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“Hey”,Hanson said, smiling at her.

“Don’t tell me that restaurant of yours is in charge of this awesome food!”

“They wish”, he said, laughing.

“So it’s not the restaurant by the clinic?”

“Nope. It’s not. This is a high class one like you’ve always wanted”.

“Mmm, so you work for two restaurants?”

“Not really. This is more like a part time thing and it’s not a restaurant. They do events only”.

“Oh I see. So are you a chef here?”

“Nah. I’m not. I’m just one of the food attendants or waiter as you all call it”.

“I see”.

“I’m hoping for a promotion though. If I get it, I’ll be way out of everyone’s league”, he said, grinning and she laughed.

“I hope you get it. You’re an amazing cook”.

“Wow and you’ve just tasted my burgers. Wait till you taste every other food I prepare”, he said, wiggling his brows.

“Sasha!!” Adriana yelled from afar.

“Oh no. Can you get a place for me to hide?” Sasha asked him.

“Yeah. But you’ll have to go under the table”, he said and she widened her eyes.

“What? That’s the only place available”.

She saw Adriana getting close and she quickly got under the table.

“Sasha?” Adriana called out when she got to the table.

“I thought I just saw her here”, she said to herself and Hanson was staring at her trying not to laugh.

“What are you staring at?!” She asked him and he looked away.

“Did you see any girl in a white dress with a very high pony here?” She asked.

“Yeah. I’ve seen a lot of that”.

“I mean just some few minutes ago?”

“Uhmmm yeah, she went this way”, he said, pointing in another direction.

“Okay”, she said and she left.

“Not even a thank you? These rich people”, he said, shaking his head.

“Hey, she’s gone!” He said to Sasha who was under the table.

As she was trying to get out from under the table she pushed it and most of the food fell off and landed on her.

“Oh no!!” Hanson exclaimed.

“Are you okay?” He asked helping her up.

“My clothes are ruined!!” She exclaimed as everyone turned towards their direction.

“I’m sure you can get another dress”, he said to her and she scoffed.

“Is that what you can say?!”.

“Uhh, I….” he started to say and she walked away. When she walked away, the supervisor and an angry Rachel approached the table.

“What the hell happened here?” Rachel asked.

“I’m so sorry ma’am. We’ll make sure we clear it up and stock up”, the supervisor said to her.

“Fix it now!! And fire that clumsy boy”, she said and she walked away.

“What did you do? “ the supervisor asked.

“I uhm, I didn’t do anything”.

“But you’re the one standing by this table”, she said to him.

“Yeah but it wasn’t my fault”.

“Who is responsible then?”

“Uh one of the guest mistakenly pushed it”.


“There are a lot of people here and…”

“You’re fired!”

“What? How do I get fired for something I didn’t do?”

“Just go!”

“I didn’t do this! You can’t fire me for what a guest did! I’m here to serve and not to guard a table from the guest!”

“You’re still here?”

“You know what? I’m going to take this up with the HR!”

“All the best. Bye”, the supervisor said and he walked away angrily.


After a long time of waiting, Ross decided to look for Sasha. He looked around and he couldn’t find her.

He called her line and she didn’t pick up.

“Rachel”, he said, walking up to her at the dance floor. Everyone was on the dance floor dancing and having fun.

“Ross! Shouldn’t you be dancing with Sasha?”

“Yeah. But I can’t find her”.

“Mmm, maybe you should check my room. She probably went to use the washroom”.

“Where’s your room?”

“Up stairs. Down the hall on your left”.

“Okay, thank you”, he said and he left.

When he got to Rachel’s room, he saw her asleep on the bed.

“Sasha”, he said, sitting by her and she opened her eyes and closed it again.

“Are you tired?”

“Yeah. I just want to sleep”.

“You could have told me that. I was looking for you”.

“I’m sorry but can I sleep now?”

“Sure”, he said and he walked away angrily.


Sasha and her family were in the main living room, watching a movie.

“He’s going to die, so I don’t know why they’re wasting their time on him”, Sally said, rolling her eyes.

“Sally!!!” Sasha exclaimed

“Did you just spoil the movie?” Ann asked.

“Uhh. It was a slip of tongue!”

“You’re always spoiling movies. What is wrong with you?” Sammy exclaimed.

“Wrong with me?!”

“Yes. What is wrong with you?!” Sasha asked.

“Mum, can you tell them to cool off on me?”

