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Preparation Quickens The Work

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Tang Wulin smiled and said, “I was just about to tell uncle master that I’m preparing to invade your place for a while. Metalwater Harmonization fused into my two-word battle armor so I intend to complete the forging for my three-word battle armor prototype in this period.

Zhen Hua’s eyes looked slightly excited. “You wish to advance to a three-word battle armor master? Hmm! I think it’s about time too. I suppose you’ve already achieved a breakthrough to Soul Sage cultivation realm, right?”

Tang Wulin nodded.

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen gazed into each other’s eyes for it felt even more shocking to hear Tang Wulin’s confession in person than them guessing earlier. Mu Chen could not help and said, “you truly deserve your reputation as the little monster from Shrek! Our judgment is slowly failing at catching up with your improvement speed.”

Zhen Hua said, “I’m acquainted with a few rank-9 mecha makers. Shall I invite them over to help you finish making your three-word battle armor?” Tang Wulin could only enter the three-word battle armor level after he inscribed the core circuit and completed the final making process of his three-word battle armor.

However, Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need for you to trouble yourself. My companions have some high-grade mecha makers. They’ll help me finish making it.”

Tang Wulin’s battle armor was designed by Gu Yue and just like how he had always forged the battle armors of his companions, Yuanen Yehui and the others had always helped him complete the making process. They were an entirety. Through this process, they helped one another and even better familiarized themselves with each other.

As the captain, Tang Wulin had absolute confidence in his companions. Thus, he was going to leave all that for his companions to complete.

While Gu Yue had yet to have the ability to design an even higher rank of four-word battle armor back then, she had still helped in designing his battle armor to the extent of three-word battle armor. Tang Wulin did not dwell too much on how he would advance to the path of four-word battle armor in the future for it was an issue that he should only consider when his cultivation base achieves Title Douluo rank. Right now, only his companions would help him to make his battle armor.

“Alright.” Zhen Hua did not force him anymore. He was well aware that Tang Wulin had become used to his designated mecha maker, not only for the sake of familiarity but also for maintaining secrecy. After all, every person’s battle armor was equipped with characteristics that belonged to the person, especially when the three-word battle armor came with its domain too. It was a different situation now.

Mu Chen spoke in gratification, “Better preparation quickens the speed in doing work. It’s good for you to engage in closed-door cultivation too.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “teacher, uncle master, a senior disciple brother from my Body Sect will be coming over in a while. Can I please have here to assist me?”

Zhen Hua spoke, “you can do so as long as you think the person is trustworthy. Is that person the Strength King?”

Tang Wulin nodded with a smile.

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen gazed into the eyes of one another and both cracked into smiles. How could they not be acquainted with A Ruheng?

When A Ruheng arrived at the Blacksmith’s Association Tang Wulin immediately took him to the forging workshop.

“Senior disciple brother, I plan to engage in closed-door cultivation for some time to complete forging the foundation of my three-word battle armor. I believe that your battle armor is still at two-word rank, right? While I’m at it I’ll help complete the forging of your battle armor too. What is your side profession?”

A Ruheng answered. “My side profession is mecha mechanic but my standard is only common. You know that I’ve been tormented all this time in my cultivation of our Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique. How will I have the time to improve my side profession!”

Tang Wulin pondered for a moment. “How about Sima Jinchi? What is his secondary profession?”

“He’s a mecha maker. He makes his own battle armor but he has yet to complete his three-word battle armor. Shall I invite him over as well?”

Tang Wulin gave it some thought. “Senior disciple brother, do you think that he’s trustable?”

A Ruheng replied without the slightest bit of hesitation. “Yes! The man is a martial arts fanatic. If not for you saving our lives he would have sparred with you. Why don’t I call him over and all three of us engage in closed-door cultivation? If you can help him complete his three-word battle armor, he will certainly shed tears of gratitude for you. He can be elevated to a three-word battle armor master with his ability. If all three of us are three-word battle armor masters then we won’t have to fear that Bear Lord when we encounter him again.”

