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White Robes and Blue Sword is Still Around

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Wu Siduo nodded her head. She said as she walked, “The shelter is three hundred meters underground. Three thousand years ago, it was built to withstand powerful soul devices. Starting from two hundred meters under the ground, there are dozens of layers of concrete and alloy. Even Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition can’t affect the interior of the shelter. It’s actually large enough for all. However, when they launched their attack that day, it came as a complete surprise. Without the teachers’ powers, the protective barrier would not have held until we made it to the shelter. The capacity of the elevators and the number of times they can be operated were limited. Otherwise, our loss wouldn’t have been that great.”

“After the great explosion ended, we were unaware of the situation up above. It was Teacher Wu that found the inner facility of the shelter. We slowly dug our way up and made this exit. However, this isn’t the only exit. There are others much further away. The seniors of the academy had made the best preparations for emergencies ages ago.”

They had descended one hundred meters down before the ground levelled.

Tang Wulin had already seen the mixed layer of concrete and alloy. He could not help but be awed. The defensive power of these layers was truly indestructible even by modern weapons. The seniors of Shrek had looked far ahead from a bird’s-eye view and used their wisdom to give them a chance at survival.

“Wu Siduo?” At that point, a voice suddenly came from in front. It sounded familiar to Tang Wulin.

However, the voice quickly sounded alarmed, “Who else is with you? Why do I hear two sets of footsteps?”

As the voice continued on, there was clearly a wave of soul power coming from the inside. A huge, pitch-black scythe appeared silently and flew straight toward Tang Wulin.

Wu Siduo had a smile on her face. She did not even open her mouth. Tang Wulin took a step forward with slight helplessness. He swung his right arm. Golden light flashed and his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp. With a crisp ring, he blocked the black scythe.

“Xu Yucheng, it’s me!”

The familiar voice, the huge scythe. Was that not the Immortal Xu Yucheng?

A figure moved quickly from a dark corner. Xu Yucheng appeared before Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo. When he saw Tang Wulin, his entire body stiffened and he even rubbed his eyes vigorously. Xu Yucheng had always appeared cool, but currently he looked somewhat cute.

Xu Yucheng now appeared more weathered compared to a year ago. However, this also made him seem cooler.

However, in front Tang Wulin, he instantly retracted his Reaper’s Scythe. His voice broke as he said, “You…you’re still alive?”

Tang Wulin nodded forcefully. He strode over and gave him a big hug.

The muscles on Xu Yucheng’s face twitched. He directed his gaze toward the nearby Wu Siduo, then he looked at Tang Wulin, “Let go of me. I don’t like to be hugged by men.”

Tang Wulin immediately laughed. This man was still as ill-tempered as he was before. He had caught a glimpse of his soul rings just now. There were seven of them. He was also a Soul Saint now!

Their batch of students who had entered Shrek Academy together had all managed to become Soul Saints in their twenties. He could not deny that they were definitely the most outstanding batch of students in a thousand years of Shrek history.

“How did you survive the blast?” Xu Yucheng looked at Tang Wulin and asked.

Tang Wulin answered, “I think that many other people will be interested in the answer to that question. Let’s go meet Teacher Wu and talk.”

“Alright.” Xu Yucheng nodded vigorously. Then, he looked at Wu Siduo again.

“Why do you keep looking at me? Shouldn’t you be leading the way?” Wu Siduo glared at him.

Xu Yucheng sighed and shook his head. He then led the way in front.

Tang Wulin suddenly had a thought. He could guess as to why Xu Yucheng was reacting so strangely. He and Luo Guixing had always liked Wu Siduo. However, on Sea God’s Fate Date Festival, Wu Siduo had confessed to him. This had resulted in the two of them treating him like a rival.

A long time had passed since then, and he was unsure if there was any progress between them. However, from Xu Yucheng’s appearance, it seemed that their relationship had not been going too smoothly. Otherwise, he would not have looked at him as if he was looking at his rival.

When he thought back to the Sea God’s Fate Date Festival, Tang Wulin felt a warmth spread through his heart. How great it would be if they could return to those times! If he could return to the memories he had, he would never let the tragedy repeat itself no matter what.