“We’re all wondering the same thing. You know how much we hate spoilers and you just opened your silly mouth to spoil it”!

“Mum! It was an honest mistake”.

“You liar. The last time you did the same thing”, Samantha said to her.

“That was also a mistake. I didn’t know that you had not watched it yet”.

“I’m not watching this anymore”, Samantha exclaimed and she walked away.

“You always have a way of ruining our moments”, Ann said to Sally.

“I don’t know why you all are hanging up on me. I said it was a mistake. I’m out”, she said and she walked away too.

“This girl will be the death of me”, Ann said, face palming.

“The death of us all”, Sasha said and Ann chuckled.

“Mmm, you seem to be in a good mood. Andre must be putting you on cloud nine”, she said, smirking and her mum laughed out loud

“Yeah, he is. He’s celebrating his birthday soon and he wants us to go on a world tour”.

“Wow!! World tour?! That’s amazing mum. I wish I could tag along”.

“Yeah but I’m not sure if I should go”.

“Why? You’ve always wanted to travel the world and this is your chance. We’re all grown now and dad isn’t a problem anymore”.

“Hmm. I’m really not too excited about it”.

“I think it’s because you’ve always wanted to travel the world with dad. But mum dad is out of your life for good and now you have an amazing man in your life who wants to do this with you. Take the chance mum”.

“You’re right! I will”.

“Yes!!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures”, Sasha said, grinning and her mum laughed.

“How are things with you and Ross”.

“Uhmm it’s on and off. I’m not really excited about it anymore. We’re always arguing”.

“Hmmm. What could be the problem?”

“I don’t know. Since the whole incident with his sister, things haven’t been all rosy and I’m honestly tired but I don’t want to end it. Everyone would be concerned again and I think my friends like him”.

“Hmm. I know we all want you to settle with someone but if you don’t like the relationship, you can get out Sasha. I really feel that you should be single for a while and work on yourself and then one day, you’ll be presented with the right person”.

“Thank you mum. But I’ll just hang in there for while and see how it goes. I like Ross and he likes me too, it’s just the arguments. Let’s see how things go”.

“Well. I hope you make the right choice”.

“Thank you”.


Sasha went for her appointment and she talked more about Philip and Mavis gave her a few words of advice on how to get over him.

They talked for a while and she left.

She decided to drive to the restaurant to say hi to Hanson and apologize for the way she behaved the other day.

She walked in and went to the counter to ask for him.

“I’m sorry ma’am but he’s busy”, the waitress said to her.

“Oh, just tell him that it’s Sasha and I won’t take long. He should just step out and I will just take 2 minutes of his time”, she said and the waitress nodded.

Sasha stood aside and waited for him. After some few minutes, he stepped out.

“Hi”, she said to him.

“Hi”, he said, smiling.

“I just came to apologize for last time”.

“Oh don’t worry. It’s not your fault that I got fired”.

“What? You got fired?”

“You didn’t know?”

“No. I didn’t know”.

“Oh, I thought that’s what you were coming to apologize for”.

“I was coming to apologize for snapping at you. You were just trying to help me and my clumsy self messed up everything”.

“Oh okay. Then that’s fine. I’m not bored”.

“Why did you get fired?”

“Because of the food that fell on the ground. The host of the house party lashed out at my supervisor and asked her to fire me . My supervisor didn’t even care to know what happened and she just fired me”.

“What? Just like that?”


“Oh no this is my fault. I’ll fix it”.

“No, no. You don’t have to do anything. I got another job, so I’m fine”.


“Yeah. When a door gets shut at you, God opens another”.

“I see. What job did you get?”

“The head chef for the Chevron hotel”, he said, grinning.

“What?! Wow!! That’s amazing! And what are you still doing here?”

“Today is my last day here”, he said, grinning.

“Wow. So if I had not come today, I wouldn’t even know how to find you”.

“You’re smart. You would have found me”, he and she laughed.

“I’m really happy for you. That’s really amazing but I still want to talk to that supervisor of yours. You can’t just fire someone like that. That’s rude”.

“You don’t have to. I’m okay and I’m in a better place”.

“You sure?”


“Alright, then I’ll see you some other time”, she said and she walked away.


Sasha arrived at her house and she saw Adriana’s car. She was about to drive off but then Adriana saw her.

“Sasha! Have you been avoiding me?!”

“Oh crap!”

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