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“Why do you have to be so difficult?” Sasha asked him and he stopped in his tracks.

“Me? Difficult? Aren’t you the one who’s calling me by her ex’s name ?”

“It was a mistake”.

“It happened twice!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t have control over that”.

“You do, if you’ve not been thinking about him so much, this wouldn’t happen”.

“He’s dead Ross. He’ll definitely pop up once in a while. I can’t just forget him”.

“I’m not saying you should forget him. I’m saying you’re not over him!”

“I’ve been trying to”.

“So you’re admitting that you’re not over him?”

“You started it first, not me”.

“Are you even hearing yourself”.

“It’s so frustrating talking to you. It’s best I leave now”, she said, taking her bag.

“Yeah. Like you always do”.

“I’ll see you later”, she said and she left the house.


Mavis was in her office, wrapping up to go home when Sasha walked in.

“Hey”, Mavis said to her.

“Hi, are you free at the moment?”

“No. I was just about to go home”.

“Okay. Can I have just a few minutes of your time. Please?”

“I’m sorry but my husband will be home waiting”.

“You’re married?”


“Wow. How does it feel being married?”

“That’s a broad question”.

“Yeah. Sorry. I just want to know what marriage is like from your perspective?”

“Are you getting married soon?”

“In my condition, the marriage would last for just 24 hours”, Sasha said, chuckling.

“Mmm, take a seat Sasha”.

“But you said your husband is waiting for you”.

“I’ll just text him and let him know what’s up”, she said and she took out her phone and texted her husband.

“You just gave me an idea on how we can go about this”, Mavis said to her.

“How? What idea?”

“I don’t usually do this with my patients but sometimes I realize that they need to know more about me before they can connect. So I’ll tell you something short about me and my marriage”.

“Okay great. I’d love to hear it”.

“Okay. So back in high school, I had this boyfriend who I thought I meant the world to. We dated through out high school and then we went to the same college and we continued our relationship till I realized that he was cheating and the girl he was cheating on was pregnant for him”.

“Wow!!! That’s a mess”.

“Yeah and when I found out, he gave me a crappy story of how he was in a bad place and the girl took advantage and he told me that he didn’t want to lose me and a whole lot of things he said to get into my head”.

“So you took him back?”

“Yeah. I did”.

“And what happened to the girl he got pregnant and the baby”.

“We agreed that he’ll take responsibility for his actions. So I let him help the girl out and follow her for check ups and all that till she gave birth. When she did, he had to move in with her and I thought that I had to be supportive and I allowed it and as the days went by, he stopped giving me the necessary attention and always made the excuse of having a baby. I tried my best to hold on to the relationship by visiting him and the baby. Then one day he told me that the girl wasn’t happy with me coming around her baby”.

“Wow. After you had been supportive and nice? So what did you do?”

“I stopped going there and I knew it, our communication went so low. I was so frustrated and devastated. It even started affecting my grades. One day I decided to visit and talk to the girl. I was so desperate to save my relationship because I had invested a lot. I visited and I saw them having sex in his living room . God I almost fell to the ground”.

“Oh no!!”

“Hmm and then he tried to explain and I left in tears. I didn’t speak to him again and few days later. The girl texted me and apologized to me. She told me the truth about everything. They’ve actually been dating since we got to the university and he lied to her about me and how he was trying to let go and I wasn’t leaving. And that’s when I realized that I was the side chic in my own relationship. He had been with her all this while and I didn’t know”.

“I can’t imagine how you felt”.

“I was in deep pain and was angry at myself for being so stupid and gullible. I almost killed myself”.


“Yeah. My roommate stopped me and she started getting close to me. She helped me to get through it. She introduced me to her church youth group and honestly, my life changed since then. I think God just healed me with the people around me. Cos I don’t know how I would have gotten through all that. I had to resit a whole heat because I was messed up totally but then I got through it. I graduated finally not with a first class though”, she said, laughing.

“I’m happy for you. And your roommate must really be a God sent”.

“Yeah. She really helped me”.

“So when did you meet you current husband?”

“Yeah. So I was so scared of dating again that I tried my best to push everyone away. Even when I healed, I still didn’t want anyone cos I was still a bit scared. But then there was my husband who is also in my church, found his way to break that and I don’t how it happened but we got close and I ended up trusting again. We dated for about 2 years till he popped the question and we got married”.

“Wow. That’s nice, I’m happy that you healed and got a proper man for yourself”.

“Yeah, I’m happy too”.

“Hmm if you could get over that crappy relationship, then there’s hope for me”.

“There’s hope for everyone. Now I’d like you tell me about how you met Philip”.

“It’s a long story! If we do this, you wouldn’t be able to get home in time to your husband”.

“Hmm that’s true. Your next appointment is in three days time right?”

“I was so upset the last time and I didn’t book the appointment. So I don’t think there’s one”.

