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Beautiful Girl, Where’s Your Brain?

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“Alright, I’ll go look for the bald man first. I can’t let him be content with himself. Your Majesty, you should relax as well. You’ve packed your schedule too tightly for these few months.”


He looked on as Sima Jinchi left. Tang Wulin surprisingly had no desire to cultivate after today’s ordeal.

He exited the gymnasium and a thought suddenly popped up in his head. He dialed a number on his soul communicator. “Yuxue, come with me to the Sea God Lake.”

“Okay.” Ever since Long Yuxue became the Blood Dragon Unit’s co-captain, her responses had been short and concise.

Long Yuxue drove a soul car to the Blacksmith’s Association’s door and fetched the disguised Tang Wulin. The car started, and they drove out of Heaven Dou City. They went on the highway and headed straight for Shrek City’s original location.

Ever since Shrek City was blown to rubble, the federation had built a few more highways around the Sea God Lake. They connected some important places, including Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters.

The highway on which Tang Wulin and she were headed went in the direction of Spirit Pagoda.

‘Father, this is delicious. You should have some too.”

“Father, do I look pretty in this?”

Gu Yuena’s voice resounded beside his ear. Tang Wulin looked at the majestic-looking Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters which could be seen from afar. He honestly had the urge to head over there and find Gu Yuena.

After talking with Sima Jinchi, he understood more about the Dragon God, the Golden Dragon King, and the Silver Dragon King.

He could unleash the Dragon God Transformation when he was with Gu Yuena. What did this signify?

He possessed the Golden Dragon King’s power and physical abilities while Gu Yuena had control over various elements. She had retained control over them even after becoming Gu Yuena.

He remembered Na’er’s Silver Dragon Spear. All this implied that Gu Yuena was connected to the Silver Dragon King.

However, why is she intentionally keeping her distance when both of them clearly inherited parts of the Dragon God’s powers? Was Spirit Pagoda really that powerful? Or was she unwilling to let go of her position and status in Spirit Pagoda? No, Gu Yuena was not a person like that. She must have her own reasons.

‘But, Gu Yue, why aren’t you sharing everything with me? No matter what it is, we can face it together! I’m working hard to become more powerful. No matter what happens, we can face it together and endure it! With you by my side, I can face everything better.’

A pained expression flashed across Tang Wulin’s face. However, it did not escape Long Yuxue’s observant eyes, even though she was driving. In truth, she could already tell that Tang Wulin was having some issues these days. Something must have happened between the two of them.

However, as a clever woman, she did not ask questions. She only kept him company.

She had never thought about taking advantage while he was in a fragile state of mind. However, she believed that everyone had a heart, and that time would prove everything.

Suddenly, Tang Wulin’s body shook as he instinctively sat up straight and tightly clenched his fists. His entire person gave off a primordial aura.

All color drained from Long Yuxue’s face under the influence of this terrifying aura. ‘That’s terrifying! Is he this powerful now?’

Tang Wulin’s gaze seemed to have fixed on the vast world outside the window.

The waters were clear and azure. It resembled a giant sapphire with ripples that seemed to extend forever.

It was huge, very huge. It was as vast as the former Shrek City. Its edges were in the shape of an arch. There were no guards or vegetation on the banks. Although it was beautiful, it was still empty.

A large city had once stood on this place. It was the biggest city on the continent. In that city, there was the best academy on the continent. This title had not changed for twenty thousand years.

However, a vast stretch of water was all that was left of them now.

Sea God Lake. Was it still called the Sea God Lake without the Sea God’s Island?

Without the Shrek Academy, it was just a lake. No matter how clear it was, it was only plain lake water!

Long Yuxue calmed her aura. They exited the highway and she drove the soul car all the way to the side of the lake before she hit the brakes.

The lake’s bank was overgrown with weed. It appeared slightly desolate. Even though the vast, boundless water surface looked very beautiful, it still lacked life.

He felt as if he could still hear the sounds of the cheers from Shrek Academy students back then. He felt as if he could still see the vintage, awe-inspiring teaching blocks.

Tears poured out uncontrollably from Tang Wulin’s eyes.

As the saying went, men do not weep unless they are deeply hurt.

