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Soul Forging! Metalwater Harmonization

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The corners of Zhen Hua’s lips twitched. He said to Mu Chen, “Is this how you teach your disciple? Forging is an art. How can you do it in such a crude manner?”

Mu Chen smiled. “You have no choice but to admit that although his methods are crude they are very effective. He depends on his superiority to make up for the lack of skill and experience. This only shows that my precious disciple is extremely intelligent. His Blood Sacrifice earlier was meant as a preparation for the forging later.”

Mu Chen was right. When Tang Wulin began the Blood Sacrifice, he was already done preparing for the forging that followed up. The greatest effect of Blood Sacrifice was precisely used by him to prepare an opportunity for himself in building the perfect fusion between his bloodline power and Metalwater Harmonizer.

This type of opportunity was the most important for him.

Tang Wulin had yet to become rank-8 Saint Craftsman but the forged products produced through this method would notably exceed that of an ordinary rank-8 Saint Craftsman.

In simple words, he was going to forge the Metalwater Harmonizer as a part of himself. The forged product would form a perfect fusion with his Golden Dragon King Bloodline and thereby produce some of Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s characteristics. When Tang Wulin was bestowing intelligence to it, he had already passed on a part of himself to the metal. This way the piece of metal would thoroughly complement himself. Of course, only he was allowed to use it as a result.

Tang Wulin had this idea ever since he first saw the piece of Metalwater Harmonizer. At present, he was only bringing it out from his thoughts to existence.

From the mighty storm in the beginning to the gradual soft knocking, Tang Wulin was already completely immersed in the interchange between himself and Metalwater Harmonizer following the fusion of his Golden Dragon King’s aura.

Metalwater Harmonizer was just like a very active newborn infant. It continued to grow from an infant to a toddler, then step by step grew into a youth following Tang Wulin’s forging and energy infusion.

At the final moment, Tang Wulin even felt like he had become one with the Metalwater Harmonizer. The fusion of bloodline made no distinction between them.

The scales on the surface of his body gradually transformed. Speckles of radiance emerged on every joint of his body. Tang Wulin’s body gradually expanded becoming bigger and taller while Dragon Moon battle armor emerged covering his entire body.

His aura elevated once again. Zhen Hua and Mu Chen continuously drew deep breaths as they watched the beast-like aura fluctuations. The boy had already grown stronger than they had expected!

Finally, the dazzling pair of soul-forged golden heavy silver hammers hit for the last time. A joyous cheer was heard in everyone’s ears. To everybody’s surprise, the Metalwater Harmonizer swayed its body and suddenly transformed into a little golden dragon that leaped into the air. It pounced straight onto Tang Wulin’s face before boring its way into his battle armor.

Tang Wulin’s battle armor glowed brightly at once. A layer of translucent enamel-like gloss was instantly added to the dragon pattern that originally covered the surface of his Dragon Moon. The dragon pattern even looked as vivid as if it had come alive. The battle armor had begun to produce a peculiar feeling mild wriggling wave.

There was no presence of majestic aura or light shadow effect, but both Zhen Hua and Mu Chen realized that Tang Wulin had succeeded.

He had completed his soul forging!

When Tang Wulin had earlier completed the soul forging process, the Metalwater Harmonizer had already achieved a degree of mutual empathy. This allowed the metal to fuse into his body and his battle armor to do what he needed the most.

Even though Tang Wulin had yet to begin forging three-word battle armor right now, the Metalwater Harmonizer had already begun to improve his two-word battle armor such that in the future he could upgrade himself better in the direction of three-word battle armor.

“Can you do the refinement to such an extent?” Mu Chen nudged Zhen Hua in a provoking manner.

Zhen Hua coldly scoffed. “I can do Blood Sacrifice too, just that it’s unnecessary.”

Mu Chen burst out laughing. “Alright. There’s no excuse for you to not admit your drawbacks anymore. I understand you well enough, don’t I? At the very least I don’t think that you were capable of doing so when you were still a rank-8 Saint Craftsman. I’ve told you since before that to become the most powerful Saint Craftsman one will not only need to be powerful in forging skills but in one’s cultivation base too. You’re not equipped with Tang Wulin’s advantage in his ability, so you shall wait for my disciple to surpass his uncle master. Hah-hah-hah.”

Zhen Hua spoke in rage. “What are you flattering yourself for? The Metalwater Harmonizer was given by me. What have you given him? If you’re not even qualified as a teacher, I think that Wulin needs to be transferred to our division!”

“Are you losing your temper from embarrassment?” Mu Chen sniggered. “I’ll never come in your way. Make him formally acknowledge you as his teacher in return if you can! However I trust Wulin, he is a student that honors his teacher.”

