Me, the girls and my guys dem

1 month ago


Being wanted in uyo, me And my guys escaped

to calabar after rescuing

me from the hands of my kidnappers.

I was wanted because i had an affair with the

wife of the former

commissioner of finance, she was my boss and

the owner of the company

which i worked. And my sugar-mummy to be


I also had affair with my colleugue, aminat, a

very wild, hot and sexy

girl. Who angrily left me because of the last

time we did it. I was

very wild, thought she loved it wild.

Mr peter: ex commissioner, husband of Mrs


Chinyere: my girlfriend whom i met in lagos

during my schools days. I

ran way from lagos when she told me she was


Happiness: the daughter to my landlord. Whom

i almost got killed when

her dad found out our secret.

Ella: the ex to my frien, Joe.

Adamu: a very ugly man who manNed the gate

of Mrs Sandra my boss, and

sugar mummy.

Cockroach: we fought once but later became

friends. He was the one

that rescued me when i was kidnapped.

Rock: he Joined in my rescue.

Ini: she stole my laptop and money but also

aided my rescue from the

hands of the thugs.


Me, the girls and my guys dem - S01

Me, the girls and my guys dem - S01

1 month ago