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Dragon Might’s Control

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After he entered the third stage, Mustard Seed, Tang Wulin could already control his spiritual power as easily as an arm commanded a finger. He was also capable of seeing extremely minute beings with his eyes.

Spiritual power gushed forth from his Purple Demon Eyes, seemingly enveloping all of the metal, giving the surface a faint luster. When it was stimulated by the Purple Demon Eyes, the Metalwater Harmonizer immediately let out a buzz. Instantly, there were gold and bluish sparkles of light which dyed the entire forging room.

Tang Wulin raised both of his arms, and his two Soul Forged Heavy Silver Hammers appeared in his grasp. This pair of forging hammers was not the best in terms of its materials. They were only made of Heavy Silver, one of the most common of rare metals.

However, these Heavy Silver Hammers had been with him from when he had started showing promising results in his forging. They had also undergone Blood Sacrifice and were connected to his spirit and bloodline. He had forged them step by step until they reached their current rank. It was the pair of forging hammers that were most compatible with Tang Wulin.

The surface of the hammers gave off a gentle glow. The Heavy Silver seemed to have come alive. Tang Wulin did not even calcinate the Metalwater Harmonizer at all. His pair of Heavy Silver hammers dropped down brazenly like meteors chasing after the moon.

“Dang! Dang!”

The Heavy Silver hammers crashed upon the Metalwater Harmonizer. It immediately made the Harmonizer’s gold-blue glow shine brighter. For a time, the golden and blue lights flashed everywhere. It made the people inside the room feel as if they were in a stupor.

The Heavy Silver Hammers in Tang Wulin’s hands also lit up in the instant they struck the Harmonizer. The brilliant silver light was dazzling and gave a feeling of celestial domination.

In terms of the metals’ properties, Heavy Silver and Metalwater Harmonizer were not on the same level. They were very far apart. However, the Heavy Silver hammers in Tang Wulin’s hands were already Soul Forged. They had complete dominance over the Metalwater Harmonizer.

The hammers dropped down rhythmically. It was ingenious. With the guidance of Tang Wulin’s spiritual power, the Metalwater Harmonizer’s gold-blue sparkles instantly slowed down slightly under the shine of the silver light.

“Turn!” Tang Wulin shouted.

Immediately, even Zhen Hua and Mu Chen felt their spirits shake. It was as if their blood started churning intensely within their bodies. They were both beings with soul cores. The soul power around his soul core flowed fiercely and started swirling at a high speed. It made his body’s surface shine with his soul power’s glow.

What was this ability?

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen were flabbergasted. They had seen their fair share of the world’s mysteries. However, they had never met someone who could affect another person’s soul power through his voice.

Even though they did not protect themselves, Zhen Hua still had a Title Douluo’s cultivation base whereas Mu Chen was only a step away from becoming a Title Douluo. Tang Wulin was inferior to them in terms of soul power, but he was still able to affect them with a simple word. Just what kind of terrifying power was this?

They had not seen each other for a few short months, but there was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s pace of growth had exceeded their expectations.

Something odd then occurred. The Metalwater Harmonizer’s gold-blue glow started swirling like a vortex when Tang Wulin yelled.

At first, the two colors were not evenly spread, but soon enough, their trajectories slowly converged and the two colors merged, distributed evenly.

These were not the fruits of Tang Wulin’s forging skills. Tang Wulin had used the natural talent that was unique to him alone: Dragon Might.

His Dragon Might’s intimidation had formidable spiritual power, to begin with. Then, when Tang Wulin reached the cultivation base where he obtained his martial soul avatar and his spiritual power progressed into Spirit Domain, the Golden Dragon King’s natural talents started awakening as well. The two incredible natural abilities of Dragon Might and Dragon Air had greatly strengthened Tang Wulin’s cultivation base. At the same time, both of them could also be applied to any combat style of his.

Tang Wulin raised his Heavy Silver hammers and a faint smile appeared on his face. His hammers fell again, but it seemed that were doing so very slowly.

When the pair of Heavy Silver hammers struck the Metalwater Harmonizer again, a series of dense clanging sounds were heard as well. That was the sound of layer upon layer of metals striking each other. Even with the Stacked Hammers, it was not possible to produce that many strikes.

Zhen Hua saw it. In that instant, Tang Wulin’s wrists wriggled and completed a triple stroke. With the addition of the Stacked Hammers, that was nine strikes, and with his pair of hammers, it amounted to eighteen strikes.

A triple stroke was not a powerful technique, as some Soul Refine-ranked blacksmiths could do that as well. However, executing a triple stroke on the Metalwater Harmonizer was not ordinary. For a start, the blacksmith had to be extremely confident, and they had to have a complete understanding of the metal’s unique properties.