“Mmm, what do you say about tomorrow afternoon. During my lunch time?”

“You’ll do that for me?”

“Yeah, I cut corners for my patients sometimes”.

“Thank you so much and I’m really sorry about the other time”.

“Oh it’s fine. So I’ll see you tomorrow at 1?”

“Yes. I’ll be here”.

“Alright bye”, she said to Sasha. Sasha waved at her and left.

When Sasha was driving off. She saw the restaurant where she met Hanson and she decided to stop by.

She walked in and walked towards the counter.

“May I help you?” One of the attendants asked.

“I’m looking for the assistant chef”, she said to her.

“Is there a problem ma’am”.

“No. I’m a friend and I want to see him”.

“Okay, please have a seat. He’ll be with you shortly”.

“I can’t sit here. So just tell him it’s the tea lady and that I’m at the car park”, she said and she left.

She got back to her car and sat there, patiently waiting for him.

“Hey!” he said, startling her.

“Hey”, she said, smiling.

“You’ve missed me already?”

“Oh please. I was just coming from the clinic and I decided to pass by and see if you’ve still got that awesome tea”.

“What’s that woman doing to you people over there that you all leave still needing help”, he asked and she laughed.

“I’m kidding. Today was actually a good day”, she said to him.

“Oh great. We thank God because I actually brought you a special burger”, he said, showing her what he had in the paper bag which was in his hands.

“It smells great but I won’t take it”.

“Trust me. You’d love it. I did this one myself”, he said to her and she observed him for a while. Then she took it and ate it.

“Wow, this tastes so good”, she said, moaning as she ate it.

“I told you!” He said, wiggling his brows.

“Can I have another one?”

“Yeah sure. As long as you’re paying for it”, he said to her and she laughed.

“So this isn’t on the house?”

“No ma’am, you’d have to pay for it”, he said, grinning.

“You’re really too fine to work in a place like this”.

“Mmm is that a compliment or a diss?” He asked.

“Both I guess”, she said and he laughed.

“If you still want more. You could come in and order for more and then I’ll personally prepare it for you”.

“That sounds like a good idea”, she said, getting off her car.

“But your place really has a funny smell”.

“Yeah but I’m used to it”.

“Mmm”, she said, locking her car and she followed him inside.

“I just noticed how tall you are. You’re really tall, why aren’t you using your height for something better?”

“Now that is a diss”, he said to her and she chuckled.

“I’m just kidding”.

“Okay. Make your order and I’ll be at my kitchen”, he said to her and he left.

She made her order and took her seat. She waited for a while and then Hanson came to her with her with it.

“I must be really special to be served by the assistant chef”, she said, taking it from him.

“I’m just doing this for a tip”, he said to her and she quickly reached out for her purse.

“Oh God. I’m just kidding”, he said to her and she laughed.

“You’re really a fun person”.

“Now that’s a compliment”, he said and she grinned.

“I’ll get going now. See you some other time”.

“Alright. Should I walk you to your car?”

“Oh no. It’s fine”.

“What’s your name though? I didn’t ask the other time”.

“I’m Sasha”.

“Mmm, that’s a nice name”.

“Thank you”.

“Alright bye”, she said and she left.


When Sasha arrived home, she saw Adriana’s car parked at her car park and she quickly got off her car and ran inside her house.

“Adriana!!” She yelled when she saw her.

“Sasha with the S!!!” Adriana exclaimed and they hugged.

“Oh my God, I’ve missed you so much”, she said to her.

“I’ve missed you too”, Adriana said, grinning.

“You’re looking so gorgeous! And you’ve gained some nice weight in the right places. Girl you’re popping”, Adriana said to her.

“Oh stop it”, she said in a funny voice. “You’re looking extremely nice too”.

“Thank you”, Adriana said to her.

“I heard of your plenty relationship mishaps and I’m here to fix it”.

“Rachel and her mouth!!”

“You know she tells Archie everything and my nosy self shakes him up for information”, she said and Sasha laughed.

“Yeah. But now I’m dating someone I like. It’s a bit rocky but we’ll be fine”.

“I see. Is he hot? Let me see a picture”.

“Yeah. He’s really hot”, Sasha said, showing her his picture.

“Oh d--n! He’s extremely hot. And what’s rocky about being with someone as hot as him”.

“It’s me I guess. I’m still hanged up on Philip”.

“Yeah yeah. I realized that but I’m here to fix that as I said”.


“Let’s get you dressed up first”, she said and they both went to Sasha’s room.

She picked out an outfit for Sasha and it was really revealing.

“That’s extremely revealing! Where are we going to?”

“Just dress up, keep quiet and come with me”.

“Okay okay. But I hope it’s not something that would get us arrested again”.

“Oh no! This would make you forget about Philip and whatever is disturbing you”.

“Mmm, now I’m interested”, she said and she quickly dressed up and they left.

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