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The ninja car was speeding till he got to third mailand bridge with felix following some km behind him.

Then the ninja slowed down and made a turn, facing the direction he was driving from, he stopped his car.

Felix could see his car from afar and he heard a vroom, vroom sound from the car.

The ninja ignited the car and increased his speed avoiding the car because he following a one way, so did the felix, so they were charging towards each other.

The ninja pressed a button, the up started coming down merging with the car since it was a convertible and made a sharp turn, then jumped off the car.

His car his another car and was about hitting felix bike, felix seeing he was about to be trapped, decided to jump off his bike.

The two cars with passengers in the other car including felix bike hit the railings and plunged into the water several feets beneath them.

I am going to kill you, felix shouted pointing at the ninja.

O’please, I am tired of that old song, to make things fair, I will throw my weapons, the ninja said and threw his weapons over the bridge, into the water.

Vehicles moving honked at the both of them.

Felix ran towards the ninja using his fists to attack the ninja but he blocked all of them with the ninja returning it and felix also blocked.

The ninja gave a grass cutter but felix jumped up and wanted to stomp on the ninja, the ninja blocked with his hands, pushing felix leg creating a distance enabling him to fully stand.

Felix delivered a flying kick, the ninja blocked it but he retreated a few steps backward and almost hit an upcoming but he did a back flip and landed after the car has past beneath him.

Felix did not relent on his attacks but the ninja blocked felix attacks, felix faked kicking the ninja groins that made the ninja bring his hands down trying to catch it.

With both of his hands catching air, a punch landed on cheeks, if played in slow motion, one could see the vibrations on the ninja mask immediately his cheek came in contact with felix fist.

The ninja moved his neck side to side and a cracking sound was heard by felix.

The ninja used his fingers to form a gun✌👉, and tried attacking felix ribs, felix blocked it but with much difficulty for the ninja attack was extremely fast.

One of the ninja attack hit felix left ribs and the ninja retreated backwards , immediately after that he couldn’t not feel his left hand, the paralysis finger. Felix thought to himself and used his right fingers, twisting and turning his ribs as if unlocking, he could now finally move his left hand.

Felix raised his head trying to face the ninja but he kissed a boot of the ninja which sent him flying, landing hard on the floor, felix wanted to stand and he saw an upcoming truck 🚛, horning and he quickly lay down on the floor, making the truck pass over him.

He then stood up.

I am surprised you know the unlocking code, you are much tougher than I thought and charged at felix.

Felix raised his leg in order to kick him but the ninja slide past the leg, felix seeing this lifted his right leg from the floor wanting to land wanting to make the ninja his cushion, Felix landed on the ninja hands and turned gazing into the ninja eyes, their position, the ninja on the floor with felix hands fixing on his.

Felix had a burst of strength and raised the ninja making felix laying flat on the floor, the ninja launched into the air collided with an upcoming truck, beem, was the sound heard.

Felix then looked around after the truck passed but he could find the ninja only he heard sounds of vehicles.

He later saw the ninja mask on the floor.

Beem, felix was hit but he couldn’t see anyone only vehicles, he was hit hard again but still couldn’t see where the attacks where coming from.

Argggh, felix shouted his right leg was hit, making him kneel with one knee, then the second leg was hit, now Felix was now on his knees.

Felix muttered all his strength and climbed the protective railings but he was hit on both of his legs almost plunging into the water but he steadied himself.

Show yourself, felix yelled.

You have succeeded in making me 😡 lose my cool, your lose, the ninja said.

Felix turned trying to know where the voice was coming from, then a he saw a flying kick coming towards him , he dodged and the kick went pass him, felix looked down the water but he saw no sign of any one falling through.

Felix brought out his phone and his instinct told him to press a button, and he did.

Coincidentally, the ninja emerged near felix as soon as he pressed the button, a white light came out and blinded the ninja.

Felix seeing an opening ran towards in order to attack the ninja, but the ninja surprisingly blocked it and even gave felix 👊 a powerful punch on his abdomen.

Felix coughed out blood.

You see, blinding me was your mistake, when I can’t , that is when I am at my peak, it could have worked but I started seeing not quite long ago which means all my other senses have been thoroughly sharpened after hitting felix the second time on the abdomen and felix coughed out blood again .

The ninja caught felix neck and choke slammed him hard , making felix lay half way into falling into the water and the road.

Good bye, the ninja said and wanted to hit felix,

Stop, he is your brother, Nara interrupted with his voice echoing in the bridge, Nara tried to call Jordan but he was not answering so he hacked all electronic(digital) device on the bridge.

Jordan frozed on the spot, what do you mean, the ninja asked.

No, time to explain but get out of there with him now,

Why, the ninja asked and he turned saw a military fighter jet, which 🚀 launched a missile at the bridge.

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