“Humph! it’s just your b*llshit luck. I’m too lazy to be bothered about you. Come, let’s go out and leave him alone to comprehend his experience here.” Zhen Hua walked out from the room upon saying that.

Mu Chen took a glance at Tang Wulin who stood in front of the forging table with his eyes closed. His face showed a heartfelt smile before he caught up to Mu Chen.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes and was oblivious to the outside world. He was completely immersed in the feeling the transformations after the Metalwater Harmonizer fused into his Dragon Moon battle armor.

It deserved its reputation as the rarest metal in the world. After Tang Wulin had completed the process of soul forging, he could not even use the word ‘catalyst’ to describe it. At present, his Dragon Moon battle armor was continuously transforming and elevating like his Goldsong when it began ascending back then.

His forging harmony rate was already very high, but some of the minute incongruent spots on his battle armor were perfecting themselves under the subtle influence of Metalwater Harmonizer. Especially after so many great battles, the damaged spots on his battle armor were soundlessly regenerating after the infusion.

It was as if the battle armor that covered his entire body had softened or it could be said that it had become an even better prototype awaiting the arrival of the next evolution.

Tang Wulin lost count of time when the battle armor on his body stopped transforming, but the Dragon Moon battle armor that covered his body had lost its original shine and even its scales were less prominent.

Tang Wulin opened his eyes. He was not surprised but joyous over the transformation in his battle armor. He knew that his battle armor was now prepared to advance in a three-word battle armor’s direction.

Of course, now that it was in prototype form he could not possibly use his battle armor for battles before completing his three-word battle armor.

Since this was the case, he might as well complete it at one go.

The developmental of soul devices had albeit resulted in the great difficulty for a sole person’s abilities to influence the entire battle, but the power of a person was still the foundation to everything else. After all, all the people at the apex on the continent such as divine mecha masters, four-word battle armor masters remained critical and significant regardless of the soul device’s development.

Just like the case of Atlas Douluo back then. If not for the sake of Tang Wulin and others, there was no one capable of stopping the grand old man if he insisted on leaving. Despite the rank-12 fixed soul ammunition, he would have never fallen there as long as he was not standing right in the center of the explosion.

Since the opportunity had arrived he should just grab it.

Tang Wulin dialed a number on his soul communicator.

“Yuxue, I’m going to engage in closed-door cultivation at the Blacksmith’s Association headquarter for a while. Please take everyone along to familiarize the situation in Heaven Dou City and the surrounding cities. Then wait for me to exit the closed-door cultivation.”

Long Yuxue did not inquire Tang Wulin’s reason to engage in closed-door cultivation at this moment and she had only answered calmly. “Sure!”

Tang Wulin realized Long Yuxue’s importance more and more. There were many affairs he could save himself a lot of trouble with her presence.

“Yuxue, please invite my senior disciple brother to come over to Blacksmith’s Association too,” said Tang Wulin.

“Sure.” Long Yuxue’s answer remained as simple as before.

Tang Wulin retracted his battle armor and walked out of the forging workshop. He arrived in Zhen Hua’s office.

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen were both waiting for him. Upon seeing Tang Wulin’s arrival, Mu Chen could not help asking with a smile on his face. “How does it feel?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “Metalwater Harmonization is genuinely a rare heaven and earth treasure. Uncle master, thank you for your help.”

Zhen Hua scoffed. “It’s fine for me to gift you something, but this thick-faced teacher of yours has been bullying me. Wulin, look! Uncle master is treating you well too, right? Why don’t you switch over and become my disciple? Anyhow at your level, someone is incapable of teaching you anymore. You’ll still need to learn from a person that’s good enough!”

Tang Wulin immediately revealed an awkward expression on his face. “Uncle master, a teacher for a day is a father for life. So…”

Mu Chen looked toward Zhen Hua with an arrogant expression. “Do you admit your defeat now?”

Zhen Hua scoffed once. “Oh, dear. This pair of teacher and disciple! Wulin, I recommend that you stay here for some time. The soul-forged Metalwater Harmonization should be bringing you many experiences. However, you were only capable of soul forging it because you resorted to trickery. Even though, I believe that your comprehension of soul forging has advanced by one step further during the process. Stay here for some time. Mu Chen and I will be providing you with some guidance. I think that you have the possibility of stepping into rank-8 for real within three months at most.

His valuation was already extremely high. This thought had never occurred to him before witnessing Tang Wulin’s forging today. However, after discovering that Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had already achieved Spirit Domain realm Zhen Hua realized that no other force was capable of stopping Tang Wulin from advancing to rank-8 Saint Craftsman anymore. However, it would be best for Tang Wulin to do so as soon as possible.

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