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A scan revealed through xray and explained by the orthopedic dept was that it will take like 2months for Nene to walk properly again and school was resuming in two weeks time….

The doctor then recommended local orthopedic, she said the Man was good and and could fix up Nene at least 80% prolly in a month time saying comparitively its better and in that way Nene wouldn’t miss much of academic activities

Mum thanked her and they gisted a lil and promised to keep in touch with each other saying its been a while, it was then I realized she was mums class mate in secondary school..

No wonder she was this kind…

At home Dad was more than angry as we couldn’t give a good explaination for what happened….

Dad made me understand that beards are begining to sprout on my face… that its a sign of maturity that I should start acting like a man, saying my mates dey Libary dey study me dey here dey play hide and seek, struggling remote,……moreover say back in the days say a boy of my age don de think of marriage….

The following day Nene was admitted at the local orthopedic hospital and her therapy started…

Sisi and I rotated our visiting… as in we take food to her and bring her fresh clothes for her to change…

Nene refused talking to me , no matter weytin I talk,………. so it was just go see her drop food pick up her clothes..

But watching Nene going through pains, shouting justified her actions if it were me, me no go even eat food wey u bring come…

The pains was much most times she cried, I felt guilty, I felt pity it was too much for her especially when she tries moving to ease herself.. I told her I am sorry severally sincerely but she Nene still kept her mouth sealed

If I visit Nene and her boyfriends car is packed outside me go code say the guy dey around…. me go just chill somewhere till the guy go..

I wonder what she told the guy..

School resumed I was happy finally….

At least whenever I am with my friends I forgot about the fact someone is going through pains I caused..

First day at school…..

We met at our usual spot since nothing dey happen……

I told my hommies about the incidence..

They told me they had warned me to forget about Nene say na like this me go just dey follow am till I enter wahala..

What if she had broke her neck nko? Or something more seriouz happened…..

They kept talking and I realised it was time to leave Nene alone….

Nene was gradually getting better and even though I have decided it’s time to let go I didn’t want things to be this awful between me and Nene so I sought for her forgiveness

I met my Suga friend and told her I needed to get something for my sister who has been sick and would be comming home so I needed her help so we fixed a date…

Suga took me to a botique where we were to get a a gold chain inside the botique I saw a pretty girl as in the kind of Amber ( Johnny Depp) wife prettiness..

I forgot I was with my Suga although she don friendzone I was still hoping…

I starred at this girl it wasn’t deliberate but unconsciously till Suga got jealos..

It wasn’t my fault its just like seeing an Aston Martin for the first time….

But clearly she is out of my league, as she was age between 24/25, Nene wey be 22 no count me join na this one go count me?..

So I mind my own business..

O mehn the prices of items we checked was high as I can’t spend all my money…

So we changed our mind as Suga choosed wrist watch and earrings…

Suddenly fracas come dey happen inside the botique this lovely girl paid for a gold chain of 12k and then stole a pendant of 5k and she was caught ..

Mehn I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Things was begining to get out of hand as at first she was forming deformity of character and calling her lawyer and blah blah with all her phonetics..

Gradually all her phonetics come fade as she begin the use pidgin dey beg..

But the owner of the botique a big lady was angry becos of the girl pride and the insult wey she don drop dem since, so she wanted to publicly disgrace her..

Me and Suga joined in the begging and I offered to pay for the gold pendant…

After much begging and talking the owner of the botique accepted my payment and decided to free her..

She was more than grateful… she asked for my name collected my name and promised to pay me back and dashed out..

I realized I didn’t even ask for her name nor her number in return as I was still in shock that such a pretty and classy girl could be that petty to steal..

Well I bought Nene a handbag and an earring I didn’t buy suga anything anymore cos I ran out of cash…

Suga was angry that I shouldn’t av paid the money for someone I didn’t even know her name… and also for theif in which she is very sure will not call me…

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