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——————————————————————–. I became the envy of my friends as me of yesterday d bleep university babe on top this the girl na fine big babe wey no b my mate I made them looked like learners., although sometimes I wonder what she was doing with me, abi big boys no d come her way?

Me and Nene had series of shakespare moments we bleeped like rabbits everywhere any time possible.. for me it was just like knowing how to ride a bike newly you cant get tired of riding so I was always ready.. first it was mostly just the bleeping as we didn’t relate much..gradually came the talking aspect as we came to know each other. She told me about her two ex boyfriends and how badly they did hurt her and how she has grown not to believe in love any more.

Me; so how about the I love you, you once told me?

Nene: I thought you did not’t hear.. Any ways it was cos no one has ever gone that far to impress me.. U wrote letters, smoke weed just for she chuckled.

Me: surprised hmm! Weytin d trip girls safe hian as I thought within my self. If only she knows the real reason I smiled..

Nene: what? Why are you smiling?

Me: cos I love you…

Nene smiled came over as we kissed, I tried manipulating but she said no..that she will b late for lectures, say me I know say quickie no do am?

Time flew Nene was almost ending the semester chai and she will be travelling for holidays I was sad and somehow happy that if everything goes well I too go be university pikin as she will be returning for her two hundred level. So instead of being sad we decided to make good use of the time.

Five days before she travel we were living like husband and wife that my mum and her sister Sisi come d suspect but the trust wey dem get for Nene no b here. All what we do eat is eat bleep, shower and sleep, on the last day I realised I have exhausted all my Akumu for my Pour Bank.. after breakfast Dad and mum gone, Sisi went to say goodbye to her boyfriend leaving the house for me and Nene alone who had also pretended to be going out..

Immediately Sisi was gone.. we locked the gate and into the bedroom for bedmatics. Waoh it was the last day so I wanted to make it memorial… we kissed gently and passionately as I undressed her kissing her neck down to Bosom I s----d and fondled her Bosom as I moved down to her honey well…slowly inserting my finger into her.. I placed my tongue on her c--t×××s I licked n rolled my tongue over and over as I continued the finger bleeping she started talking as usual after about 3mins Her legs were shaking as she began twitching I rolled her over as she gave me doggy..I slid in I bleeped hard as her bosoms flapped against her body, she tried blocking them with her hands but I pulled her hands backward placed it on her bum bum pressed her down and gave it to her hard as she went from talking to screaming and all of sudden liquid gushed out of her.. I was confused so I tried pulling out as she continues to wiggle but she held me tight…we changed styles and positions.. we bleeped till everywhere was wet from our body sweat aside her honey well which was as dry and hot as a desert as she began to beg.

Days turned into weeks as I began missing Nene, I neva thought it will be so soon and back then only our parents were privileged to have mobile phones, so that means only once in while we get to talk for few seconds The thought of her puts a smile on my face and sometimes I get a hard on.


Trying to get a view of the names pasted at the admission unit as the muscles in my stomach tightened and I felt nauseous for this is the third and last list my name has to be there or its game over at number 42 gbosa was my name I smiled… Finally I be engine boy lolz..

Last Last Sisi and Nene them would be returning this weekend as school will be reopening I was over joyed.

I joined my dad to pick em up at the park only to b disappointed at the sight of Sisi alone well I stilled had hope say she fit wan pee or buy something somewhere but I couldn’t wait so me popped the question..

Me; where Nene?

My Dad: did you even tell her welcome?

Sisi: did you even tell me welcome?

After dinner I d look tv but the tv screen d blank.. I no fit concentrate so I had to meet Sisi make she explain why Nene no join am come back.. so I went to her room as she they try arrange her box and clothes for wardrobe, na so we begin gist…. but my mind no dey there after much circling I come ask am

Me: y Nene no join you come back na?

Sisi: so are you not happy to see me? Am I not enough ?

Me : ah y ? U are now its just that most times you are not always home.

Sisi: so make I leave my school sitdown they watch u?

Me: ah no b so na but at least Nene d try

Sisi: hmm well na because say she bin no get boyfriend..

Me: smiling ah Nene na good girl na

Sisi: so weytin u come mean now? Me na weytin? See d truth be say she bin no see better person then. When she come back we go know, why u feel say she no join me come back?

Me: curious n anxious with a shaky voice why?

Sisi: na because of her new Bobo na.

Me: what? Where? When? I shouted

Sisi: weytin happen? na bad tin? Or are you surprised? Shey she na saint? Abegi well I no blame her the bobo fresh, fine tall dem bin meet for inside bus as we dey travel go back, the guy just d funny e d make us laff till we go reach…and them popsi hold die e b lyk say him go buy Nene phone self..and d guy na engine guy too na him final year go b this.. so Nene and the bobo wan join follow come back.. new love na so e dey hot.

Me; at this point I dey sweat profusely even though fan d blow at top speed, I no fit tlk E b like say i dey nylon bag I no fit breath…my head begin d spin.

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