Even with Mu Chen’s forging prowess, he would not simply forge the Metalwater Harmonizer with such a skill, let alone when there were Stacked Hammers.

Mu Chen opened his mouth to say something, but just then, a beam of brilliant light suddenly burst forth.

The golden and blue lights seemed to have merged into one in an instant, forming a bluish-golden column of light which shot into the skies.

The forging room was large enough. To their surprise, this beam of light had risen a foot high. The blue-gold light was extremely brilliant and brimmed with energy. It seemed as if it wanted to fill the entire world.

Grade One Thousand Refined! Thousand refined with spirit!

Mu Chen stared at this scene with his mouth agape. He nudged Zhen Hua beside him. It was as if he was asking, ‘Are you alright? Are you sure you’re alright?’

When Grade 1 Thousand Refined was completed, the higher the light column rose, the higher the quality of the Thousand Refined product. A foot-long glow could qualify the result as Grade 1 Thousand Refined, and a good quality one at that.

Ordinary metals could give off five-foot-long glows, and that was the maximum.

Without a doubt, the quality of the Metalwater Harmonizer itself was good enough. However, Mu Chen and Zhen Hua were well informed of the difficulty of forging it. It was not an easy feat to complete Grade 1 Thousand Refined on this metal, which was full of energy and could even be described as unruly, let alone making the light rise by one foot.

Zhen Hua’s expression became very strange. He stared at Mu Chen, then he nodded to show that he could still withstand this.

As a Divine Craftsman, it was true that he could accomplish the great feat of making the Metalwater Harmonizer’s light rise by a foot, but he had kept a secret as well. The hidden truth was that if he wanted to make the light rise a foot, the preparations he would have to make and the time he would have to spend forging it would at least be twice what Tang Wulin had done. In other words, in terms of Thousand Refining the Metalwater Harmonizer, even though he was a Divine Craftsman, Tang Wulin was better.

However, Mu Chen was unaware of the thoughts that went through Zhen Hua’s heart. He appeared resentful. It was true that he did not have such abilities. It was natural for him to feel contempt.

Zhen Hua stared at Tang Wulin with unblinking eyes. Of course, the reason he had picked the Metalwater Harmonizer was to help Tang Wulin, but it was not as if he had no intention of examining him. He also wanted to see what kind of level Tang Wulin’s forging was currently at. This was highly significant as to what kind of path he would allow Tang Wulin’s forging to tread in the future and how he would attain the rank of a Divine Craftsman. However, he never expected Tang Wulin to give him such a great surprise so soon.

Without a doubt, the reason he was able to complete Thousand Refinement was because of his loud shout. Through that yell and under his spiritual power’s guidance, it had made the Metalwater Harmonizer reach a delicate balance in an instant. Its internal energy became rhythmic. After Tang Wulin mastered that rhythm, the Thousand Refinement was complete.

Whether it was the creation of the rhythm or guiding the Metalwater Harmonizer and seizing the exact moment to complete Thousand Refinement, he had executed them in an almost perfect manner.

A faint glow appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He moved quickly and leaped suddenly. His pair of Heavy Silver Hammers struck the risen light dead on.

The bluish, golden glow crumbled under the Soul Forged Heavy Silver Hammers, forming halos which spread outward. A deep dragon’s roar also came from Tang Wulin’s mouth.

The dragon’s roar was slightly deep and unending. The scattered blue-gold halos seemed to be being guided. They rhythmically circled the Metalwater Harmonizer, coloring it with their hues.

He was solidifying and stabilizing the metal’s state!

Zhen Hua raised his eyebrows slightly. ‘Is there anything that this young man can’t do?’

Tang Wulin’s pair of Heavy Silver Metals dropped down like raindrops pattering on banana leaves. The dragon’s roar still came steadily out of his mouth.

The dragon’s roar was ceaseless. It maintained a particular range of pitch from the beginning to the end. As the roar continued, the bluish, golden light released by the Metalwater Harmonizer’s Soul Forging lingered on for a long time, circling the metal, before dispersing.

Allowing the spiritual light to return and forge on was a method that Zhen Hua taught Tang Wulin. With this, he could retain the metal’s intelligence to the greatest extent. However, continuing to forge under such conditions was exceedingly difficult.

Zhen Hua had previously told him to not simply try this if he did not have enough spiritual power. Even if he did, he would still have to be careful. This was because every attempt at forging like this would cost him a great amount of spiritual energy. If he was not careful, it might affect his soul sea.

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