll be your new CEO as my mum Miss Anderson has stepped down. So for now nothing is going to change. We’ll just stick to what we do and make sure we do our best. Our motto here is still excellence. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir”, they all said to him.

“Okay and this lovely lady here is my girlfriend. You might see more of her here. You can address her as Mis….”

“Sasha is fine”, she said, interrupting him and someone giggled.

“Who was that?” he asked and Hanson put up his hand.

“I’m sorry sir”, he said to him.

“What exactly was funny?”

“Relax Ross. That’s the person I know and I’m sure he’s just laughing because he knows me”, she said, whispering to him.

“I still need to address it or they wouldn’t respect me”.

“Sure. It’s your hotel. Do what you want”.

“I’m still waiting young man”.

“I’m sorry, I remembered something which triggered me to laugh”.

“Can you share what with us?”

“Ross?” Sasha said to him.

“Allow me Sasha”.

“We’re waiting young man”, he said and Hanson was quiet.

“He uhm. He once worked for me and I’m sure this has happened before and so remembering it, made him laugh”, Sasha said, smiling and Ross was a bit annoyed that she interrupted.

“Okay. Let’s proceed. As I said, excellence. Understood?”

“Yes sir”.

“Okay. You can all leave but I’ll need the senior staff to wait behind”, he said and the junior staff left.

“I’ll need you all to introduce yourself and your role in this hotel”. He said and they all introduced themselves.

“My name is Hanson Carr and I’m the head chef”, he said, smiling and Ross nodded.

When they were all done introducing themselves. He dismissed them.

“Sasha. I really don’t like what you did. You should have let him speak up for himself and not speak for him.”

“You were taking things too far”.

“Really? You take things too far with your employees at work and do you hear me talk about it or step in to undermine you”?

“I’m sorry but he’s my friend. I was expecting you to drop it but you were stretching it and I’m sure he laughed because I spoke”.

“I’m his boss. He’s supposed to compose himself in front of me and how do I even know him?”

“He worked at a restaurant close to the clinic where I go to for counseling”.

“I see. So you became friends with everyone there?”

“I don’t like this question and I don’t know why you’re stretching this thing. I said I’m sorry. Can we go now?” She asked and he was quiet so she walked out.

On her way out, she saw Hanson.

“Hey”, he said to her.

“Hi. I love your new outfit”, she said, smiling.

“Me too. It’s way better than the one I had to wear at the other place”.

“Yeahhh. You’ve upgraded”, she said, grinning.

“So you’re my boss’s girl”.

“Yeah but you won’t see much of me here unless I’m coming to eat”.

“Okay cool but you didn’t have to step in for me. I could have said something”.

“I just didn’t want things to go sideways”.

“Okay. But one word of advice. It’ll be better if you don’t interrupt him in his work especially when he’s addressing an employee. Doing that might make him feel someway”.

“So if you were in his shoes, you would have felt someway?”

“Not really but you rich people are really egotistical”, he said to her and she chuckled.

“Oops he’s coming. I’ll take my leave now”, he said and he left.

Sasha waited for him to get to where he was standing and he walked up to her.

“So you still went to talk to him after you undermined me in front of him”.

“Gosh. What’s your problem? I can speak to whoever I want and you can’t question that”, she said and she walked away.

When they both got into the car, he drove off and the ride was silent through out.


Sasha was in bed as she was talking to her friends on phone and she told them what happened.

“He’s just being protective Sasha”, Ralph said to her.

“Don’t tell me that. What is he protecting? I didn’t see why he was overreacting. He could have just ignored the laugh or dropped it when I spoke to him the first time”.

“Yeah. I agree with you”, Alicia said.

“You know what let’s change the topic”.

“Okay. I have something to say”, Rachel said in excitement.

“What?” Lilian asked.

“I think Archie is going to pop the question”.

“Oh my God!!! Finally!” Alicia exclaimed.

“That’s amazing!” Ralph said.

“We’re happy for you Rachel. How soon do you think he’ll do that?” Sasha asked.

“I think it’s tonight. He’s taking me out for dinner and he’s been acting weird. So it’s either he’s going to pop the question or he wants to break up”.

“Oh the second one is out of the picture. He loves you so much and we can all see it”, Lilian said to her.

As they were conversing, Sasha heard a knock on her door.

“Come in”, she said and Adriana walked in.

“Oh my God”.

“What is it?” Alicia asked.

“Adriana just walked in”, she said and they all laughed.

“I think that girl is in love with you. She’s so obsessed”, Lilian said and they all laughed.

“All the best”, Rachel said to her and she ended the call.

“Hey”, she said to Adriana.

“Hi. I came with someone though, can he come in?”

“A he?”

“Yeah. It’s Manny”.

“Which Manny?”

“Your ex boyfriend”, she said and Sasha’s jaw dropped.

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