It was apparent that they did not have three-word battle armor cultivation base as they had qualified to enter Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge. A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were supposed to advance to three-word battle armor masters way earlier. Even Ma Shan had already become a three-word battle armor master.

“That would be good. Please invite brother Sima over too. We shall engage in closed-door cultivation together for some time.”

The situation on the continent was still unclear at present. Moreover, Tang Wulin could very possibly have exposed his identity in Mingdu city, so it was a rather good choice for him to lie dormant for a period of time to elevate the suspicion himself.

Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Slaying Saber and A Ruheng’s Body Secret Technique were all related to Tang Wulin’s cultivation. He seized the opportunity of this closed door cultivation to try out everything.

Countless golden light spots fused as one and transformed into gentle radiance before finally amassing on those four pure white feathered wings.

The altar underneath his feet was as white as jade yet the surrounding space was like an endless void. In that dark void, the speckles of starlight acted as the source of illumination. On the other hand, the radiance that gathered on the feathered wings came from the starlit sky.

The owner of those feathered wings was burning with faint golden flames on his body. His head was full of golden hair that loosely hung down behind his head. His complexion was as clear as jade. It appeared as if there was golden radiance circulating on the inside of his skin. He appeared holy, akin to a deity.

Soon after the final speckle of golden radiance fused into his body in the end, the golden flames that burned on his body slowly reduced.

A deep low hum was heard from his body. It sounded pleasing and sweet like a sonorous hymn.

“Cultivating with your heart in the world of mortals. You’re the first in our clan in the past five centuries to complete the second baptism by the age of below thirty. Very well, very well.” The dignified voice echoed in the void before vanishing in the end.

A dazzling golden light pillar was abruptly illuminated around the man’s body standing on the altar. It was as if the light pillar was conjured out of thin air. It enshrouded his body and washed away everything else. His silhouette had already vanished without a trace in the very next moment.

On the peak of a mountain in the distant mountain valley.

She quietly sat cross-legged. A sword was horizontally placed on her knees. She silently sat there with her body as stable as a rock. She had already melted as one with her surroundings and there was no distinction between them.

A waterfall cut through the altitude of hundreds of meters into the crystal clear lake water under the mountain. The thundering rumble resulting from the waterfall reverberated in the valley producing a magnificent echo.

She slowly opened her eyes. Her pair of eyes reflected the waterfall, but there seemed to be something else in them as well.

She moved the next moment. A stream of sword’s dazzling radiance cut across the sky towards the distance. The sword’s radiance continuously enlarged in the air until it swallowed her sword and devoured her body. It finally turned into nothingness and disappeared.

On the other hand, she once again appeared at the peak of the mountain. She remained sitting cross-legged there as if nothing had happened.

A few seconds later, a deafening boom suddenly sounded loud before completely vanishing.

When gazed from the distance, one would be surprised to discover that the waterfall that was originally surging rapidly like the scattering milky way, broke. The neat and straight fracture could be seen on it.

On the other hand when it broke, one could see another person sitting cross-legged on a piece of enormous rock located at the bottom of the waterfall.

He was only wearing a pair of tight shorts. His body was fair and chubby but he still appeared dignified and solemn at present. His hands moved rhythmically in front of his body as a layer of radiance alternated between white and purple color virtually flowed around his body.

The white radiance was suddenly infused into the purple radiance turning the one around his body dark purple. One could even feel that one’s vision would be devoured by the dark purple color just by looking at it with one’s eyes.

In the very next moment, the fair chubby silhouette made a gesture as if he was using his hands to push up the sky.

The water from the waterfall that had once again started flowing down after the momentary break surprisingly vanished upon surging into the black-purple radiance, it instantly disappeared without a trace. On the other hand, the dark purple radiance rolled upward and devoured the entire waterfall.

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