When they ventured deep into the shelter, Tang Wulin was surprised to find that the structure was dry and relaxing. The domed vault was six meters tall and was not depressing at all.

Tang Wulin’s heart filled with excitement. With regard to rebuilding Shrek, he was already prepared to withstand great pressure and face many unfavorable situations. However, he had never expected there to be light at the end of the tunnel.

There were more than two hundred Shrek Academy students here! Although they were only students and could not give him as much help as his teacher had, with these more than two hundred seeds and Teacher Wu Zhangkong, they at least had a chance!

When he thought about this, Tang Wulin could barely contain himself. His heart was filled with an anticipation that was difficult to describe.

Xu Yucheng opened the insignificant-looking stone door in front of them. After they passed through, they were in an even wider space. Tang Wulin could even feel the dense soul power shockwave in the air.

Xu Yucheng said, “Everyone has been cultivating in hiding here. Although the resources here cannot be compared with the actual academy, a common will is as strong as the bulwarks.” He had never been much of a talker. It was not easy for him to have spoken that many words.

Wu Siduo smiled and said, “It’s really great that you’re back now. Teacher Wu will be thrilled. For security reasons, and also because we can’t receive any signal from the outside in here, there is no communication equipment. I’ll go look for Teacher Wu. You guys wait here.” As she said this, she went away as quick as lightning.

Xu Yucheng’s kept his eyes on her as she left. The feelings he had for Wu Siduo in his heart were as strong as ever. However, whether it was him or Luo Guixing, they had never been able to reach Wu Siduo’s heart.

Compared to Tang Wulin, Xu Yucheng knew Wu Siduo better. She was proud. She always had been. She wanted the best, no matter what it was. It was the same when she challenged Tang Wulin back then. She had wanted to prove that she was the strongest. She lost in the end, but undoubtedly, Tang Wulin’s strength had also conquered her heart. That was why, even after three years’ separation, she had still picked Tang Wulin without a second thought on the Sea God’s Fate Date Festival, and not Xu Yucheng or Luo Guixing.

Now, Tang Wulin was not dead and had reappeared before them. Although Xu Yucheng knew full well that Tang Wulin’s return was undoubtedly a great benefit to the cause of rebuilding Shrek, he also understood that it would be that much more difficult for him to win over Wu Siduo’s heart.

When he saw Xu Yucheng’s depressed look, Tang Wulin took a step forward and hugged his shoulder. “What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the academy’s rebuilding in the future, or are you thinking about Wu Siduo?” He was very observant. Xu Yucheng was also never one to hide his own thoughts well. There was no way that Tang Wulin could not see that he was not in a good mood.

Xu Yucheng lifted his head and looked at him. Then he shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “It’s not your fault. You have nothing to do with it. It’s just that we’re too weak. It’s been many years since I’ve fought you. If there’s a chance, let’s spar again together.”

Wu Siduo loved to excel over others, and Xu Yucheng had the same desire as well. His cultivation base was the best when he entered the academy. Up until now, Xu Yucheng had always been one of the most outstanding disciples of Shrek Academy. His soul power was at rank-76, which was even higher than Wu Siduo’s.

Even though he understood that he did not stand much of a chance against Tang Wulin, he was still unsatisfied!

“Okay!” Tang Wulin agreed to his proposal without hesitation. Such was his respect for the Immortal Xu Yucheng.

Only a short while had passed. They did not even hear footsteps. They only saw a shadow flash past their eyes and a white figure appeared before Tang Wulin.

White robes. He still wore white robes. The difference was that his long hair was whiter than before. He was still handsome and remained ice cold. He was still with white robe and blue sword, sky ice and snow cold!

However, as it was, when Tang Wulin saw him, he had both exhaustion and much stronger determination within his eyes.

Yes, he was Wu Zhangkong!

“Teacher Wu!” Tang Wulin almost sobbed as he shouted the words. He took a step forward and bowed deeply toward Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong appeared slightly pale, and his gaze was still ice cold. However, the instant he saw Tang Wulin, the moisture in his eyes seemed to have reflected the light.

He grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder and straightened him up. He looked at him with a deep gaze as if his eyes could penetrate his entire being.

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