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Monday morning I resumed work, this was my last week at the company as I was rounding off the programme, I presented my log book for signing and remark..

I was going to miss my new friends, it was a great experience.. I enjoyed every moment of it..

I dey my dept dey work seriously unto say na monday when I was told I had call.. I recieved it and was told I had a visitor and that I should get clearance from my head of department and then head to the waiting hall..

I began wondering who that was, this is the first time I am having a visitor and I wondered why he didnt call my mobile number.. I was cleared and I walked briskly to see to this visitor..

I entered and there she was sitted, not a he as I expected it was my suga…..

My heart skipped, I never expected her …

I didnt know what to do..

I was stupefied,… well groggily I moved towards her..

Suga: hey

Me: yeah

Moments of silence…..

Suga: how are you?

Me: I am fine and you?

Suga: same..

Me : ummh should we head to the cafe where we can at least take tea or something..

Suga:I am ok here..


Moments of silence

Suga: aint you gonna ask what I am doing here?

Me: Ok sorry my bad so why are u here?

She stammered and then said

Suga: to tell you I love you and I miss you

Me didnt know what to say,..

Me: I missed you more and I am sorry for hurting you.. it wasnt my intention

Suga: its okay, there are many more reasons to love you…so this wasnt enough not to,.. this showed me how much you mean to me.., .. I couldnt concentrate blah blah and I realized its you I want..

I smiled and she smiled back at me, I swear I had an instanteneous Attention, I felt like hugging her, I felt like kissing her.. but I couldnt but I could tell her I love her and I did.. it was true and nothing but the truth.. I love her

We talked as if it was ages we havenot seen each other.. she kept starring at me like those eyes lolz.. and finally said babe cant we go home you are an intern and you can lie to them that its school stuff and they will free you…?

I paused and looked at her..

She smiled and said please forgive me but I want you..

Time checking it was almost lunch break I told she should go that by 12PM I will be at her place she refused and said she rather wait and we go back together..

I went back in and met my Head of Dept, tell am say na school ….. he agreed and I signed off for the day.. called Nene and then cancelled our appointment as I give am one lie wey she even come dey pity me..

At Sugas place Immediately we were in we were out of our clothes just our inner wears..

We kissed passionately and hungrily as she muttured I missed ..

She pushed me into the sofa and pulled down my short,.. I raised her up and fling her under wears leaving us totally nakkked..

She melted into my arms as I rolled her around, and handling and s-----g her Bosom,.. kissed her neck tracing down her belly button and her body shakes as my tongue finally got to her clitaros..

I romanced her thighs and sometimes scratching it as I built anticipation for my penetration… she moaned

Suga was more than wet as her honeywell was now dripping and her legs shaking as if na electrocution…. I stopped and went back to kissing and handling of Bosom.. placing my hard johnson on the gate of her honeywell and rubbing it..

Suga couldnt take it no more as she begged please please and then arched her back grabbed my johnson and slid it in..

I raised her legs up pressing it towards her head gaining deeper penetration as I began to hit her hard this time her voice was the melody that filled the room..

In no time she started gibbering, breathing very fast and dug her nails into my back,..

Her whole body was now shaking as she stiffled and cummed…. I took one last t----t and meself follow…

Suga: I love you….

Me: I love you more

Suga: baby lets talk about Nene…

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