My life as a gentle and rugged guy - S01 E18

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I was frozen, in short everything froze… the only thing moving was this guy’s back and forth movement slamming Ella..

I didnt just know what to do…

It was as if this guy was slamming the brains out of my head as I stood there without any reasoning ability

Jenny pushed me out of the room… we walked silently without saying a word to each… as she held me hand..

We got to the bar as I sat down and Jenny sat beside me.. the music became noise. . So I had to leave the open bar and go some where exclusive a lil more quiet..

I went inside sat alone inside the inner bar but I began feeling cold becos of the AC so I went outside again but the music was banging in my head, everything was upside down so I realised I needed to go…

So I made movement towards the gate only to be blocked by Jenny

Jenny took me back inside the inner bar went out and returned with 4 bottles of small stout…

Jenny: common boy is this your first heart break?

Me silent as I kept a staedy gaze at the TV but belive me I wasn’t seeing a dam thing

Jenny: I felt you were a bad guy? Common don’t dissappoint me na..

its just s*x you know she is having fun, what’s the big deal, and besides Ella doesn’t do boyfriend girlfriend thing, if she likes you she flows with you…

Dont tell me you began catching feelings as she smiles and emptied a glass of her beer

I looked down and took a sip of my beer..

Me: I understand but do you know the risk I took to be here?

Jenny: well she didn’t know you were comming again na

I then realised that with Ella and Jenny its just fun nothing like commitment dey thier dictionary…

So there is no point feeling bad instead act tough and hide your pains.. but it did hurt after all Ella made me feel like I meant something to her…

Me: so is that how you and your boyfriend roll?

Jenny: see the world has changed, I have loved and lost…

Jenny kept her story comming as tears roll down her cheek as she told me about her ex boyfriend that he took everything…

I didn’t just know when I stood up and gave her hug as she sobs uncontrollably, I tried comforting her and so I started saying things like if I had some one like her I would love and cherish and that all those guys who did hurt are fools… and many more na so I come form Prince of persia Lol

I guess those words made sense to her, she looked up and I wiped her tears as she muttered thank you…

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