My life as a gentle and rugged guy - S01 E06

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What I didnt understand was why I was feeling sad and depressed, I know deep down It wasnt love for Nene but why am I sad? I cant tell why.. It was like a video tape being played in front of me. I remembered our moments together, I then realised how beautiful Nene is, her body, her hot legs..her soft lips, those beautiful bosom, and that sweet warm honey well. I began thinking if that guy don follow fetch honey for the well, all these thoughts increased my heart beat… I then I realised I was jealous, I was envious, I felt like a looser, I wished Nene bad.. time checking its 2 AM no sleep, I got angry with myself for not sleeping. I checked into my stash of Kush I needed a puff to take all this imagination from my head..but my parents are home I cant burn bush this night I will implicate myself.. I noticed I was sweating so opted for a shower.

Me and my Niggers em almost all of us gained admission into the university of cos they will after all they were highly connected me was just fortunate so we decided to celebrate.. we hit the spot but they noticed my mood and they asked me weytin d sup my side. I told em nothing as I no wan fall my hands, but I no fit hide them I finally table the matter. They said they saw it coming, that seriously she is not my class say that girl too fine and more over she don senior me with 3yrs. I got so bittered with those words and promised myself that once I resume school na to find young fine girl wey fine pass Nene by all means even if na to dey give am all my allowance and they all promised to help.

Its 2 weeks since school resumed this silly girl never come back.. Though I boasted in front of my friends that I don’t want her again deep inside me I wanted her… I started school without any academic target. The only target I had was having a more beautiful girl than Nene.. I did my screening/registration successfully.

On monday the third week I came back home Nene was home I wasn’t expecting to see her. Immediately I saw her I became disorganised… I felt sweat running under my arm pit as Nene turned around my knees wobbled.. she was glowing.. when people are happy they become more cute.. It is obvious Nene has found happiness.. she smiled at me and said congratulations before I could reply,her phone rang…chai liver fail me Nene now has a phone she brought out her nokia 3310.. I wan die for jealousy…

Nene: hello

Nene: hello, hey dear? Am fine smiling.. sorry just got home..Yeah me too Missing you already, No oh I can’t make it today again am sorry….. …………………….yeah me too Love talk to you later., love you byeeee.

So Nene no even send say I dey here chai make I form small actor haba I b man at least for my ego I said to my self..

Me: who was that?

Nene pause look me from head to toe chuckle clap her hand, shake head ah Nene u don suffer..

Nene: as in weytin that one mean? U get mind ask that question? As in say you be my boyfriend? U don ask me before say make I be your girlfriend? U fit afford me? because of pity I dey allow you see my pants you come dey open mouth any how.. E be like say that nonsense go stop.

Out of shame, I say make I try redeem myslf as she still de run her mouth I give am one dirty slap gbosa every where come I wan talk na so my face hot Nene return my slap I never recover finish she land me another chai I was raged as I charged towards her she ran to her room and locked herself..

Me and Nene kept malice but acted normal to avoid suspicion, I wished her bad but things were goin on fine for she was becoming more beautiful curvy and busty I still wanted her secretly, I regretted my actions for if I didn’t confront her she for still dey pity me according to her after all I wasn’t paying for it….. but I dare not show that.. I acted happy though ever since she gave me that forbidden fruit last before she travelled I have not eaten any more fruit from any other tree so I was hungry of this fruit badly….

Nene has made me realised that s*x is nothing, I had always thought it was a big deal, well its just for fun, have some change in your pocket and you will have them girls … I guess I am becoming more



I needed a girlfriend ASAP to move on. Beautiful girls full school but there was this particular girl I liked so much, she was so beautiful to me.. I said to my self if I have this girl then Nene go belive me.. I will press my clothes, cream my hair, finish one bottle of perfume, write lyrics of what I will tell her and how am going to do it and I will rehearse over and over again but whenever I see her I go into Limbo..

I am going to write my first test in the university and it was mathematics, I wasn’t even afraid cos I was good in further maths in my secondary school days so I didn’t border we have so much fun during the day that at night I sleep like a log of wood no time to read. With so much confidence I stepped into the test hall with my new set of Niggers I joined, after telling em about my prowess when it comes to mathematics they were all glamouring to sit beside me.. as we arrange for back na so this my dream girl walk in…so she dey engineering faculty chai I have not been attending classes regularly.

Finally came the lecturer as the man enter he laffed and started re arrangement moved me go front and before I know whatsup na me and this girl dey sit down together.

I smiled and said to myself I go show this girl say I b Godman (author of Additional Mathematics).

Start was the instruction…I flipped the question paper. . 5 questions to answer all. I wrote down my name as I peeped into my neighbours booklet her name na Ella.. the question were simple but I swear I have forgotten most of the steps, the last time I studied was like 5months ago.. I kept cancelling as some steps keeps eluding me I noticed the girl was cancelling too meaning she was copying me… so I choose not to cancel any more even though I missed steps I kept going forming sabi… Submit your paper the lecturer ordered.

Ella: thank you

Me: for what? Its ok abi na first dem wan give here? She laughed

Ella: seriously I feel a little bit ashamed I was just copying everything am not that good in maths

Me: its ok wondering what she s doing here in engineering. We had a brief conversation and we went our separate ways.. I wanted to continue the conversation but I ran out of words I didn’t just know what to say, all those rhymes I practise back home flew out of my head…

I was disappointed that I didn’t perform well, I realised i did to concentrate.. I started praying the scripts shouldn’t be marked and returned cos I know say I go fall my hands this girl no go just count me join, Highest wey we fit score na 4/10. I told myself I needed to get back into line and re arrange my life..

steping out of the classroom I saw Nene sitting down on her boyfriends leg… I finally got to know the boy, he is a final year mechanical engineering student, he is the son of the chief Judge of the state .. he comes to school with different cars and, he changes girls like clothes I wonder what Nene was doing with him, I went back inside and used the other door.

Weeks later the marked scripts were returned I failed woefully 2.5/10 shame wan kill me, any time I now see Ella, I dodge.. I couldn’t face her but I kept thinking about her…

My life as a gentlemanly and rugged guy - S01  E07

My life as a gentlemanly and rugged guy - S01 E07

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