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Start from the beginning  “Um, I-I was biting them.” I stuttered

rapidly, saying the first

thing at the top of my

head. Nathan snorted.

“More like William

was.” I controlled my

blush while everyone

chuckled. I elbowed

Nathan hard, and he

gasped for breath

which caused Jason to almost died laughing at

Nathan’s face. I swear

those two are so alike,

it’s freaky. “I can’t help it.”

William shrugged, a

mischievous glint in

his eyes. He winked at

me, and I began to

turn red. “I’m going to make

some chai.” I said,

walking off to the

kitchen. I could hear

their laughter as I left. When I walked into

the kitchen, a paper

airplane flew in

through the open

window. What the

heck? I picked it up and noticed some

writing on it. Beware Heather, you made a

mistake. You’ll pay. I frowned. Okay,

seriously? Kelly is all

bark and no bite at this

point. “Something

wrong?” William

walked in, looking at

me concerned. “You

know they were just

teasing.” “Yeah, I’m just

looking at this note

that I got. It’s pretty

stupid huh?” He snorted after

reading it. “Yeah,

whoever made this

sucks at paper

airplanes.” I laughed. “Very

true. Now, what are

you doing here?” He dropped the

airplane in the recycle

bin and slowly walked

toward me with this

predator look in his

eyes. “William.” I gave

him a no-we-are-not-


look. He pouted. “But, it’s

not fair. We were

interrupted.” I shrugged and

went back to making

the chai.


sighed and wrapped

his arms around my

waist from behind. I felt a pair of lips on the

side of my neck, and I

shrieked in surprise. “Relax.” He

murmured against my

neck. I bit my lip when he

suddenly nipped my

skin and licked it to

stop the burn. “Seriously guys?

The office round

wasn’t enough?”

Jackson asked. I turned around

abruptly, taking

William with me. William removed his

lips from my neck and

glared at Jackson.

“Come on, man. What

are you doing here?” Jackson smirked. “I

came to see if you

guys needed help. But

I think you’re good.

Right Hezzie?” He

winked at me. I groaned and buried

my face into William’s

chest. They both

chuckled. “I’ll leave you two to

it then. I was never

here.” Jackson said,

leaving. William kissed the

top of my head. “I

think that’s enough for

one night.” I snorted and raised

an eyebrow. “You

think?” William shrugged,

looking at me

innocently. ” What? I

was feeling romantic.” I pushed him

toward the living room.

“How’s this? Roses

are red, violets are

blue, I’ve got five

fingers, the middle one’s for you.

Romantic enough honey? His reply was a guffaw. Hey Friends!!!!!

Haha, how many of

you thought it was

Heather who was

pregnant at the

beginning? Anyways, this

chapter is short. It

was probably

boring as well. I’m

sorry! To make up

for it, there is a lot of action in the next

chapter. You’ll see

BTW, is there

anyone who is

willing to make a

cover? or if you know a website

where I can make

one, that works too.

Comment below or

PM me! Thank you


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