My life as a gentle and rugged guy - S01 E27

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Nene was silent but didn’t shift her gaze, I guess she didn’t understand why I was sorry….

Me: I am so ashamed Nene….

Nene now stood up and walked towards me stretched forth her right hand and touched me

Nene: for what? Common we all make mistakes, there is nothing to be ashamed of

Nene sat on the edge of my reading table..

Nene: the most important thing now is that you are okay…so you can now share with me what was bodering you..

Me: Nene believe me I am so ashame

Nene pulled to her self as my head rested on her bosoms, the devil in me came alive again all the shame and the good intentions flew out of my body… I raised my hands and circled around her waist…

Nene: you know you can always tell me anything? Your secrets are safe with me..

You have to trust me…. blah blah blah

Nene kept talking but seriously I didn’t hear a thing my mind was already filled with fantasies, my body temperature was on the rise, I got thirsty, my johnson was now hard… my heart beat was now fast as Usain Bolt and droping beats like Don Jazzy…

I needed to do something fast or I am going to drop dead cos my heart couldn’t take it anymore for I couldn’t beeath… If she wan slap me make she slap me I said to myself….. after all fortunes favours the bold

I raised my head up as Nene adjusted herself my face met her face and without any hesitation or whatsoever I kissed her…

Nene didn’t respond, I paused a lil bit waiting for a reaction, a slap as always but to my surprise no reaction…

I kissed her again deeply and she closed her eyes but she didn’t kiss back, I engaged my hands this time… I kissed and began exploration, my hands caressing her thighs and slowly moving to her Bosom as I got to my feet to have full control…

My grasp of her Bosom made her wiggle a lil and then she pushed me…

Nene: stop please, please..

I notice she didn’t stand up and she couldn’t look at me so I moved closer again and bent towards her and kissed her ear,… slowly I made my way back to her mouth this time she responded relunctantly but i continued till we began to kiss passionately but slowly…

I raised her to a standing position, turned her around and slowly removed her nightgown leaving her only with her white pant..

When I turned her around again., I took a few minutes to admire her I was still drooling when suddenly I remembe say she fit change mind…

I lifted her and dropped in the bed, I kissed her she responded………

I kissed her neck and traced down to her Bosom where I s----d her left bosom while

handling her right bosom..

I traced down her thighs with my right hand, as I kept moving up and down her thighs as if am scratching her and this gave her a tingling sensation and built anticipation for finger bleeping…

Finally everywhere was wet as I slid down her pants and and we began our mission in our missionary style..

She closed her eyes and her mouth slightly opened as I drove in her honeywell, I missed this……..

It was warm and tight as usual, I drove in slowly and she responded slowly it became passionate our palms were fixed into each others and my head buried beside her neck and everywhere became dark and quiet….

I didn’t see a thing except her and I didn’t hear a thing except her Moans..

Suddenly she raised and curved her legs around my thighs, held and pressed my Bum Bum tight…

She began gibbering saying please forgive me, forgive me, forgive me..

As I continued to drive in and out I knew I was getting to the edge and in no time will be falling over so I tried to hold waiting for her to first all fall over…

Lastly she did as she began to quiver and stifle, then held me tight for some seconds and finally letting go….. therefore I shot for the stars…..

I opened my eyes to see Nene shedding tears…

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