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Blood Sacrifice Again

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Naturally, Tang Wulin did not need to worry about that problem for now. His Spirit Domain spiritual power was sufficient enough to support him through any kind of forging.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and a bright light flashed across his eyes. His Heavy Silver hammers quickened and the dragon’s roar from his mouth rose in pitch.

This time, he did not use Dragon Might. Instead, it was a combination of the Golden Dragon Roar and Dragon Might. He combined the two forces and infused them into his forging. With the power of Dragon Might and the Golden Dragon Roar directed at the metal element, he was able to control it so that it flowed according to his will and he infused his Dragon Might into it to complete their fusion.

He would not give away this Metalwater Harmonizer to anyone. This was a great opportunity for him to forge his three-word battle armor to its ultimate form! How could he not unleash his forging abilities to the greatest extent when he forged the metal?

What Tang Wulin wanted to do right now was to complete Soul Forging on this Metalwater Harmonizer no matter the cost. The Soul Forging had to be close to perfect as well.

“Boom!” Ten minutes later, when Tang Wulin’s hammers dropped down in unison and struck heavily on the Metalwater Harmonizer’s surface, the bluish-golden light suddenly froze. Shortly after, a blue-gold vortex appeared out of thin air around the metal. It rapidly absorbed the various heaven and earth elements in the air.

The Soul Forging was a success!

Thousand Refined with spirit, Creation Spirit Forging! The dense life source it contained made everyone feel as if they were in a forest.

The joy and glee which burst forth from the Metalwater Harmonizer had affected every other metal in the forging room. Some high-grade metals were even buzzing slightly in response. It was as if they were congratulating it and paying it tribute.

The creation of a metal was a miracle of Spirit Forging. The higher the metal’s grade, the greater the difficulty for it to be Spirit Forged.

The bluish, golden vortex rippled violently. Tang Wulin took a step back and tried to catch his breath. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly brightened again. He abruptly struck his chest with his right Heavy Silver hammer, giving off a muddled thump.

There was the sound of an intense heartbeat. Tang Wulin opened his mouth and shot out a mouthful of blood arrows which landed directly in the center of the vortex.

Blood Sacrifice!

This was Tang Wulin’s second Blood Sacrifice in this lifetime. His first Blood Sacrifice was carried out on the pair of Heavy Silver hammers in his hands. His second Blood Sacrifice was given to the Metalwater Harmonizer.

Compared to his first Blood Sacrifice back then, the intensity of the effects this time could not be comprehended logically. At this point, Tang Wulin had already broken through his eleventh Golden Dragon King’s seal. His blood was no longer human. He could even be regarded as half a Dragon Clansmen right now.

That mouthful of Golden Dragon King blood contained the purest life source of a king. The density of the life force and the purity of the Golden Dragon King bloodline were unparalleled.

Hence, when this mouthful of fresh blood fell onto the surface of the metal, the entire Metalwater Harmonizer instantly gave off a loud buzz. Shortly after, the buzz turned into a dragon’s roar. The bluish, golden halo instantly turned into a dragon in the air. It circled the Metalwater Harmonizer and started swirling jubilantly.

With this Blood Sacrifice, he had greatly raised the grade of the Metalwater Harmonizer. The bluish, golden dragon silhouette entered and exited the Metalwater Harmonizer. It continuously reformed and purified the newly created life.

Tang Wulin was slightly pale. The blood he had spat out just now was not ordinary blood. That blood had contained his essence. He had put a lot on the line so that his forging of the Metalwater Harmonizer could reach perfection.

Zhen Hua raised his eyebrows slightly. ‘Good man, he’s decisive. Also, he had great confidence in himself!’

A soul master’s essence was of the utmost importance. The more powerful the soul master’s cultivation base, the more precious his essence. This was because it had contained a lot of his energy. If he spat out blood that contained his essence, he might not fully recover from it for a few months. It might even result in the weakening of his cultivation base.