A year had passed since he last visited this place. However, Shrek looked completely different now. He did not dare to reminisce about the glorious scenes of Shrek City. All that was left of the wonderful moments was a stretch of water. The accumulation of twenty thousand years was destroyed, just like that.

As Shrek Academy’s student and the current Shrek Seven Monster’s leader, the pain Tang Wulin felt in his heart was unimaginable.

He took a large step forward and leaped into Sea God Lake.

Long Yuxue beside him was startled with a jump. She hastily shouted, “Don’t!”

Unfortunately, she was too late. With a “badump,” Tang Wulin had already plunged into the azure lake.

The waters of the Sea God Lake were ice cold and clear. When his body plunged into the water, he immediately felt the water elements in his senses increase in density. On the other hand, the elements of other attributes had become diluted.

The Sea God Lake was vast and boundless in his spiritual senses. The lake’s water was extremely pure, but it contained some strange energies.

These energies plunged into Tang Wulin’s body. For him, they were not too powerful, but he clearly felt the malicious intent behind them.


The radiation left behind by the rank-12 fixed soul ammunition?

Tang Wulin did not know how rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions were made. The only thing he knew about them was that at this level, terrifying weapons such as the rank-12 fixed soul ammunition that could kill a god were not as simple as they appeared. The efforts of the entire federation had only resulted in the production of three such ammunitions, and that alone had dealt a great blow to Douluo Federation’s vitality and had greatly reduced their available resources. It was imaginable just how much resources had been poured into making these rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions.

Tang Wulin could not feel any life source in the entire Sea God Lake. He had only understood now that this was the after-effect that the great explosion the other day had left behind in Sea God Lake. The remaining radiation from the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions had spread across the entire Sea God Lake. He reckoned that no life could exist in such a radiation-filled place.

With his physique, Tang Wulin was naturally not afraid of radiation of such levels. However, there seemed to be an endless supply of radiation. It continuously invaded his body, and he had no choice but to utilize his soul power to protect himself against it.

He swam downward. The closer he got to the bottom of Sea God Lake, the stronger the radiation became. It eventually became so strong that it stimulated Tang Wulin’s body until it shone with a layer of faint golden light which blocked the radiation from reaching his body.

This must have been one of the reasons why the federation was unwilling to rebuild Shrek Academy. Although the federation did not declare this area as a forbidden zone, it was still impossible for anyone to do anything in this lifeless lake water. He reckoned that humans would be prone to fall sick just by living around this Sea God Lake.

Tang Wulin already understood that he would have to face many problems in the course of rebuilding Shrek. However, he had not expected the problems on the surface to not be the only ones he had to worry about.

If he wanted to rebuild Shrek on Shrek City’s former grounds, the first thing he had to do was to take care of was this radiation.

Just when he was silently feeling the radiation and was prepared to delve further into it, his spiritual world was suddenly disturbed by a flustered emotional shockwave.

He twisted his body and nimbly flipped over within the lake water. He swam up swiftly and soon enough saw the person calling for help.

Long Yuxue was desperately struggling in Sea God Lake. Her head bobbed up and down.

Even though her cultivation base was not weak, she still could not stop herself from being flustered in the water.

Tang Wulin pushed up against the water and reached her back in no time. He supported her armpits with his hands and lifted her torso out of the water.

“What’re you doing? Killing yourself?” Tang Wulin said with a helpless expression.

“Bastard, you’re asking me? You’re the one who’s trying to kill himself!” Long Yuxue gasped mouthfuls of air. As a person who almost drowned, she was finally relieved by being able to breathe in the fresh air again.

Tang Wulin’s expression quickly turned strange. “Don’t tell me you thought that I was trying to drown myself in this lake?”

Long Yuxue retorted. “Weren’t you? You cried like a baby and then you suddenly jumped into the lake. Tell me if that doesn’t seem like you’re trying to commit suicide.”

Tang Wulin was speechless. “Beautiful girl, where’s your brain? I’m a seven-ringed Soul Saint. Even if you throw me in the water, I cannot possibly drown. As for you, what’re you doing in water then? You’re struggling as if you were drowning. Are you trying to get my attention?”

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