It was apparent from Tang Wulin’s actions that he held this Metalwater Harmonizer in high regard. Also, after he completed Blood Sacrifice, even if his Soul Refinement was not successful in the end, this Metalwater Harmonizer could not be given to anybody else. The Blood Sacrifice was already done, and he had placed his mark. The metal could only belong to him. This man was truly a miser. However, this had also displayed the absolute confidence Tang Wulin had in his forging.

He was sure that he would complete Soul Refinement! Otherwise, the Blood Sacrifice would have been a waste.

The soul core and Dragon Core within him pulsed with the same rhythm. It silently felt the intimacy from the fusion of the Metalwater Harmonizer and his bloodline. The Golden Dragon King bloodline was so domineering that it had completely fused as one with the Metalwater Harmonizer in the blink of an eye.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He could feel that throughout the process of the Blood Sacrifice, the final impurities within the Metalwater Harmonizer were completely removed. Also, it had already begun an intriguing relationship with his spiritual power.

Tang Wulin could control the various origin energies and heaven and earth elements in the air through his Spirit Domain spiritual cultivation base, but he could not directly control a solid object’s internal structure with his spiritual power unless he was launching a spiritual attack.

However, after the Blood Sacrifice, he could already control this Metalwater Harmonizer with his spiritual power through the relationship between it and his bloodline. Although he paid a great price by doing the Blood Sacrifice, he had also laid a firm foundation for his upcoming Soul Refinement.

A sonorous dragon’s roar came from Tang Wulin’s mouth. Golden scales suddenly emerged from beneath his skin. He grew in height, while the pair of Heavy Silver hammers in his hands were infused with his Golden Dragon King bloodline power and turned golden.

He no longer appeared to be human, no matter how the others looked at him. Dragon Might burst forth from his body. Even Mu Chen and Zhen Hua could not help but show changes in their expressions. They instinctively took a few steps backward. Then, they saw that Tang Wulin had resumed his forging.

“Since when was this young man so powerful? Why do I have the feeling that I’ll soon be no match for him?” Mu Chen projected his voice to Zhen Hua in shock.

Zhen Hua replied pointedly, “You are already no match for him! If my senses are correct, his cultivation base is already at a seven-ringed Soul Saint’s rank. With the addition of his bloodline power, you wouldn’t stand a chance in a solo fight with him. Hmm, of course, he’s still some ways further from my rank.”

“Heh, don’t give me that nonsense. If you’re so great, try fighting without your four-word battle armor. I don’t believe that you can beat him without your armor. If you’re so formidable, you shouldn’t use your divine mecha either. If it’s one-on-one, and he’s also not wearing his battle armor, do you think you can beat him?” Mu Chen chastised him mercilessly.

Zhen Hua snorted. “I am the Blacksmith’s Association’s president. Menial tasks such as fighting are done by barbarians. I won’t dirty my hands with such things.”

Mu Chen guffawed. At the same time, he was inwardly shocked. Could it be that even the Title Douluo-ranked Zhen Hua did not have the confidence to beat Tang Wulin under fair circumstances? Had this young man become so powerful already?

He had to look at Tang Wulin with different eyes now. No wonder he dared to return at this moment. He had some hidden secrets of his own already.

The duo talked no more. They stared at Tang Wulin’s forging with unblinking eyes.

From the way he forged, they could tell that although Tang Wulin was already at a rank-8 Saint Craftsman’s door. He was still some ways away from becoming a true rank-8 Saint Craftsman, but he was supporting his forging with methods that were unavailable to ordinary Saint Craftsmen.

Every time his pair of Heavy Silver hammers struck, a deafening dragon’s roar was heard. Fortunately, they were inside Zhen Hua’s forging workshop. If they were in any other place, the level of noise would have already attracted a huge crowd.

As the dragon’s roar continued, it seemed as if a golden dragon was infused into the Metalwater Harmonizer with every strike of his hammers. The bluish, golden glow given off by the Metalwater Harmonizer became more transparent.

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